National Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference

- Documentation - "November 20-21, 2019- Albany, NY, United States


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Since its first implementation almost one hundred years ago, the concept of Grid-Scale Energy Storage has provided communities with increased energy reliability and lower energy costs. With the growing integration of and preference for renewable energy sources, as well as the growing demand for power in general, the need for energy storage methods to maintain consistent supply and increase efficiency grows as well. Although there are many storage methods currently available, and still more being developed, choosing the best method and successfully implementing a project can be daunting without the right experience.

Join us for our 5th National Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference, taking place in Albany, New York on the 20th and 21st of November, and learn from the experts how to address these challenges!

Key Topics

  • Detailing the Necessity of Energy Storage for Utilities
  • Proper Execution of Grid Storage Legislative Action
  • New Energy Storage Projects and their Future Impact
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Cost Analysis and Justification for Future Energy Storage Projects
  • Values and Comparison of Centralized and Distributed Storage Systems
  • Long-Term Impact of Climate Change and our Ability to Efficiently Store Energy
  • Transmission Vulnerability Lessons Learned from California's 2018 Wildfires
  • Successful Storage Methods in Microgrid Applications
  • Technical Feats of Modern Storage Batteries
  • Advantages of Using Hydrogen as a Storage Medium
  • New Advances in Pumped Hydro Storage
  • Geographically-Relevant Storage Techniques

Who Will Attend?

Target Audience
Energy industry executives, policymakers, energy consultants and engineers, legal and regulatory professionals, academics, non-profit and community leaders, consumer advocates and other interested stakeholders.

This conference is researched and designed for:
  • Chief Utilities Officers and Executives
  • Engineers and Operations Specialists
  • Federal, Municipal, and Public Policy Government and Agencies
  • Utility Industry Regulators
  • Regulatory, Policy and Standards
  • Utilities and Power Generation Companies Administrators
  • Grid Operators and Network Planners
  • Academic and Research & Development Professionals
  • Renewable Energy Project Developers
  • Industry Consultants, Solutions Providers, and System Integrators
  • Investor Community and Industry Stakeholders
  • Equipment and Software Vendors:
    -Smart Grid/Soft Grid Developers
    -Energy storage equipment manufacturers and technology providers
    -Energy storage service providers and integrators
    -Transmission and distribution equipment suppliers
    -Battery manufacturers and component providers
    -Renewable energy developers and technology providers

Site Visit

The New York Power Authority's Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project*

Large-scale electricity storage will be a critical part of a clean energy future. But long before engineers sought to store power from intermittent energy sources such as wind or solar, NYPA was already a leader in energy storage. The Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project, about 60 miles from Albany, uses hydroelectric technology and two large reservoirs at different altitudes to generate up to 1,160,000 kilowatts of electricity. The plant uses power to pump water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir. Then it generates power as the water descends through the project's turbine-generators to create electricity, making it like a giant rechargeable battery. The facility provides power to the grid at moments of peak demand and then recharges, restoring itself to readiness when demand and power prices are low. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and will be allocated to conference attendees on a first come, first served basis.

Please register your attendance when booking for the conference.

*Attendance is subject to approval from the facility host. Site visit will take place a day prior to the conference.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Randell Johnson, CEO - Acelerex
  • Dr. William P. Acker, Executive Director - New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST)
  • Jim Parmelee, Director Power Resources and Contracts - Long Island Power Authority
  • Roger Lin, Vice President, Marketing - NEC Energy Solutions
  • Lon Huber, Director, Energy - Navigant
  • Eva Gardow, Technical Lead, Principal - Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Gil Quiniones, CEO - New York Power Authority
  • Stephen Wemple, General Manager, Utility Of The Future - Consolidated Edison
  • Steven Casey, Manager, Strategic Planning - Eversource Energy
  • Patrick K.A. Verdonck, Founder - RHYNLAND
  • Michel Carreau, Global Director Hybrid Power And Microgrid - Hatch
  • John F. Moynihan, Managing Partner, Cogen Power Technologies
  • Foerd Ames, Owner - OWECO Ocean Wave Energy Company
  • Richard T. Stuebi, President - Future Energy Advisors
  • Lola Infante, Sr. Director, Clean Energy Technology And Policy - Edison Electric Institute
  • Benjamin Lowe, Partner - Enovation Partners
  • Paul Grems Duncan, Practice Leader, Energy Storage And Grid Modernization - MPR Associates, Inc.
  • Brian Conroy, Principal Power System Engineer - RLC Engineering

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Hampton Inn & Suites Albany-Downtown
25 Chapel St., 12210
Albany, NY, USA
Phone: +1 518-432-7000

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