Past event: Future Soldier Technology USA Conference 2019

As the US Army and Marine Corps seek to enhance their capabilities in preparation for potential 'near-peer' conflict, there is renewed focus on the most crucial and unchanging conduit of dismounted warfare: the individual soldier.

In line with the creation of US Army Futures Command and the key US Army modernization priority of increasing Soldier Lethality, Future Soldier Technology USA will bring together a community of senior military leaders, program managers, and researchers at the forefront of delivering enhanced soldier capabilities, from the US and beyond.

Future Soldier Technology USA is the only dedicated soldier and marine equipment modernisation conference in North America. With a unique focus on lightening the load and delivering greater lethality through advanced technology, this event will enable dismounted soldier and marine program managers to meet and test the latest equipment capable of enhancing infantry operations.

Key Topics Addressed Will Include:

  • Enhancing lethality
  • Lightening the load
  • Increasing soldier power
  • Optimising night vision
  • Dismounted situational awareness
  • Maximising survivability
  • Transforming manoeuvrability
  • Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR)
With senior support from the US Army's PEO Soldier, Marine Corps Systems Command, Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), Army Futures Command: Cross Functional Team Soldier Lethality, the Rapid Equipping Force, US Army Research Laboratory, Maneuver Battle Lab, this is the only place to hear the very latest developments in soldier modernization from the key decision makers at the heart of the world's best military.

Benefits of Attending

  • Participate in the only event in North America focused solely on Soldier and Marine equipment modernization and capability development
  • Hear the latest developments from innovative and cutting-edge soldier modernization projects including Soldier Warrior, Nett Warrior, IVAS, Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad and many others
  • Meet and network with the senior officers and civilians at the forefront of soldier capability development in the US Army and Marine Corps


  • Brigadier General Anthony Potts, Commanding General, PEO Soldier, US Army (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Brigadier General A.J. Pasagian, Commander Marine Corps Systems Command, USMC
  • Brigadier David Smith, Director General Integrated Soldier Systems, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Australian Army
  • Major General (Ret'd) John Charlton, Former Commanding General, US Army Test & Evaluation Command
  • Brigadier Matt Jackson DSO RM, Commander 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines
  • Mr Douglas Tamilio, Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center, US Army CCDC 
  • Mr Joe L'Etoile, Director Close Combat Lethality Task Force,US DoD (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Colonel Troy Denomy, PM Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier,US Army
  • Colonel Elliott Caggins, Project Manager Soldier Weapons, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Colonel Travis Thompson, Chief of Staff CFT Soldier Lethality/ Director TCM Soldier, US Army Futures Command
  • Colonel Joe Bookard, Director Rapid Equipping Force, US Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Vince Morris, PdM Ground Soldier Systems (GSS), PM SWAR, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Kurz, Commander Concepts & Integration Squadron, US Army Asymmetric Warfare Group
  • Dr Corde Lane, Director of Human Research & Engineering Directorate, US Army Research Laboratory
  • Colonel (Ret'd) Edwin Davis, Acting Director Maneuver Battle Lab, CDID, US Army


  • Mr Mathias Nakatsui, System Engineering Manager, STAR-PAN System Architect, Glenair
  • Leonardo DRS, Speaker Name TBC
  • Secubit, Speaker Name TBC

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Hilton Arlington
950 North Stafford Street,
Arlington, Virginia, USA


Hilton Arlington
950 North Stafford Street
Arlington, Virginia, USA
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Organizer : SAE Media Group
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-20346