Future Amphibious Forces Conference

London, United Kingdom

Understand. Adapt. Overcome

Hosted with the official support of the Royal Marines, the inaugural Future Amphibious Force conference will being together senior military and industry personnel to contribute and share knowledge on the future nature of amphibious operations, and the utility of amphibiosity. Our speakers will share their assessments of the changing threats faced by navies and amphibious forces (including A2/AD); priority capability areas for development, and how Marine forces are adapting to this new world through the use of new disruptive technologies.

The conference will take place at an exciting time for UK Amphibious capability, as the Royal Marines embark on a major transformation programme to develop the Future Commando Force.

FAF20 will feature keynote presentations from the Commandant General Royal Marines, as well as the heads of navies and marine corps from around the World, and we invite you to join us in discussing priority capability development areas, as well as new approaches and technologies for advancing amphibiosity.


  • Understand doctrinal change and the role of Marines as critical enablers of the Joint Force.
  • Meet with the senior leadership of the Royal Marines, as well as other friendly NATO forces at a time of modernization
  • Gain a deep insight into the priority technology, innovation and capability areas for development
  • Help Amphibious forces mitigate emerging threats including from Long-range Precision Weapons and information related capabilities

Meet the Speakers

Conference Chairman

  • Lieutenant General Sir David Capewell (Ret), Former Chief of Joint Operations, British Armed Forces

Host Nation Speakers

  • Major General Matthew Holmes, Commandant General, Royal Marines
  • Major General Charles Stickland, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Operations & Commitments), UK Ministry of Defence
  • Major General Jim Morris, Director, Joint Warfare, UK JFC
  • Commodore James Parkin, Commander Littoral Strike Group, Royal Navy
  • Colonel Dan Cheesman, Chief Technology Officer, Royal Navy
  • Colonel Mark Totten, Programme Director, Future Commando Force, Royal Marines
  • Lieutenant Colonel Pete Williams, Head of the jHub, UK Ministry of Defence

2020 Speaker Faculty

  • Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, Commander, Sri Lankan Navy
  • Vice-Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas, Chief of the Naval Staff, Nigerian Navy
  • Vice Admiral Jose Augusto Vieira da Cunha de Menezes, Commander in Chief Naval Squadrons, Brazilian Navy
  • Vice Admiral Paulo Martino Zuccaro, Commander, Fleet Marine Force, Brazilian Marine Corps
  • Vice Admiral James Guido Thornberry Schiantarell, Commander General of Pacific Operations, Peruvian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Jens Nykvist, Chief, Royal Swedish Navy
  • Major General Daniel D. Yoo, Commander, Marine Forces Special Operations Command, US Marine Corps
  • Major General Mark R. Wise, Deputy Commanding General, MCCDC, US Marine Corps
  • Major General Antonio Planells Palau, Commandant, Spanish Marine Corps
  • Rear Admiral Ibrahim Ozdem Kocer, Commander of Amphibious Forces, Turkish Navy
  • Colonel Don Maraska, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Atlantic, US Navy
  • Colonel Patrik Gardesten, Commander, First Marine Regiment, Swedish Navy
  • Colonel Pedro Rodríguez de Lema, Commander, Special Naval Warfare Force, Spanish Marine Corps
  • Commander Norman Bronsch, Commanding Officer, Seebatallion, Germany Navy
  • Mr. Scott Kinner, Head Of Department, Doctrine and Standards, Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group
  • Lieutenant Colonel Hesham Khalil Mubarak, Staff Officer, Jordanian Armed Forces
  • David Wotherspoon, Head of Innovation, UK Defence Solutions Centre
  • Dr Jack Watling, Research Fellow, Land Warfare, Royal United Services Institute
  • Nick Childs, Senior Fellow, Naval Forces and Maritime Security, International Institute for Strategic Studies
Conference Days One and Two: 31st March - 1st April 2020
Conference Day Three: 2nd April 2020

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