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DERS Connect Summit

A Live, In-Person Summit (with virtual live stream option)

Alexandria, VA, United States

"Improving Energy Resiliency, Efficiency and Sustainability"

This senior level educational and networking Summit It is designed to provide an interchange of knowledge and serve as a catalyst for collaboration across federal, state and private sector C&I facility, campus and installation energy stakeholders, utilities and industry.

The key focus and goals for the Summit include:  Answering the "how": over the last several years the energy sector has focused on the "why" as it relates to DERs; now is the time to focus on how and CONNECT! From meeting resiliency and reliability and /or sustainability and efficiency goals for your energy ecosystem, this Summit will focus on the emerging and proven business models and delve into the supporting technical capabilities while tackling the larger challenges of connecting and managing a growing and evolving macro DERs ecosystem.

2020 Summit Key Focus Areas to Include:

Business Models, Strategies, and Financing:

  • New Panel 2020! Facility Energy Executive Panel: The role of DERS in Supporting Sustainability Goals in Corporate and Industrial Facilities
  • New Panel for 2020! Critical Power Facilities and the use of Onsite Generation & Storage to support Reliability
  • Successful business models for gaining c-suite buy-in for funding the use of DERs and microgrids to improve efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and sustainability projects for your built environment
  • Emerging operational strategies for the integration of increased DERs into the grid: what is the chain of command? Who can see and manage what?
  • How utilities are developing the business and operational models for integrating renewables to meet customer demand.
  • Business and operational use cases for cluster and community microgrids for resiliency and reliability.
  • The regulatory landscape towards microgrids and DERS integration into the Grid.
  • Developing flexible Energy Master Plans that account for future ‘unkowns’ (from evolving technical innovations to future threat environments).
  • Strategies for moving a campus or large scale community to 100% renewable.

Technical Topics:

  • How to see and manage your assets: Capabilities needed from a distributed energy resource management system: Supporting advanced data analytics for optimizing DER management at the facility and grid level
  • Current technical innovations and capabilities in storage, PV, fuel cells, CHP, microgrids and more
  • Cyber-Electromagnetic resiliency: how to build in resilience, and what level of resilience to expect from your control systems, EIS and BAS against a cyber or EMP threat
  • Use cases for VPPs and digital twins
  • Microgrid controllers: intelligent software for load prediction, management and enabling optimal cooperation among DERS
  • A technical blueprint for meeting the energy needs of future intelligent facilities and campuses: Near future state for supporting IoT; from sensors, management systems and standards to help you move forward while not decreasing resiliency
  • Cloud computing, remote connectivity, and visibility of the edge: where to store your data

Why Should you Attend the Summit:

As the conversation towards DERs, from PV, wind, storage, to onsite CHP and microgrids shifts from “why” to how, this Summit serves as a senior level forum for cross sector information & idea exchange, and collaboration.

For Facility Executives, project financing and Energy Master Planning is now accounting for the need to build in renewables, onsite generation, storage, and include overall flexibility to account for future unknown advancements in technologies and threats. Hear from leaders across the government and private sector on how they are financing, planning and managing their respective operations to take back these lessons learned and ideas to your own organization.

DoD installations are continually exploring ways to harden their energy resiliency while improving efficiencies through onsite generation, microgrids and storage. Learn how they are developing energy management frameworks for their diverse portfolios

Higher Education Campuses have long served as case studies towards onsite generation. As many move to increased levels of renewables, with some setting the benchmark at 100% renewable, along with the integration of EV charging, how will they CONNECT and manage these assets? Who sees and owns the data and assets?

Utilities are embracing their customers demands for renewable energy. It’s no longer a question of why for these executives, but more a question of how. Further, how are utilities looking at grid reliability and management as more DERs come online? How will they take on EV charging? How will cluster and community microgrids be managed and what role will the utility have? And as we move to the future, how do facility and utility executives begin to plan for large scale grid-interactive building design?

All these topics will be addressed among a group of diverse energy leaders and stakeholders who will help move the future energy landscape forward.

Exhibit & Sponsorship Information

The  Summit provides exclusive opportunities including exhibit space, speaking roles, product demonstrations, and virtual sponsorships
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Several August 2020 Scheduled Speakers Include:

  • The Honorable Alex Beehler, Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment) (tentatively confirmed)
  • The Honorable John Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Installations and Environment (tentatively confirmed)
  • Mr. Ahmed Mousa, Manager, Utility of the Future, PSE&G (confirmed)
  • Mr. William Ellis, Sr. Portfolio Manager, Energy Efficiency Programs, Pepco Holdings (confirmed)
  • Mr. Rame Hemstreet, Vice President of Operations &Chief Sustainable Resources Officer, Kaiser Permanente (tentatively confirmed)
  • The Honorable Katherine Hammack, Director Special Projects, GBCI (former Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment
  • Prof. Dr. Mario Garcia-Sanz, Program Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency –Energy (ARPA-E, DOE)(confirmed)
  • Dr. Ulrich Muenz, Head of the Autonomous Systems and Control Research Group,  Siemens CT (tentatively confirmed)
  • Dr. Imre Gyuk, Director, Energy Storage Research, OE, U.S. Department of Energy(tentatively confirmed)
  • Mr. Tobias Whitney, Vice President -Energy Security Solutions -Fortress Information Security(confirmed, virtual)
  • Mr. Ken Shultes, Associate Vice President for Sustainability and Facilities Planning, Dickinson College(tent.confirmed)
  • Dr. Andrey Bernstein, Senior Scientist, NREL (NODES project lead)(confirmed)

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Mary M. Gates Learning Center
701 N Fairfax St, 22314
Alexandria, VA, USA

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