e-Motion Miami Conference

Miami, FL, United States

Be the first in the race for the next revolution of the auto-motion of the century:

Electromobility to better facilitate and support its development, understand the technical, economic and social issues of this new era.

E-motion Miami is the first major convention / exhibition that brings together the major players of electromobility in the region. In 2 days, topics such as:
  • the challenges of electromobility and their solutions
  • how private and public agents can work together
  • which business model to adopt to generate results,
... among others will be addressed to help you better understand the solutions techniques, and exchange experiences reported by the best experts in the field and benefit from business opportunities.

The International Energy Agency predicts the number of electric cars in the world could be as high as 220 million units by 2030. Are you ready to go electric?

e-Motion Miami will include a fertile exchange of ideas and will provide a carefully considered mix of key note presentations, insightful case studies and panel discussion looking at technological advances in the e-Motion industry, the incessant increase in new business models in the electromobility network, improvements in mobility data analysis and processing, compliance with environmental standards and much more!

The 2 day program is packed with highly topical, hugely relevant content presented by a panel drawn from global experts and practitioners.

e-Motion Miami will identify the obstacles and challenges facing electromobility. The event will feature future trends, insightful and exciting research, new technologies and the most successful practical case studies. Furthermore, the event will provide a shared platform for key stakeholders including government and industry to connect for 2 days of solution-oriented discussions, and to share their vision of the future of electromobility.

Why Attend e-Motion Miami?

  • Profit from expert presentations and interactive sessions about the future of electromobility, discuss challenges and more.
  • Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of various technologies and discuss these with OEMs and international car suppliers.
  • Engage with industry leaders, experts and specialists and find out how the automotive industry deals with the challenges posed by political pressures and regulatory issues.
  • Expand your professional network during breaks, discussion rounds and at the lunch get-together in the exhibition corner.

Engage in presentations and discussions to:

  • Gain insight into the latest Blockchain initiatives: transforming the Electric mobility ecosystem
  • Benefit from first hand analysis of EV impact: on the electric grid from leading specialists in utility market
  • Understand the changes to the urban landscape: as a result of rapidly growing EV adoption
  • Learn new technical and business solutions: to increase EV adoption for private and public fleets
  • Learn how applications of Electric Mobility can have a wider scope than urban mobility: Fleet operators, vertical flights and ports
  • Hear about key investment opportunities: where and how to channel Electric Mobility investment
  • Learn how to transform EV adoption into a massive network of moving energy storage units: Vehicle to everything. State of the art and future innovations
  • Analyze what government incentives work and what don't in EV adoption: Case studies
  • Discuss how to acquire, process and use massive quantities of data: for the use of an efficient EV charging infrastructure.
  • Understand the true impact of EVS: on the environment
  • Benefit from a 360 degree view by the major market specialists: in US and European EV adoption


  • Michael A. Finney, President & CEO, Miami-Dade Beacon Council
  • Tim Echols, Vice-Chair, Georgia Public Service Commission
  • Angel Lopez, Electromobility Program Manager, Barcelona City Council - BCN Regional
  • Domingo Miranda, Innovation & Partnerships, EXELON
  • Alleyn Harned, Executive Director, Virginia Clean Cities
  • Anne Blair, Director of Energy Efficient Transportation and oversees strategy, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Charles Botsford,Program Manager, CWB Solutions
  • Jarett Carson, Managing Director, EnerTech Capital
  • David S. Metcalf, Chairman, Merging Traffic
  • Pere Francino, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, CityVitae
  • Ana Carolina Teixeira, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Sao Paulo
  • Annelies Delnooz, Project Manager, VITO/Energyville
  • Dean Frankel, Business Development, Solid Power
  • Samar Singla, CEO & Founder, Jungleworks
  • Santiago Ibanez, Artificial Intelligence, MIT CSAIL
  • Viktor Irle, Co-founder and Market analyst, EV-Volumes.com
  • Tony Giroti, Founder and Chairman, Energy Blockchain Consortium
  • Nicolas Zart, Content Production, CleanTechnica
  • Yann Kulp, Co-Founder & VP Business Development, eIQ MOBILITY
  • Xu Sun, Assistant Professor, University of Florida
  • A. J. Ripin, Chief of Staff, Merging Traffic
  • Dr. Xilei Zhao, Assistant Professor Transportation Engineering, University of Florida
  • Darren Epps, Electric Transportation Manager, Georgia Power
  • KC Boyce, Senior Product Director, Escalent
  • Javier Rodriguez, Executive Director, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority

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James L. Knight International Center
400 SE 2nd Ave, 33131
Miami, FL, USA

Event details
Organizer : Energy Conference Network
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-21938