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Rescheduled / Postponed event: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Advanced Drug Discovery & Development Forum

Prague, Czech Republic

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become widely discussed topics in the area of life sciences and healthcare over the last several years and the excitement keeps growing. While a lot of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations express considerable interest in possible new opportunities, associated with the use of artificial intelligence for early drug discovery, clinical trial optimization, and business intelligence, a considerable gap still exists when it comes to understanding new technologies and identifying the impacts of AI in the progress level of drug delivery and development by pharmaceutical professionals and leaders.

As clinical failure rates remain unsustainable and the vast amounts of patient data increases further, AI, data and clinical development and drug discovery experts from across large pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are concerned to discover the growing practical applications of AI and ML for drug discovery and development.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Advanced Drug Discovery & Development Forum will bring together global pharmaceutical industry leaders to exchange experience and share the latest discoveries using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance service delivery level in health-related industries and pharmaceutical industries. During this two day session, senior executives, experts, and business professionals will join in-depth panel discussions, view practical case studies, attend interactive sessions, and participate in development workshops.

At the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Advanced Drug Discovery & Development Forum, you will discover how to technically integrate and apply AI algorithms to enhance trial design, improve patient selection and retention and achieve more precise AI-powered drug. The topics related to the identification of effective means of intelligent tools in drug discovery and development, unlocking the prospects of machine learning and AI for drug discovery and development, and application of machine learning as a decision support tool will all be addressed at the event.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Advanced Drug Discovery & Development conference will offer you opportunity to connect with AI experts, data scientists, clinical development and E-health experts from big pharmas and biotech to overcome the data quality, data security, cultural and technical challenges associated with employing AI to design and execute the right clinical trial for your drug design and drug development.

This exclusive forum showcases ways how to use AI and machine learning in drug discovery and development. Global Pharmaceutical Industry leaders will meet to exchange their experience and share knowledge throughout the 2-day in-depth panel discussions, practical case studies and interactive sessions.

This is the right time for drug developers to make more data-driven decisions that lead to improved efficacy, safety and approval outcomes. Only at this forum will you learn how strategically you can invest in and apply AI to transform your clinical trial success.

Come and harness AI and extract maximum value to achieve regulatory success and accelerate e-care, telehealth and therapeutic products to market. Now is the time to grasp how AI will fundamentally change the paradigm of clinical trial execution and identify key areas where AI can positively impact your drug development decision making.

Meeting Summary

  • 2 Days - Case Studies, Panel Discussions, Interactive Round Table Discussions, Networking and Experience Exchange
  • Expert speakers - Industry Leading Companies, Thought Leaders
  • Attendees - Limited Number, High-level Participation

Discussions and Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Early Drug Discovery
  • Harnessing the Power of AI to Accelerate Each Step in the Drug Discovery Process
  • The Potential of Machine Learning in Drug Discovery
  • Driving Strategic Decisions Making through Effective Data Analytics Tools
  • Deploying AI to Accelerate Drug Discovery from Patient Data to Drug
  • Key benefits of AI associated with Service Delivery level in health-related industries or pharmaceutical industries
  • Challenges in the application of AI and machine learning in Drug Discovery
  • Unlocking the prospects of machine learning and AI for drug discovery and development

Key Learning Benefits

  • The application of the emerging digital technology shall enable participants have an increased understanding of disease mechanisms in larger pool of patients and potential for developing personalized therapies
  • Participants will be convinced about the positives built around the world of AI intelligence other than the usage of human intervention in drug development and discovery
  • Participants will get to learn more about the operations, processes, systems and procedures of AI platforms and how it can be used effectively to facilitate drug discovery and development from case studies
  • Participants will gain more insight on the application of AI in facilitating clinical success
  • There will be discussion on cost-reduction strategies in relation with drug discovery and development

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Event details
Organizer : BIS
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-22093