National Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference

Albany, NY, United States

Examining Increased Reliability, Sustainability, and Performance of Large Scale Storage Facilities

Since its first implementation almost one hundred years ago, the concept of Grid-Scale Energy Storage has provided communities with increased energy reliability and lower energy costs. With the growing integration of and preference for renewable energy sources, as well as the growing demand for power in general, the need for energy storage methods to maintain consistent supply and increase efficiency grows as well. Although there are many storage methods currently available, and still more being developed, choosing the best method and successfully implementing a project can be daunting without the right experience. Join us for our 5th National Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference, taking place in Albany, New York on the 17th and 18th of July, and learn from the experts how to address these challenges!

Key Topics

  • Energy storage as a long term resource in commercial energy management plans, storage project models, and energy procurement plans to support and compete with conventional generation, transmission and distribution resources
  • Integrating energy storage with renewable power and connecting to the grid to help operators and utilities turn intermittent unpredictable sources of energy into a more stable and dispatchable resource
  • Energy storage solutions to catalyze growth in the market for renewable energy by enabling its use in greater volumes and in new applications; reducing costs so new technologies can compete on economic terms
  • New business models to make, apply, and operate storage assets to allow the gird to work more reliably and cost-effectively while decreasing negative environmental impacts
  • Developing standards for modeling and regulatory reform and financing grid-scale storage technology in an uncertain marketplace
  • Lessons learned from energy storage pilots and initial commercial deployments; technological and financial case studies
  • Grid-scale storage as a regulation service to provide fast and flexible response systems to deal with unmanaged variation due to power plant failures and transmission outages
  • Frequency regulation and peak shaving with the use of big data analytics to provide fast-reacting power resources to manage grid stability as a primary economic driver for grid-scale storage
  • Determining energy storage solutions while taking into consideration safe technologies, life cycles, cost effectiveness, maintenance requirements, size, efficiencies, discharge rate and depth of discharge

Who Will Attend?

Target Audience
Energy industry executives, policymakers, energy consultants and engineers, legal and regulatory professionals, academics, non-profit and community leaders, consumer advocates and other interested stakeholders.

This conference is researched and designed for:
  • Chief Utilities Officers and Executives
  • Engineers and Operations Specialists
  • Federal, Municipal, and Public Policy Government and Agencies
  • Utility Industry Regulators
  • Regulatory, Policy and Standards
  • Utilities and Power Generation Companies Administrators
  • Grid Operators and Network Planners
  • Academic and Research & Development Professionals
  • Renewable Energy Project Developers
  • Industry Consultants, Solutions Providers, and System Integrators
  • Investor Community and Industry Stakeholders
  • Equipment and Software Vendors:
    -Smart Grid/Soft Grid Developers
    -Energy storage equipment manufacturers and technology providers
    -Energy storage service providers and integrators
    -Transmission and distribution equipment suppliers
    -Battery manufacturers and component providers
    -Renewable energy developers and technology providers


Venue to be confirmed
Albany, NY
Event details
Organizer : ACI
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-20376