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Past event: Intelligence Exploitation Summit 2019

Advancing Intelligence IT to Enable IC Integration and Innovation

The 2019 Intelligence Exploitation Summit will focus on integrating intelligence sources to enhance the analysis and exploitation of data to support critical DoD and IC operations. With the continuous increases in computing and data mining technologies among the IC, there is a need to improve intelligence exploitation and sharing techniques. A shift towards cloud computing and the continuous efforts towards IC-ITE will allow for greater IC capabilities as well as collaboration between agencies. The 2019 Summit will address the continuing efforts of the IC to create shared systems and avoid stove piping actionable intelligence. Intelligence leaders will also highlight the shift to the cloud as an improved method of data sharing and enhanced way of securing sensitive information.

Topics to be Covered at the 2019 Summit:

  • Current progress of IC-ITE in its Second Epoch
  • Advancements in fusing information stemming from different sensors and disciplines to develop accurate decisions
  • Coordinating with partner agencies and allied nations to improve intelligence sharing and exploitation capabilities
  • IC ITE's role in employing big data tools and leveraging analytics to improve the Multi-INT landscape
  • Simplifying intelligence computing architectures to increase cyber security
  • Creating flexible sharing techniques using high performance computers

Why You Should Attend This Year's Summit:

This educational Summit will enable the Intelligence Community, military intelligence organizations and industry partners to come together in a collaborative, town-hall forum to encourage open and honest conversation regarding the technical challenges of the IC and creating interoperable and shared systems.

With the release of the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy in January there is a push throughout the Intelligence Community to increase collaboration and integrate intelligence systems. This process of integrating IC enterprise systems began six years ago with introduction of IC ITE and according to John Sherman this effort has now reached its "Second Epoch". This new epoch will push to ensure the flexibility and interoperability of IC enterprises. Sherman is quoted as saying "Just as the Department of Defense needs its weapons systems to be able to interoperate between ground, air, sea and space domains, our IC technologies need to be able to work together as well". With IC systems interconnected, intelligence stove piping will be reduced and decision makers will be better informed and at the speed of mission.

This symposium will feature senior level discussions that emphasize the critical need for the rapid acquisition and development of intelligence IT capabilities across all services. This program will allow for open and honest dialogue to solve the nation's most difficult technical and strategic challenges.

2019 Early-Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • John Sherman, Assistant DNI, Chief Information Officer, Office of Director of National Intelligence
  • Greg Smithberger, Chief Information Officer, NSA
  • Major General John Howard, Deputy Director for Commonwealth Integration, DIA
  • Stephen Laycock, Assistant Director, Intelligence Directorate, FBI
  • Dr. Barry Zulauf, Chief of Analytic Integration, ODNI
  • Dr. Jeffrey Wooden, Deputy Director, National Aviation Intelligence Integration Office
  • Rex Snider, Deputy J-2, National Guard Bureau

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