International Fighter USA 2020 Summit

Washington, DC, United States


Following its powerful inaugural iteration in 2019, our International Fighter USA 2020 will bring an updated and even more expansive look into the most important component in dominating the sky and winning the future battlespace.

With the Under Secretary of Defense, 10 US Generals and SES from across the services and 9 senior global allies,  the speaker faculty for the 2019 event was second to none and provided local and international perspectives that delivered a unified message - Air dominance can be maintained not through one line of same fighter capabilities, but through full integration of existing capabilities across allied nations while developing an interconnected, technologically superior next generation of fighters.

Listening to the needs and priorities of our forces and allies, our International Fighter USA 2020 summit is once again designed to bring cutting edge perspectives from prominent decision makers to address the leading themes in global fighter priorities from USAF, DoD and international allies and provide answers to the challenges of 4th and 5th generation integration, next generation fighters, multi-domain joint operations, multi-generation fighter interconnectivity, light attack capabilities, loyal wingman, future mounted weapons systems and more.

Join us this July 29-31 in Washington D.C. for direct access to briefs, panels and over 10 hours of networking with the biggest names and the leading partners advancing fighter capability and strategies to maintain global stability. This is your opportunity to take an active part in shaping the present and future of our skys.

This year's summit will cover topics including:

  • Mapping the Current Multi Domain Battlespace Where F-35, F-22 are the leading players
  • Advancing Mission Readiness Through Multi-Disciplinary And Multi-Generational Fighters' Training
  • Maximizing Efficiency Of Existing Fighter Jets
  • Gearing Up For A Faster, Stronger And Technologically Reliant Air Combat
  • Adapting To The Airspace Growing Demands While Improving The Excising Products
  • Current and Future UAS's supporting & operating alongside fighter jets
  • Measures To Maximizing The Light Attack Fighters Deployment Proficiency And Usability
  • Creating The 6th Generation Fighter Jet Shopping List And Leading Needed Capabilities
  • Enhancing Sensor Systems In Fighter Jets To Support C4ISR And Create Real-time Advantage
  • Advancing Cyber Warfare Countermeasures To Support The 5th Generation Fighters

2019 Speakers Included

  • The Honorable Ms. Ellen M. Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Department of Defense
  • General Charles Q. Brown, Jr, Commander of US Pacific Air Forces, USAF
  • Lieutenant General Mark D. Kelly, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, USAF
  • Lieutenant General Steven R. Rudder, Deputy Commandant for Aviation, USMC
  • Lieutenant General Timothy G. Fay, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Integration and Requirements, USAF
  • Vice Admiral Ron A. Boxall, Director, Force Structure, Resources and Assessment (J8), Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Lieutenant General (R) Mark O Schissler, Lieutenant General Retired, Chairperson, USAF
  • Lieutenant General (R) David A. Deptula, Dean, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies
  • Dr Richard J. Joseph, Chief Scientist (AF/ST) Office of the Air Force Chief Scientist, USAF
  • Ms. Kelli L. Seybolt, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs, USAF
  • Major General Frederic Parisot, Deputy Chief of Staff for Procurement, The French Air Force
  • Major General David A. Krumm, Director of Strategic Plans, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans and Requirements, USAF
  • Major General SERGIO Barros de Oliveira, Head of the Evaluation and Doctrine Department, COMPREP (SCAD), Brazilian Air Force
  • Major General Kevin A. Huyck, Director of Operations, Headquarters Air Combat Command, USAF
  • Brigadier General Ireneusz Starzynski, Deputy Commander Air Operations Centre, Polish Air Component Command
  • Brigadier General Khalid Al-Harbi, Commander of the Air Warfare Center, The Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Brigadier General Amir Keren, Israeli Air Force Attache and the Deputy Defense Attache to the United States, Israel Defense Forces
  • Air Commodore Terry van Haren, The Australian Air Attache in Washington, DC, Royal Australian Air Force
  • Colonel Bertil van Geel, Kingdom of the Netherlands Air Attache & Deputy Defense Attache in Washington, DC, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Colonel David J. Pletz, Director of Fighter Capability Transition and Integration, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Colonel Michael R. Drowley, Commander of the 355th Fighter Wing, USAF
  • International Fighter Panel Participant Colonel Rupert Ficker-Reissing, ACOS Plans, Programs and Development, German Air Force
  • Colonel Robert Davis, 3rd Wing Commander, USAF
  • Colonel Garry Haase, Director for Munitions Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, USAF
  • Colonel Jake Trigler, Commander of 354th Operations Group, 354th Fighter Wing, USAF
  • Mike Stucki, Director of Business Development, Systel Inc.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Richard, Outgoing 480th Squadron Commander, USAF and a Student at the National War College, USAF

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