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European Base Oils and Lubricants interactive Summit

29 November, 2017 - 30 November, 2017, Antwerp, Belgium

Over the past eight years running the highly successful European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit series we have learned a great deal from the industry about the direction our event needs to move in to provide you with an even more valuable experience than before. We are, therefore, extremely pleased to announce our new European Base Oils and Lubricants interactive Summit. Here are just a few reasons the 2017 event will be our biggest and best to date ...

  • Brand new structure - we are streamlining the agenda, creating a series of in-depth interactive sessions and introducing new structured networking opportunities. With a full 2 days of face-to-face discussions you'll generate countless new ideas and partnerships.
  • The most inspiring content - rich programme - delivering greater breadth and depth than ever before - 50+ innovative thinkers and practitioners will cover all the crucial topics regarding the European markets for base oils & lubricants including insights into global activities having an impact on the European industry.
  • A Summit for peer-to-peer learning - we are looking to run parallel sessions with a focus on the latest developments in the key markets including:
    -Metalworking Fluids
    -Industrial Oils

With a number of parallel sessions on offer, you can select to attend specific presentations of interest, then lean-in, and have in-depth conversations with your peers. If you don't see a topic of interest, you can let us know to suggest your own topic.
  • More OEMs currently serve on our 2017 Agenda Committee than on that of any other base oils & lubricants conference worldwide. They come together with leading industry players from base oil and lubricant blender communities to advance our vision and continue driving a dialogue between the two spaces.
  • We welcome the entire value chain ecosystem from leading base oil producers, lubricant blenders, and OEMs to additive suppliers, trade & distribution companies, market analysts, and industry innovators.

Key Topics

  • What Is The Global Energy Outlook For Next 10 Years?
  • The Changing Baseoil Landscape-What Is Europe's Future Role?
  • Engine Oil Specifications-Future Divergence Or Convergence?
  • Is There A Future For Diesel Fuelled Passenger Cars in Europe?
  • What Does The Future Hold For Electric / Hybrid Cars in in Europe?
  • The Completion of REACH Will Soon Be Reached, As 2018 Approaches. What Lies Ahead?
  • The OEM's Perspective On 2020 And Beyond: Heavy Duty Lubricants For Heavy Duty Business
  • The Big Debate - OEMs and Lubricant Suppliers in Discussions
  • World's Leading Additive Companies Speak Out: What Are The Latest Trends In Technology For The Lubricant Industry? What Are The Commercial Benefits of Your Product For OEMs?
  • Market Distribution Channel: Is There A Winning Market Distribution Strategy For Your Business? What Is The Right One For Your Business?
  • Export and Import Routes: Logistics, Transportation, Storage, and Trading
  • The Middle East Base Oils and Lubricants Markets - Overview and Development
  • Strategic insights and perspectives from Central, Eastern European, Russian and CIS Markets
  • Quality Of Oils And Lubes And Applicable Standards: Tests And Certification

We are looking to run parallel sessions with an in-depth focus on the latest developments in the key markets including:
  1. Metalworking Fluids
  2. Industrial Oils
  3. Bio-Lubricants

Exclusive Site Visit: Q8 Oils State-Of-The-Art Blending Plant in Antwerp

As you are well aware, Q8Oils is part of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), one of the world's largest oil companies. Q8Oils, which has around 330 employees, has based several of its corporate functions in Antwerp, together with support activities including customer services, marketing, finance and HR.

A day prior the conference, a limited number of summit attendees will have a unique opportunity to join an exclusive site visit to Q8Oils' state-of-the-art blending plant - one of the largest and most technical advanced lubricant production facility in Europe.

Started in 2007, the project was carried out over a series of phases. The first step was to install new loading arms at the jetty, followed by the construction of a new filling hall and base oil tank farm comprising 24 stock tanks. Later phases introduced a new empty pack warehouse, blending installations and related bulk storage.

The project was completed with the opening of a new additives warehouse in 2016.

Throughout the nine years there was no interruption to production and the project was completed within the projected time.

The new blending plant has the capacity to produce 125m litres each year and can easily be upgraded to double this output. Around 700 different formulations are currently produced.

