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Rescheduled / Postponed event: Digital Health Forum

Berlin, Germany

Digital health offers real opportunities to improve medical outcomes and enhance efficiency. From mobile medical apps and software that support the clinical decisions doctors make every day to artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital technology has been driving a revolution in health care. Digital health tools have the vast potential to improve our ability to accurately diagnose and treat disease and to enhance the delivery of health care for the individual. Digital tools are giving providers a more holistic view of patient health through access to data and giving patients more control over their health.

Digital health tools could also help identify new illnesses or the worsening of existing ones. By enabling doctors to step in earlier during the course of a disease, digital health tools could help shorten the length of a disease, or help ease symptoms before they really take hold. Not only could digital health help improve quality of life, it could also reduce the total cost of a person's healthcare over their lifetime, trimming bills for providers and patients alike. The industry's aims are diverse and complicated: preventing disease, helping patients monitor and manage chronic conditions, lowering the cost of healthcare provision, and making medicine more tailored to individual needs.

Digital health is an exciting global market with endless growth possibilities over the next few years which is likely to see the blending of what might typically have been considered 'consumer' and 'medical-grade' digital health tech, driven by companies from both sides of the divide.

Digital Health Forum will feature the idea of ​​accelerating the disruption of the health ecosystem, with the participation of experts inside and outside the industry, academia, leading global and local and international companies and entrepreneurs who will discuss extensively on the application of digital transformation, through disruptive technologies and cultural change, to improve the healthcare sector.

Digital Health Forum is the leading technology digital healthcare conference with engaging sessions to connect government stakeholders, digital health technologists, researchers, donors, implementers and field experts from across the globe. The event will cover all aspects of medical and mobile technology including ehealth, mhealth, telehealth, telemedicine, genomics and healthcare IT.

Digital Health Forum brings together individuals and organizations that are playing a significant role in transforming healthcare. Get actively engaged in the discussion and network in engaging event formats with international digital health innovators, data scientists, engineers, visionaries and entrepreneurs and be part of new evolving initiatives!

Digital Health Forum - Meeting Summary

  • 2 Days - Case Studies, Panel Discussions, Interactive Round Table Discussions, Networking and Experience Exchange
  • Expert speakers - Industry Leading Companies, Thought Leaders
  • Attendees - Limited Number, High-level Participation

Digital Health Forum - Topics and Discussions

  • Ecosystem Innovation in Healthcare: Experiences for Driving Successful Collaborations between Startups and Corporates
  • Healthcare Transformation by Digital Technologies
  • The Role of Big Pharma in Digital Health
  • How England is Getting Digital Health Right this Time
  • Clinical Leadership and Digital Innovation in the Reduction of Unwarranted Variation in Clinical Care
  • Decision Making by the Tumorboard: How to Turn Complex Data Sets into Information Useful for a Personalized Therapy
  • Clinical Pathways for Doctors and Patients in Oncology
  • Digital Health in Diabetes -It's not About the App
  • Digitally Aided Diagnostic Pathways and Treatment for Patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and Electrolytes
  • Importance of Digital Applications and Solutions in the health system
  • Showcasing means in which Digital Health Supports the sustainability and efficiency of Health Delivery
  • Showcasing means in which Digital Health Supports the sustainability and efficiency of Health Delivery
  • And many other captivating topics

Key Learning Benefits

  • How best digital technologies should be used for the facilitation of health services and delivery
  • Identify ways in which digital health facilitates patient and healthcare interaction
  • Supporting business leaders at the forefront of healthcare to navigate the most topical challenges impeding healthcare innovation.
  • Bridging the gap between individuals and enterprises committed to advancing impactful innovation.
  • Exploring best practices, delivering practical tools, and disseminating useful information to industry leaders around the topic of Digital tech in healthcare.
  • Exploring the topics in detail, with an eye towards providing benefits and wellness leaders with practical guidance they can use to get the most out of conference.
  • Discussion and insights into innovative ways for monitoring consumer health and well-being

Speakers Include

  • Koray Karakaya, Innovation Lead
  • Joseph Dalton, Global Director Digital Solutions Development IT
  • Davide Bottalico, Digital Healthcare & Innovation Director
  • Andy Kinnear, Director of Digital Transformation
  • Stefan Georgy, Chief Digital Officer
  • Soren Smed, VP and Global Head of Digital Health

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