International Fighter Conference 2018

Berlin, Germany

Information & Integration: Leveraging Data for a Multi-Domain Battlespace

The global security environment is evolving, and so must combat airpower. As several air forces continue to procure 5th generation planes, NATO and its partners are being drawn into an operating environment which is both information-centric and multi-domain. If they are to capitalise on the extraordinary capabilities which these new platforms provide, the fighter community must improve its approach to information management, so that the fighter can be deployed to maximum effect against a peer - or near-peer - adversary.

Returning to Berlin, the International Fighter Conference 2018 will open with sessions on particularly pressing topics; data fusion and the light attack concept. With information superiority now a critical objective for airborne operations, we must continue to examine the ways combat aircraft gather, process and exploit data. A sophisticated technical approach to fusion between air, land and sea must be matched with training model fit for the data-age pilot. The light attack segment acknowledges that, in a stealth-focused fifth generation age, the multi-role fighter might have its limits. Investment in expensive high-end platforms might well need to be balanced with lower-spec aircraft, which can operate decisively - and without extensive support - in a more permissive operating environment against an asymmetric threat.

Days two and three will once again invite senior  commanders to debate fresh approaches to strategy, mission planning, interoperability, multi-domain operations, MRO and acquisition. Underpinning the debate will be the recognition that cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum have well and truly infiltrated airborne operations. Preparing for sustained engagements against a peer threat will demand a combat platform which can manage cyber, offensively and defensively, and which can leverage EW/counter-EW to support a decisive approach to combat airpower delivery.

Top 4 Reasons to Attend IFC 2018:

  • Define a light attack blueprint which can support the delivery of decisive air-ground capability in the permissive operating environment
  • Integrate cyber, EW and the electromagnetic spectrum to sustain the operational edge in a contested battlespace
  • Optimise the management and fusion of data to support the attainment of information dominance for air operations and the joint force
  • Improve the training model by blending live and synthetic approaches, and support rapid and effective decision-making for the data-age pilot

Meet the Speakers

2018 Co-Chairmen

  • General (Retd.) Frank Gorenc, Former Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, U.S. Air Forces Africa, NATO Allied Air Command
  • Lieutenant General (Retd.) Klaus-Peter Stieglitz, Former Commander, German Air Force

Keynote Speakers & Panelists 2018

  • Colonel General Sergii Drozdov, Commander, Ukrainian Air Force (Or Officer Representing)
  • Air Marshal Saddique Baba Abubakar, Chief of the Air Staff, Nigerian Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Ruben C. Garcia Servert, Commander, NATO Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejon
  • Major General Scott J Zobrist, Commander, 9th Air Force, Air Combat Command, US Air Force
  • Air Vice-Marshal Harvey Smyth, Air Officer Commanding Headquarters No. 1 Group, Royal Air Force
  • Major General Alain Pelletier, Chief of Fighter Capability, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Major General Arnaldo Silva Lima Filho, Commander 3 Wing, Brazilian Air Force
  • Air Vice Marshal Irfan Ahmed, Airpower Centre of Excellence, Pakistan Air Force
  • Air Vice Marshal M Abul Bashar, Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Administration), Bangladesh Air Force
  • Brigadier General Gerald Funke, Head of Division Strategic Defence Planning and Concepts, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany
  • Brigadier General Bradford J Gering, Assistant Deputy Commandant for Aviation, US Marine Corps
  • Brigadier General Stephen Jost, Director F-35 Integration Office, United States Air Force
  • Air Commodore David Bradshaw, Lightning Force Commander, Royal Air Force
  • Brigadier General Ioannis Gerolimos, Director of Exercises and Operational Training Directorate, Hellenic Air Force
  • Brigadier General Wan Amin Hafiz Bin Wan Mahmud, Commander of Kuantan Air Base, Royal Malaysian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Leon-Antonio Maches Michavila, Head of Air Systems NAD, Directorate for Programmes, Spanish Ministry of Defence
  • Brigadier John Mugaravai Omenda, Air Force HQ, Kenya Air Force
  • Colonel Holger Radmann, Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) Capability Management, German Air Force Command
  • Colonel Etienne Faury, Head of Plans, French Air Force
  • Colonel Jared Johnson, Chief of Weapons and Technology Transfer Division, Undersecretary of the Air Force for International Affairs (SAF/IA)
  • Colonel Jean-Christophe Boeri, Senior Air Component Commander - Operation Inherent Resolve, French Air Force
  • Colonel Enrique Martinez Vallas, Directorate for Programmes, Spanish Ministry of Defence
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tomana, Chief of Tactical Air Force Combat Training Branch, Czech Air Force
  • Wing Commander Martin Rendall, Officer Commanding, Air Battlespace Training Centre, Royal Air Force
  • Wing Commander Andre Adamson, European Bilateral Relations and EU Exit, UK MoD
  • Mr Oscar Bladh, Deputy Engineer Gripen E, FMV
  • Mr Justin Bronk, Research Fellow, RUSI
  • Mr Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow For Military Aerospace, IISS
  • Dr Jamie Shea, Professor of Strategy and Security, University of Exeter
Pre-Conference Focus Day - 13 November 2018

Conference Day One - 14 November 2018

Conference Day Two - 15 November 2018


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