Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Conference 2020

The World's Only Conference Dedicated To Countering Pipeline Tapping, Illegal Bunkering and Oil & Fuel Security Breache

London, United Kingdom

Planning is currently underway for the 2020 Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Summit.

Last year The Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Summit, took place in London, 17-18 April 2019. Recognised as the world's only platform focused on countering a multi-billion dollar threat to government, operator and retailer revenue the forums helps to  prevent fuel fraud, subsidy abuse and securing the supply chain.

This institutionalised criminal activity is a serious worldwide problem, diverting billions of dollars away from government funds - estimates suggesting that the total cost to the global economy in 2017 was in excess of $133 billion. Smuggling, laundering and adulteration not only divert state revenues but damage brand integrity and deliver substandard and often harmful products to the market. This multi billion dollar challenge requires effective solutions to accurately identify minimal levels of dilution and differentiated fuels by illuminating the supply chain to isolate both intentional and unintentional fuel manipulation.

In April 2018, we provided the first platform to address the mechanisms by which this criminal activity takes place. Our initiative identified that greater attention and efforts are needed in order to prevent oil and fuel products from entering the illegal market. In responding to this, the 2019 conference focused more on security and surveillance solutions to counter illegal bunkering, ship-to-ship transfers and the tapping of pipelines, storage facilities and other transportation infrastructure.

Our 2020 conference will continue to protect revenues and counter adulteration and theft of the supply chain.

Attend Conference to:

  • Identify loss and manipulation within the supply chain
  • Adopt security and surveillance technology to monitor and protect transportation and storage assets
  • Explore solutions from fuel dyes to molecular marking in order to prevent subsidy abuse and fuel fraud
  • Understand the cyber threat to oil and fuel transportation infrastructure and how to deliver the protection required
  • Protect brand reputation by adopting new quality assurance strategies for LNG, crude oil, lubricants and fuels
  • Interact with key partners in the fight against oil and fuel smuggling to develop an integrated response to this challenge
  • Adopt technology-enabled solutions to improve investigations and prosecutions
  • Discover new and emerging solutions that can help you deliver enhanced security to protect pipelines from tapping
  • Stop the trade and usage of illicit or adulterated fuels in your country

2019 Speakers Included

  • Hassan Tampuli, CEO, National Petroleum Authority, Republic of Ghana
  • Michael Brennan, Senior Officer Intelligence Development Team (Oils Organised Crime Threats), HMRC Risk & Intelligence Service
  • Nelson Ybarra, Oil Loss Control Manager. International Trading and Supply, PDVSA
  • Elgudja Loliashvili, Head of Division, Taxpayer Services, The Service Department,, Georgian Revenue Service
  • Barry Conway, Assistant Principal Officer, Investigations & Prosecutions Division, Revenue Commissioners, Ireland
  • Guangming Jia, Integrity Management Engineer, Petrochina Pipeline Company
  • Major Sambit Nath, Head, Security, HPCL-Mittal Pipelines Ltd
  • Lieutenant Colonel Renata Kravcova, Criminal Office of the Financial Administration, Investigation and Coordination Section, Department of coordination Unit for Combating Fraud on Mineral Oil, Slovakia
  • Major Jozsef Peto, Senior Officer, National Tax and Customs Administration,, Hungary
  • Gerry Little, Higher Executive Officer, Investigations & Prosecutions Division, Revenue Commissioners, Ireland
  • Prof. Helge Janicke, Head of School of Computer Science and Informatics, Director of the Cyber Technology Institute, De Montfort University

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