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Counter-UAS Conference

17 April, 2018 - 19 April, 2018, London, United Kingdom

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Shaping the Vision for a Military Counter-UAS Strategy

Small UAS has emerged as a new type of guerrilla airpower that modern militaries are not equipped to defeat. Incidents involving the use of commercial and man-made small drones by ISIS and by conventional forces in eastern Ukraine suggest that they are becoming an asset for both low-tech and near-peer adversaries. Industry is beginning to respond to this capability gap. Yet before acquiring C-UAS systems, a common understanding of the UAS threat and a clarification of the rules of engagement is urgently required.

Closing this gap and mapping future drone technology developments is the core objective of the upcoming C-UAS symposium. From 17-19 April 2018, the international military and intelligence community will convene for a unique exchange of ideas on how to counter the threat of small UAS. Building on the challenges and ideas raised at the 2017 Counter-UAS conference, and through the insight gained through engagement with end users and industry, attendees will have a unique opportunity to truly shape the future C-UAS doctrine and safeguard their war-fighters and freedom of movement for future operations.

Benefits for the Military and Intelligence Community

  • Make an informed assessment of the different types of military C-UAS technologies to help you identify which system best suits your soldiers, mission sets and operating environments
  • Develop a clearer understanding of the rules of engagement with enemy UAS to ensure that threats are neutralised quickly while reducing the risk of fratricide
  • Formulate your acquisition approach and translate your counter-UAS requirements into reality by working with industry to understand what technologies will be fielded in the short to mid-term and what's on the horizon in the commercial and defence domains
  • Understand how drone technology and UAS capabilities are going to evolve over the next decade to better support your R&D and acquisition decision-making

Benefits for Industry and R&D

  • Learn about the end users' concerns, budget restraints and evolving ConOps to help align your products with their C-UAS strategy and save your time and resources in R&D
  • Present your product to a diverse international audience of military and intelligence officials and understand where your solution could fit into their C-UAS doctrine
  • Develop a clearer understanding of the rules of engagement that the military will adopt and find out what their desired effects would be in different environments
  • Support the military's need to communicate a more specific, realistic and viable C-UAS solution - provide insight into the technologies you have and how they can integrate those systems into existing platforms and C2 architectures


Millennium and Copthorne Hotels
Scarsdale Place Kensington
London W8 5SR
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7937 7211

Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation for hotels in the area near to Counter UAS 2018. The map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel:

Please note: We will never recommend, approve or appoint any third party rooming service to act on our behalf. Please be extremely wary if you are approached by any such companies. We will always endeavour to negotiate the best available rates for you so please use the HotelMap link provided; this shows live availability and rates for all hotels in the area and allows you to book directly with the hotel of your choice within your budget.Afternoon Focus Day - 17 April 2018

Conference Day One - 18 April 2018

Conference Day Two - 19 April 2018

The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.

Meet the Speakers

  • Major General Reinhard Wolski, Chief of Army Development, German Army
  • Major General Glenn A Bramhall, Special Assistant to the Director Army National Guard, US National Guard
  • Major General Antoine Windeck, Head of the Joint Centre for Concepts, Doctrines and Experimentation, French Ministry of Defence
  • Brigadier General David P. Komar, Director of Capabilities Developments Directorate ARCIC, US Army
  • Brigadier General Randall A. McIntire, Commandant of Army Air Defense Artillery School, US Fires Center of Excellence
  • Colonel Jan Blom, Chief of Ground Based Air Defence, Royal Netherlands Army
  • Colonel Carl L. Bergmann, Director of TCM-Stryker Brigade Combat Team, US Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • Riki Ellison, Chairman and Founder, Missile Defence Advocacy Alliance
  • Colonel Christophe Michel, Secretary General, French SGDSR
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Nikolas Scholtka, Commander of Airborne Trafficking Group 61, German Air Force
  • Miguel Ramos, Air and Land Combat Systems Program, NSPA
  • Lieutenant Colonel Luis Algara, Chief of Department of Tactics, Techniques and Gunnery, Spanish Army
  • Dr. Darren Ansell, Space and Aerospace Engineering Lead, University of Central Lancashire
  • Dr. Ing. Miroslav Kratky, Department of Air Defence Systems, University of Defence in Brno
  • Nic Jenzen Jones, Director, Armament Research Services ARES
  • Major Hendrikus Bouwhuis, Staff Officer for Countering Drones at Air Innovation Centre, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Steve Sin, Senior Researcher, University of Maryland
  • Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Eng. Guillermo Jenaro de Mencos, Head of Engineering, Aerial Platforms at Logistic Command
  • Dr. Christian Coman, Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, NCIA
  • Brigadier General Henrik Sommer, Assistant Chief of Staff for Capability Engineering and Innovation, NATO HQ SACT
  • Commander Joe Strassberger, Staff Officer Concept Development Branch, NATO SACT
  • Colonel Petro Kulbida, Chief of EW Directorate
  • Colonel Giles H Malec, Commander Joint-GBAD, Briti
  • Colonel Klaus, Officer, JIDO
  • Dr. Peter Sapaty, Chief Research Scientist, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Event details

Defence IQ
17 April, 2018
19 April, 2018
Millennium and Copthorne Hotels
United Kingdom


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