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Future Military Directed Energy Weapons Systems Symposium
Needs, Capabilities and Future Opportunities

4 May, 2017 - 5 May, 2017, Washington, DC, United States

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The Future Military Directed Energy Weapon Systems and the Lethal and Non-lethal DEW market are experiencing an advanced rate of growth due to increasing defense budgets and technological innovation. Defense prime contractors are working in support with military forces to develop effective weapon systems. The changing nature of warfare in the current era and the increasing demand for laser weapons are some of the major reasons driving the directed energy weapons market forward. High Energy Lasers, High Power Microwave and Particle Beam technologies reflect the directed energy weapons market growth generating almost $6 billion in 2015 and forecasted to climb to $24 Billion by 2021.

The major factors affecting this is the ever changing nature of warfare and the greater need for precision weapon systems. This two day General Session will be an outstanding opportunity for attendees to meet and interact with Key DEW subject matter experts from DoD, Government & Industry. As the Military Directed Energy market and technical requirements continue to grow, many questions remain.

These questions and many others will be addressed including:

  • What are the Latest OSD DEW Roadmaps, Needs and New Initiatives?
  • What are the Military Needs & Requirements in DEW and where Industry Opportunities are to be found
  • What are the Major Factors Driving the DEW Market?
  • Are prior restraints to growth to change with New Presidential Administration & Policies & Defense Budgeting?
These and many other critical questions will be examined during this outstanding two-day event.

Special Presentations by:

  • Lt Gen Thomas Trask, USAF - Vice Commander, Headquarters U.S. (USSOCOM)
  • Lt Gen Jerry ''JD'' Harris, Jr., USAF - Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans,Programs, and Requirements, AF/A5-8
  • LtGen Jon M. Davis, USMC - Deputy Commandant for Aviation, Headquarters Marine Corps

''It never ceases to amaze me who will come up and engage me in a sidebar after my talks.  I had four extensive and wonderful conversations today that will lead to physical meetings in the coming weeks.''
Gerard J. Christman Sr. Sys Engr II DoD CIO CTR SPT
Over 20 Top Experts from Experts from OASD/Operational Energy,DASN/Energy, SAF/IEN, OPNAV N45, DUSD/Installations & Environment, USSOUTHCOM, NRL, ARPA-E, PM-E2S2, CERDEC, NSWC, ERDC, Navy REPO, Army OEI, USDA, USAF ESPC PO, NREL, NSXTL, Alstom, Alytic, Pew Trusts, Eaton, Cassidy, Kilpatrick Townsend and WSGR
  • DoD Emerging DEW Systems Needs, Requirements and Industry Opportunitiesps
  • Advancements in High-Powered Microwave and High Energy Laser Technologies
  • DEW Lethal & Non-Lethal System Design
  • Laser Optics
  • DEW Modeling and Simulation

Who You Will Meet

  • Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Principles
  • Sr. Directors
  • Directors, IT
  • Directors, Information Systems
  • Directors, Intelligence
  • Directors, Enterprise Solutions
  • Directors, Business Development
  • Directors, Advanced Programs
  • Program Directors
  • Chief Sales Executives
  • Scientists
  • Chief Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • Chief Engineers
  • Sr. Engineers
  • Engagement Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sr. Managers, Federal Accounts
  • Sales Directors
  • Principle Scientists
  • Software Engineers
  • Account Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Commanding Officers
  • Technology Officers
  • Managers of Network Operations
  • Managers of Network Security
  • Sr. Data Scientists
  • Data Space Engineers
  • Research Engineers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Information Assurance Officers
  • Information Protection Specialists
  • Intel Evaluators
  • Engineering Leads
  • Operations Managers


Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge
1900 North Fort Myer Drive,
Arlington, VA 22209
Tel: (703) 807-2000)

(Mention  “Technology Training” for a special room rate)
Attendee accommodations must be arranged directly with the hotel.
Free Parking - Convenient Location to Metro
Registration: 8:15 a.m. May 4, 2017
Program begins at 9:00 a.m.

The agenda is available as PDF under download at the right side of the page.


  • Lt Gen Thomas Trask, USAF, Vice Commander, Headquarters U.S. (USSOCOM)
  • Lt Gen Jerry “JD” Harris, Jr., USAF, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans, Programs, and Requirements, AF/A5-8
  •  LtGen Jon M. Davis, USMC, Deputy Commandant for Aviation, Headquarters Marine Corps
  • Dr. William Conley, SES, Deputy Director, Electronic Warfare (OUSD(AT&L)/A/Tactical Warfare Systems
  • Dr. Kip Kendrick, Chief, High Energy Laser Division, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Army Forces Strategic Command Technical Center
  • Mr. Dale Moore, Chief Engineer, Army PEO Missiles & Space
  • Mr. Todd Pueschner, Non-Kinetic & Telemetry Systems, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Dr. Michael Perry, Vice President, Lasers and Advanced Sensors Division, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group
  • Mr. David Law, Technology Division Chief, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, (JNLWD), DoD
  • Col (R) John Haithcock, Director, Fires Battle Lab, Fires Center of Excellence (FCOE)
  • Mr. Lin-wen Wayne, Chief Executive Officer, Aria Microwave Systems, Inc.
  • Dr. Sean Ros, Lead Laser Weapon Systems Integration Engineer, AFRL/RDLA
  • Mr. John Howat, Director, Business Development, Vibration and Motion Control, MOOG
  • Mr. Sterling Beeson, Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy Directorate
  • Mr. Mark Gunzinger, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA)


Event details

4 May, 2017
5 May, 2017
Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge
District Of Columbia
United States


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