Past event: Warfighter Systems Summit 2019

Enhancing Lethality & Survivability for Close Combat Warfighters

Our 3rd Annual Warfighter Systems Summit will serve as an educational 'town-hall' type forum to explain current and future Department of Defense efforts to maximize the lethality, protection, & situational awareness of US close combat Warfighters. Speakers from DoD, U.S. Army, USMC, & HQAF will detail how recent initiatives such as the establishment of the Close Combat Lethality Task Force are aiming to transform combat units into "Warfighting Machines" by replacing legacy Warfighter capabilities with enhanced systems and technologies.

Topics to be covered at the 2019 Summit:

  • Fielding next generation technologies for Close-Combat Warfighters in the battlefield
  • Advancing Warfighter lethality to ensure a more lethal, effective, & cohesive Infantry
  • Ensuring the overall equipping and sustaining of the USMC with fully integrated infantry combat capabilities
  • Acquiring & fielding cutting-edge technologies such as the Next Generation Squad Weapon to maximize precision & targeting on the battlefield
  • Maximizing Warfighter lethality through advanced training programs and synthetic training environments that will help close the gaps
  • Developing & integrating superior clothing & individual equipment to provide the Soldier state-of-the-art protection to defeat
  • Equipping dismounted Soldiers and near-ground support platforms with technologically advanced, lightweight imaging tools to enhance combat effectiveness
  • Enhancing power architectures to extend the duration of operations and enable the joint Warfighter to attain a dominant tactical overmatch using fewer power sources

Why you should attend this year's Summit:

The current emphasis on increasing close combat lethality has never been higher. It is currently one of the main priorities of the Department of Defense and over the next five years, 3.6 billion dollars will be distributed to enhance such lethality priorities. With a large percentage of casualties coming from the infantry level, the focus to improve their survivability, mobility, & situational awareness to keep pace with the speed of War is at a premium. Former Secretary Mattis dedicated a large amount of resources and funds to this initiative and now the Director of the Close Combat Lethality Task Force and others across the DoD are continuing this effort by facilitating scalable, affordable, & adaptable architectures, with the end goal being to further equip and protect the Warfighter, creating a decisive overmatch to defeat the adversary at the small unit level.

Our 2nd Annual Warfighter Systems Summit will feature perspectives from the various military services on how current advances being made on military systems and devices will be key moving forward to help reduce weight, increase power, and increase Soldier maneuverability. Sessions will provide important details on how new technologies are being integrated to help increase a Warfighter's lethality & survivability at the squad level, in areas such as night vision, tactical connectivity, and weapons systems; to ultimately give them the ability to fight and win anytime and anywhere moving forward. Lastly, this Summit will gather a panel to discuss the development of advanced LVC training & simulation methods that will help close the gaps and assist small unit levels anywhere on the battlefield. Attendees at our Warfighter Systems Summit will have a unique opportunity to engage in open and honest conversation with key decision makers and acquisition authorities about the future of US close combat forces. Attendees will gain valuable insights into navigating the Warfighter capabilities acquisition processes and will hear about the solutions urgently needed by Warfighters to ensure the US maintains a tactical overmatch over its adversaries.

Our team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Summits' content and focus areas. We assemble the most respected minds in the manufacturing and acquisition communities, as well as the key policy-makers across military and civilian offices. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

Participating Organizations at Last Year's Summit:

Revision Military, Laser Max Defense, Harris Corporation, Trijicon Inc., Nammo, True Velocity Inc., National Armaments Consortium, BAE Systems, Conflict Kinetics, Engility Federal Resources, Draper, Ultra Elec Precision, Iris Technology, 3M, SRI International, North American Rescue, Tex-Shield Inc, Sage Technologies Inc., CSA, Solution Now Enterprises, ARC, Applied Optics Center, DCS Corp, Irvine Sensors Corporation, Elbit Systems of America, Marathon Targets, Abom, Night Vision Devices, Blue Force Gear, USACE, US NAVY, HQDA Operations, PEO Soldier, AUSA, ASA (AL&T), Department of State, Army Futures Command, DoD, II Marine Expeditionary Force, MCoE - TRADOC, CCDC Data & Analysis Center, CCDC C5ISR Center, HQMC CD&I, Marine Corps Systems Command, ONR Code 30, USACAC, AF Agency for Modeling & Simulation, NAWCTSD, USSOCOM, 82nd Airborne Division, 10th Mountain Division, DARPA & many more..!

Exhibit & Sponsorship Opportunities

Showcase the latest technology offerings and today's most innovative solutions with exhibits, product demonstrations, and luncheon receptions for the event delegation.

2019 Early Confirmed Speakers:

  • Lt Gen David W. Allvin USAF, Director for Strategy, Plans and Policy, J5, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • MG Brian J. Mennes, USA, Commander, 10th Mountain Division (LI) & Fort Drum, US Army
  • MajGen David Furness, USMC, Commanding General, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force
  • BG Vincent F. Malone, USA, Deputy Commanding General, CCDC, Senior commander, Natick Soldier Systems Center, US Army
  • BG Anthony Potts, USA (Tentative), Program Executive Officer, PEO Soldier
  • BGen James Adams, USMC, Director, Capabilities Development Directorate, HQMC
  • COL Travis Thompson, USA, TRADOC Capabilities Manager - Soldier , Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • COL Elliott Caggins, USA, Project Manager, Soldier Weapons, PEO Soldier
  • COL Brian Walsh, USA, Director of Capability Development, Synthetic Training Environment CFT, Army Futures Command

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