European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit

Documentation - November 20-21, 2019- Rotterdam, Netherlands

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The European Base Oils and Lubricants market continues to see substantial changes, with performance standards in the automotive sector affecting supply and demand; the industrial and metalworking sectors are subject to changing regulatory requirements which continues to ensure a vibrant and diverse market for blenders, marketers and distributors alike. Whilst these new standards are positive for the environment, they create significant challenges for lubricant manufacturers who must tackle with optimising lubricant formulations for new specifications whilst managing supply chain cost and complexity.

The 11th European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit will bring together senior representatives from Base Oil Producers, Lubricant Manufacturers, and Additive Supplies for two days of discussion on how to overcome current market challenges, review upcoming regulatory implementation and identify existing opportunities for growth.

Key Topics:

  • Identifying Areas for Growth - Shift Towards High Performance, Lower Viscosity, Lower Volatility Lubricants with higher lifetime (synthetics)
  • Vision 2030, the future landscape and its impact on the Mobility space
  • Short to Medium Term Outlook for GI & GII
  • Latest updates on ACEA 2020,  ILSAC GF-6 Specifications, and API SP
  • Update on Amendment Viii in CLP Regulation
  • Impact of soon to be revised European Ecolabel for Lubricants and EPA's Vessel General Permit
  • Renewable Energy Platforms and Future Expectations
  • New fluids for Electric Vehicles (EVs), Low Viscosity Lubricants for more Energy Efficiency
  • Changing Mobility Patterns and their Effect on Lubricant Basestock
  • Lubricants for Hybrid Powertrains
  • Cylinder Oil Operations in 2020 - Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
  • Impact of Marine Emissions Directive on Fuel Quality and Engine Oil Demand
  • Effect of EPA VGP on Marine Auxiliary Lubricants
  • 2020 Readiness - Fuel switch - In-field Experience with Low Sulphur Fuel

Who Will Attend?

Participating companies include:
  • Lubricant Manufacturers
  • Base Oil Producers
  • Additive Suppliers
  • Technology and Service Providers
  • Trading and Distribution Companies
  • OEMs
  • Packaging and Logistic Companies
  • Consultancies
Participating job titles include:
  • Head of Base Oil Business Development/Sales/Marketing
  • Head of Global EH & S
  • Head of Base Oil/Distilate Trading
  • Head of Base Oil Strategy
  • Head of Base Oil Strategy/R&D
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricants Business Development/Sales/Marketing
  • Head of Lubricant Strategy
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricants Technology/R&D
  • Product Manager for Automotive/Industrial Lubricants
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricant Additive Technology/R&D
  • Head of Base Oil/Lubricant Trading

Confirmed Speakers

  • Chair: David Whitby, Chief Executive, Pathmaster Marketing Ltd
  • Gunnar Meister, Principal Technologist, Global Base Oils Team Lead, Shell Global Solutions
  • Simon Evans, Regional Manager MENA & India, Lubrizol. - OEM Group
  • Jens Kubitschke, Application And New Business Development Manager, OXEA GmbH
  • Stephan Baumgartel, CEO, Verband Schmierstoff - Industrie E.V.
  • Boris Zhmud CTO / Head Of R&D, BIZOL
  • John Leavens, Director Oil Markets Midstream And Downstream, IHS Energy
  • Denis Varaksin, Director, Base Oils And Slack Waxes, DYM Resources
  • Ronald Hoogendoorn, Regional Manager Europe & North America, PATECH FINE CHEMICALS CO.LTD.
  • Larry G. Beaver, Vice President, Research & Development, RSC Bio Solutions
  • Julia Svensson, Research Engineer, MAN Energy Solutions, Marine Two-Stroke Engines
  • Sharbel Luzuriaga, Project Manager, Kline Group
  • Piotr Bielaczyc, Department Head Engine Research Department, BOSMAL Automotive R&D Institute Ltd
  • Luca Salvi, Additive Manager - Lubricants Business Unit, ENI
  • Mike Peters, Technical Support & Development ManagTechnical Support & Development Manager, SIP
  • Amaya Igartua, Director Of Research, Tekniker
  • Stefano Golini, Base Engine Leader For Natural Gas Industrial Engines, FPT Industrial
  • Ian Appleton, Director, KERAX LIMITED

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