In addition to the Antwerp blending plant, Q8Oils also has a blending facility in Castellar Guidobono, east of Turin in Italy, which specialises in blending metalworking products.

There is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated to the conference delegates on first come first served basis. We strongly suggest to reserve your site visit space at time of booking to avoid disappointment.

Who Will Attend?

Breakdown of  Attendees by Sector
  • Lubricant Manufacturers
  • Base Oil Producers
  • Additive Suppliers
  • Technology and Service Providers
  • Trading and Distribution Companies
  • OEMs
  • Packaging and Logistic Companies
  • Consultancies

Breakdown of Attendees by Job Title

  • Head of Base Oil Business Development/Sales/Marketing
  • Head of Global EH & S
  • Head of Base Oil/Distilate Trading
  • Head of Base Oil Strategy
  • Head of Base Oil Strategy/R&D
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricants Business Development/Sales/Marketing
  • Head of Lubricant Strategy
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricants Technology/R&D
  • Product Manager for Automotive/Industrial Lubricants
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricant Additive Technology/R&D
  • Head of Base Oil/Lubricant Trading


Crowne Plaza Antwerp
Gerard le Grellelaan 10
Antwerp, 2020 Belgium
Phone: +32 3 259 75 00


On-stage interviews with…

  • Dr. Manfred  Schuckert, Head of Automotive Regulatory Strategy, Emissions and Safety, Commercial Vehicles, Daimler
  • Anders Pettersson, Global Lubricant Coordinator, Volvo Construction Equipment
  • Richard Tucker, General Manager Commercial and Industry Fuels and Lubricants Technology, Shell
  • Simon Mason, Owner, Kemat Polybutenes

Other admired speakers and panellists including:

  • Dr. Julia Svensson, Research Engineer, Fuel & Lube, Engine Process Research, MAN Diesel & Turbo
  • Carl Larry, Markets Specialist, Thomson Reuters
  • Alan Outhwaite, Manager, Base Oil Business Development, Chevron Base Oils
  • Kari – Matti Elo, Director, STR TecOil
  • Mark Embleton, Lubricant Specialist, Maersk Oil Trading Lubricants A/S
  • Katty Hoste, Marketing Specialist, Chevron Base Oils
  • Alireza Askari, Global Key Account Manager, Axel Christiernsson International
  • Dr. Soenke Moehr, Director Global Sales, Marketing & Communication, Puraglobe
  • Dr. Ameneh Schneider, Tribology Application Consultant, Optimol Instruments
  • Dr. Valentina Serra-Holm, Marketing and Technology Director, Nynas AB and President, UEIL (The Union of the European Lubricant Industry)
  • Mikhail Ilyinov, Head of Base Oils, LLC RN-Lubricants Rosneft
  • Thomas Norrby, Senior Technical Lubricants Advisor, Nynas AB
  • Milind Phadke, Director, Energy Practice, Kline & Company
  • Michel Sanchez-Rivas, PAO Customer Technical Service Manager, INEOS
  • Dr Peter Tjan, President, ATIEL (Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry)
  • Frank Stunnenberg (Chevron Oronite), Chairman, CEC (The European Coordinating Council for Development of Performance Test for Fuels, Lubricants and other Flued)
  • John Eastwood, Global Marketing Manager, Croda Europe
  • Matthias Bombe, General Manager, Braid Logistics Germany
  • Denis Varaksin, Director, Base Oils and Slack Waxes, DYM Resources
  • Dr. Michael Schneider, Senior Vice President Business Units Life Science & Materials Science, Chemspeed Technologies
  • Milen Boychev, Board Member, Prista Oil
  • Andrzej Chodyniecki, President of the Board of Directors, GQOIL Innovation Europe
  • Mike Peters, Technical Support Manager, SIP
  • Ronan Rocle, Business Development Manager, Global Bioenergies
  • Elham Hassanzadeh (LLM/PhD),  Managing Director, Energy Pioneers
  • Senior representative, The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), Bahrain
  • Nicky Thomas, Editor, Lube Magazine
  • Ákos Nemesnyik, Lubricants Product Development and Application Center Manager, MOL-LUB
  • Senior representative, Lanxess

Event details

29 November, 2017
30 November, 2017
Crowne Plaza Antwerp

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