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Future Indirect Fires Summit

26 September, 2018 - 28 September, 2018, Lawton, OK, United States

NATO defines indirect fire as "Fire delivered at a target which cannot be seen by the aimer." Indirect fire is most commonly associated with field artillery and is also used in regards to mortars.

The US Armed Forces are fearful of causing too many civilian casualties and missing desired threats, which pose significant risks to life in combat environments. The more precise the weapons are, the less shots are fired and the less shots returned on them. In addition, the US Armed Forces are mindful of the possibility of being overmatched in this capability, with near peers holding advantages in terms of distance and precision.

With indirect fires' growing precision and lethality remaining of utmost importance, our conference will enable attendees to:
  • Discuss achieving greater integration of artillery and mortars pieces into the joint fires environment;
  • Identify future increases in the mobiility of artillery and mortars for future rapid response deployment;
  • Hear from experts on the need to increase effectiveness of artillery guns, ammunition and target systems, range, scalability, destruction, accuracy, and target acquisition;
  • Connect with vendors from around the country;
  • Network with a variety of public- and private sector figures to determine future practices

Join us at this timely event to review burgeoning initiatives and successes in indirect fires technology and discuss what steps can be taken to deliver more effective indirect fire capabilities.

Why Attend?

  • Better Understanding on military and government needs and processes for acquisition, in order to secure the bid.
  • Discover New Emerging Technologies and innovative strategies, improving interoperability and radar capabilities to enhance operation efficiencies.
  • Test New Technologies during our Demo Drive, evaluate and analyze new technology to advance operations.
  • Hear from key thought leaders in the Radar community including the latest challenges and requirements for the next generation of radar technology
  • Join Our Technical Training Day to get an inside perspective and learn more about cognitive radar, spectrum challenges and supporting domain awareness.

Topics we'll cover include:

  • Transforming the Battlefield Sensor Network
  • Next Generation Radar for Contested Environments
  • Upgrades in Military Radar for UAVs
  • CExtending and Upgrading the Capabilities of Existing Radar Assets
  • Patriot Missile's Reinvention -- Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC) at Work
  • Future Intelligent Military Radar - Cognitive Radar and Autonomous Machine Intelligence
  • Advancements in Ground Radar Technology
  • Bistatic/ Multistatic Military Radar for UAV Swarms
  • Very Low SWaP-C Military Subsystems and Components
  • Modular Upgrade Opportunities in Major US Radar Efforts


Venue to be confirmed
Lawton, Oklahoma

More information to follow...

Please note: We will never recommend, approve or appoint any third party rooming service to act on our behalf. Please be extremely wary if you are approached by any such companies. We will always endeavour to negotiate the best available rates for you so please use the HotelMap link provided; this shows live availability and rates for all hotels in the area and allows you to book directly with the hotel of your choice within your budget.Technical Focus Day - September 26, 2018

Main Conference Day One - September 27, 2018

Main Conference Day Two - September 28, 2018

The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.


  • Major General Glenn A Bramhall, Special Assistant to the Director Army National Guard, US National Guard
  • Dwayne Hynes, Policy Analyst and Acquisition-Intelligence Staff Officer, DCS, G-2 (DAMI-FIT), US Army
  • Colonel Doug Winton, Instructor, Department of Military Strategy, Planning, and Operations of the United States Army War College
  • Colonel Will McDonough, Program Manager, Combat Ammunition System, PEO Ammunition, US Army
  • Colonel John Rafferty, Director, LRPF CFT, FCoE, US Army
  • Lt. Colonel James Mills, Project Manager, Precision Fires Rocket & Missiles Systems Project Office, US Army
  • Lt. Colonel Patrick Farrell, Product Manager, Precision Fires and Mortars at PEO Ammunition, US Army
  • Colonel Lance Green, NCR Director, Department of Defense
  • Kris Desautel, Russian Ground Forces Artillery Analyst, National Ground Intelligence Center, US Army INSCOM
  • Samuel Shackelford, Intelligence Analyst, US Army National Ground Intelligence Center

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Event details

26 September, 2018
28 September, 2018
Provided after registration
United States

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