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Virtual Seminar on Statistics for the Non-Statistician

6-Hour Virtual Seminar

Online Event, Your Computer

The world is swimming in data yet raw data is mostly useless without methods to turn this data into useful and actionable information.  Those individuals and companies that make best use of the available data achieve a competitive advantage by optimizing their operations and making superior decisions.  Companies that fail to take advantage of data are resigned to chasing rather than leading in this information age.  

However, most analysts and decision makers do not possess enough knowledge in statistical methods to effectively use their data and they often find it difficult to interface with statisticians at their disposal.  

This webinar provides a solid introduction of important statistical concepts and methods that are essential for making objective decisions supported by data.

The methods have many applications including:
  • Effectively summarizing data to know what the data tells us
  • Determining how well my process/product meets requirements
  • Knowing when a process or system is behaving consistently or differently than before
  • What key inputs to my process affect product performance or customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring that I can effectively measure what I need to
  • Compare groups of data when random (natural) variation is present?
  • Predicting future outcomes using a model?
  • Ensuring I have an adequate sample size to reach significant conclusions

Why you should attend

Failing to utilize your data effectively puts you at a competitive disadvantage and your competitors will take advantage.  Harnessing your data allows you to put yourself in the driver’s seat by making superior decisions, optimizing operations, and avoiding costly issues.  This webinar will provide a solid foundation for many of the statistical methods that are critical for today’s decision makers.  With this background, you will be in a position to determine where you can focus next to make the biggest impact in your business.

Who Will Benefit

The target audience includes personnel involved in process development, manufacturing, quality, program management, and business operations.
  • Data Analysis
  • Product Engineers & Management
  • Program Managers
  • Quality & Process Engineers
  • Quality Technicians
  • Manufacturing/Production Supervisors
  • Test Lab Personnel
  • Personnel involved in Process Development and Validation
  • Process Improvement Personnel
  • Supplier Quality Personnel

Steven Wachs has 25 years of wide-ranging industry experience in both technical and management positions. Steve has worked as a statistician at Ford Motor Company where he has extensive experience in the development of statistical models, reliability analysis, designed experimentation, and statistical process control.

Steve is currently a Principal Statistician at Integral Concepts, Inc. where he assists manufacturers in the application of statistical methods to reduce variation and improve quality and productivity. He also possesses expertise in the application of reliability methods to achieve robust and reliable products as well as estimate and reduce warranty. Steve regularly speaks at industry conferences and provides workshops in industrial statistical methods worldwide.
Time: 08:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EDT

  • Introduction and Basic Statistics
    • Summarizing Data with Statistics
    • Probability Distributions
    • Graphical Methods
  • Understanding Data Over Time
    • Run Charts / Trending Analysis
    • Statistical Process Control Charts
  • Developing Process Understanding through Predictive Models
    • Regression Modelling
    • Application:  Stability Studies/Shelf Life Estimation
    • Design of Experiments (DOE)
    • Application:  Specification Setting
  • Test Method Validation / Measurement Systems Assessment
    • Types of Measurement Error
    • Measurement Systems Assessments (e.g. Gage R&R)
  • Comparing Groups of Data
    • Hypothesis Testing with Applications
    • Power & Sample Size

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