Drones, Counter Drones & UAS Middle East Summit 2019

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Protecting Critical Infrastructure, Driving Real-Time Emergency Response, Neutralising Operational and Intelligence Risk

The Drones, Counter Drones & UAS Middle East Summit 2019 addresses improving the regions self-defense capabilities by deploying drones, counter drones & UAs technologies at the operational and intelligence layers.

In the military context, drones are mainly used to improve actionable intelligence in Urban Warfare & Hostile Terrains. Safety factor also plays a big role since the drone market and smaller UAS market in booming in the Middle east. The rapid usage of these technologies in the military causes fast changes of the security environment in the MENA region.

Deploying counter drones technologies in this matter is an immediate requirement to protect the critical infrastructures.

The conference will feature senior representatives of the UAV world. Leaders from the military, critical infrastructure and commercial sectors will share how they are integrating Drones, Counter Drones & UAS successfully into their global operations across multiple verticals.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to better detect drone effects on critical infrastructure to overcome cost, delays and operational interruptions
  • Modernising your security preparedness to increase efficient response to external drone threats
  • Improve ISR by deploying drones on the borders and facilities for surveillance
  • Get insights on how to improve combat accuracy through drones and counter drones
  • Understand how counter drone technologies can help governments and security services to decrease security costs by 40%

Who should attend?

  • Military, Police, Border Guards, Homeland Security, Prisons and Detention Centres
  • Critical Infrastructure, Ports, Airports, Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Utilities
  • Construction
  • Emergency Responders

"The premiere regional event to gain and maintain advantage in the utilisation of unmanned aircraft system technologies."

Alexander Sell, Director, Lexington Group

"Great opportunity to realise that the authorities are taking drone use seriously."
Siddiq Al Balushi, Oil and Gas Data Manager, Ministry of Oil and Gas, Oman

"Excellent event, Q&A was benficial as many experts present for discussion."
Airside Safety Lead, DAA Cork Airport

"Very thought-provoking and interesting."
Detective Sgt, Cheshire Police

Key Speakers

  • Colonel Dr. Thafar Maaitah, Corporate Security and Control, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai, UAE
  • Mohammed Al Thuwaini, Director of Operations, DGCA Kuwait, Kuwait
  • Colonel Ali Menbat, Ret.) Electronic Warfare Combat Instructor, Royal Saudi Air Force, Saudi Arabia
  • Eng. Mohammad A. Al Dardasawi, Chief Officer, Ports Development & Construction, Aqaba Development Corporation, Jordan
  • Yousuf Al Azizi, Senior Manager Planning & Standards, General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE
  • Adel Alzaben, Senior Utility Operator, ADNOC Refining (Takreer), UAE
  • Ahmad Al-Maytah, Aviation Security Advisor, Riyadh Airports, Saudi Arabia
  • Mahmoud Selim, Integrity Technical Authority, PDO, Oman
  • Amran Al-Kamzari, Senior Nature Reserve Specialist, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Oman
  • Captain Edward H. Lundquist, U.S. Navy (Ret.) Communications Chair, Surface Navy Association, United States
  • Meredydd Hughes, (Former Chief of London Metropolitan Police), Director and Executive Chairman, Road Safety Support, United Kingdom
  • Eng. Saud Al Farsi, Head of Soil Research Department, Director, Integrated Management Project of Mesquite, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman
  • Brigadier General Pilot Colonel Corner Engineer Zaid Ali Mohammed Alnaqrsh, Director of Air Operations in the Royal Air Force Command, Royal Jordanian Air Force
  • Colonel Engineer Yanal Faruq Murad Alsajajih, Director of Air Operations in the Royal Air Force Command, Royal Jordanian Air Force
  • Yanal Faruq Murad Alsajajih, Director of Aerial Survey and Electronic Warfare Command, Royal Jordanian Air Air Force, Jordan
  • Senior Representative, Electronic Warfare, Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Hasan Sharif, Senior Manager - Spectrum Strategy, Spectrum Management Affairs Department, Telecom Regulatory Authority, UAE
  • Lt Colonel Mohamed Hamad Al-Solaithi, Bahrain Defence Force, Bahrain
  • Tariq Bin Ghalaita, Director Of Business Development, Aviation Dubai South, UAE
  • Saif Tahnoon, CEO, Dubai South
  • 1st Lieutenant Mohamed Rab'ee Hameed Khalaf, Bahrain Defence Force, Bahrain
  • Colonel Ali Menbet (Ret), Electronic Warfare Combat Instructor, Royal Saudi Air Force, Saudi Arabia
  • Abdullah Alraimi, Maintenance and Utility Director, King Abdulaziz Airport, Saudi Arabia
Conference Day One - Monday, 29 April 2019

Conference Day Two - Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Post-Conference Workshop Day - Wednesday, 1 May 2019


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