Military Radar Conference

Discovering the Critical Developments and Latest Requirements in Radar Systems & Technology

London, United Kingdom

Delivering Future Effect to the Todays Radar Operator

Hypersonics and 5th generation fighters have changed the balance of power across Europe. With potential adversaries fielding new advanced capabilities, military radar operators across NATO are developing new systems to identify, track and monitor new threats to their airspace.

Over the three-day summit we will examine the latest  advancements and initiatives in radar systems; assessing new developments in AI to develop cognitive radar systems, technical advances to enable  passive and 3D phased array systems, and advanced target tracking innovations utilising Active and Passive Electronic Scanning Array and strategic challenges of airborne surveillance.

With sessions led by leading technical research institutes and strategists looking to deploy these new systems on operations, the Military Radar summit will continue to inform the future of Military Radar.

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Hear directly from HQ NORAD on how they intend to deploy AWACS and airborne surveillance capabilities to counter future operational threat
  • Discover the critical advances in system capability making cognitive and passive radar deployments a reality of the next operating theatre
  • Develop autonomous systems in AESA radar to ensure systems remain operationally viable and capable against the next generation of airborne threat
  • Explore the challenges of operating in the clustered electro-magnetic spectrum ti ensure survivability against developed radar counter-operations

"The summit provides a unique opportunity for military, industry and researchers to exchange opinions on current military radar requirements in a volatile and changing operational environment"
Commander, 25th Air Defence Brigade, Czech Army - Past Delegate

"The conference provided me with valuable insight into military requirements across the globe."

Radar Scientist, DSTL - Past Delegate

"A great experience for me"
Ministry presents the 16th Annual of Defence, Singapore

2019 Speakers

  • Mr Brian Lihani, Chief, Aerospace Warning Branch, HQ NORAD
  • Colonel Tim Shaffer, Chief, Air and Missile Defence, US Army Europe
  • Colonel Paulo Rosendo, Commandant Air Defense Artillery Group (GAAA), Portuguese Armed Forces
  • Dr Maxime Bagnoud, Project Manager, Armasuisse
  • Professor Doctor Peter Knott, Executive Director, Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nikolaos Kipenis, Air Battle Management-Weapons Control, Hellenic Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Yen Nieh, Professor of the Technology College of National Defence University, Taiwan
  • Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Jyri Raitasalo, Military Professor of War Studies, Finnish National Defence University
  • Istvan Balajti, Senior Technical Officer Air Surveillance Systems Management Group, Communications, Air and Missile Defence Programme (LD), NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)
  • Dr Wim van Rossum, Senior Scientist Radar Technology, TNO
  • Dr Francesco Firoanelli, Lecturer in Electronic Engineering, Glasgow University
  • Dr Thomas Withington, Electronic Warfare, Radar and Military Communications Specialist, Consultant
  • Dr Mathini Sellathurai, Associate Professor, School of Engineering & Physical Sciences; Sensors, Signals & Systems, Heriot-Watt University
  • Professor Clayton Stewart, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, UCL
  • Mr Alan Thompson, Co-Director, Eureco Technologies
Pre-Conference Workshop Day - August 27, 2019

Conference Day One - August 28, 2019

Conference Day Two - August 29, 2019


Venue to be confirmed
London, UK

More information to follow...

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