Past event: Warships & OPV Latin America Online Conference

The Premier Meeting Ground for the Latin American Maritime Community

Note: This event was originally planned for 23-25 June and has now been rescheduled en changed to an Online Event

New Date: 17 November 2020

Renewing the Surface Fleet with Flexible and Versatile Vessels

OPVLATAM has acquired its prestige as a forum bringing together the main decision-makers and budget-holders to advance their shipbuilding programmes and modernisation requirements in the naval sector. Since its inception in 2012, the Warships & OPV Latin America conference has grown to become the premier meeting ground for the Higher Naval Commands of the region, attracting over 150 senior officials including Navy Commanders, Directors of Materiel, Heads of Strategic Programs, capability planners, shipyard Directors, as well as leading solution providers. Previous meetings were hosted by Brazil (2019, 2018) Chile (2017), Peru (2016), Ecuador (2015), Colombia (2014) and Brazil (2012 and 2013).

The 2020 forum was scheduled to take place in official partnership with the Peruvian Navy in Lima in June. However due to COVID-19 restrictions and travel regulations, the physical conference has been postponed to 2021. In the interim, in order to provide a touch-point for the Latin American maritime community and enable networking opportunities at a time when face-to-face engagement is difficult to arrange, the digital conference on 17 November will bring together the main stakeholders to discuss procurement priorities, emerging operational requirements, and indigenous shipbuilding to retain naval superiority.

The virtual discussion groups will allow participants to build partnerships with international counterparts, nurture existing multilateral relationships, and strengthen cooperation with international leading industry. The virtual discussion groups will focus on requirements for new surface vessels, collaboration with local shipyards, multi-mission modularity and versatility for the regional threat environment, and updates on naval technologies. The digital roundtable will invite participants to debate the future fleet structure, the required surface combatant design, and methods to enhance combat effectiveness for the full spectrum of naval operations, including ASW, SAR, coastal operations, and higher-end missions.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Improve your understanding of Latin American procurement programmes and emerging requirements to formulate winning business proposals with local shipyards
  • Advance fleet versatility and multimission modularity for the full spectrum of maritime operations by meeting with leading OEMs and sub-system solution-providers
  • Achieve interoperability for combined operations by learning about software compatibility and open architectures for legacy platforms
  • Enhance situational awareness by gaining a better understanding of scalable tactical control systems, advanced sensor systems, and combat management system modernisation
  • Meet with all of the higher naval commands of the region and OEMs in one place to gain insights on emerging RFIs and tenders

"Very valuable. It allowed to know programs of constructions, new capacities, spaces of collaboration and experiences of others."
- Vice Admiral Giancarlo Stagno Canziani, ASMAR, Attendee 2017

"It was very important to receive experiences and knowledge of other Latin American Armed Forces"
Javier Arturo Cubero Vargas, Commander, Puerto More Coast Guard of Costa Rica, Attendee 2017

2020 Conference Chairmen

  • Admiral Jorge Montoya Manrique, Former Chief of Defence of Peru, Conference Chairman

2020 Host Nation Speakers

  • Admiral Fernando Raul Cerdan Ruiz, Commander-in-Chief, Peruvian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Federico Javier Bravo De Rueda Delgado, Executive Director, SIMA Peru
  • Rear Admiral Jorge Portocarrero, Commander, Peruvian Coast Guard

2020 Speaker Faculty

  • Admiral Carlos Eduardo Abilleira Aris, Commander, Uruguayan Navy
  • Admiral Jose Rafael Ojeda Duran, Secretary of the Navy, SEMAR - Mexico (Pending Presidential Authorisation)
  • Vice Admiral (Ret'd) Edesio Teixeira Lima Junior, CEO, EMGEPRON
  • Vice Admiral Manuel Antonio Martinez Ruiz, Director Engineering and Naval Shipbuilding, Spanish Navy
  • Rear Admiral Oscar Dario Tascon Munoz, President, COTECMAR
  • Rear Admiral Angel Eugenio Fonseca Donaire, Chief of the Naval Force,, Nicaraguan Armed Forces (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Air Commodore Darryl Daniel, Chief of Defence Staff, Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force (Pending Ministerial Authorisation)
  • Captain Jose Jorge Fortin Aguilar Jose Jorge Fortin Aguilar, Commander, Honduran Naval Force
  • Captain Camilo Delgado Montenegro, General Director, ASTINAVE
  • Captain Michael Davanzo, Chief of Cutter Forces, US Coast Guard
  • Captain Pablo Sepulveda, Defence Attache, Chilean Embassy in Peru, Chilean Navy
  • Commandant Javier Arturo Cubero Vargas, Official Director of Puerto Mora, Costa Rica Coast Guard
  • Commander Stuart Royston, Naval Advisor, Defence & Security Organisation, UK Department for International Trade
  • Professor Guy Thomas, Director, C-SIGMA Centre

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Organizer : IQEU
Event type : Webinar
Reference : ASDE-22030