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Welcome to the our Digital Marketing Marketing Certification Program.

This certification is designed to provide you the knowledge you need to build and execute a digital marketing plan and master advanced techniques to optimize your success online. To complete the Digital Marketing Certification, follow the steps below:
  • STEP 1- Complete Courses TOTAL VIDEO TIME: 41 HOURS
    The following courses are provided in order to prepare the student for the Digital Marketing Test and Assignment: Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Measurement & Analytics, Email Marketing, Websites, SEO Training, Google Analytics, Digital Advertising and Social Media Strategy.
  • STEP 2 - Pass Digital Marketing Test
    A single 40 question, cumulative test is required in order to assess your knowledge in Digital Marketing. Questions will be taken from the eight courses listed above. A score of 70% or above is required to obtain your certification. If necessary, the quiz may be taken multiple times.
  • STEP 3 - Submit Assignment
    Your Digital Marketing Action Planner will need to be submitted for review. The Digital Marketing Action Planner does not need to be 100% complete - some sections may not apply to your business. Aim to complete about 70 - 80% of it based on what is relevant for your business case.
  • STEP 4 -Display Your Certification
    Display your credentials on your website, resume, LinkedIn and other social networks.

Get Certified At Your Pace

  • 41 Hours Of Expert-led Video Training - Step-by-step  beginner to advanced content with live examples, case studies, tips, and downloads to accelerate your results.
  • 1-2-3-4 Steps To Certification - Get training, pass the exam, submit your planner, and display your credentials! In as short as a weekend or take up to a year.
  • 1:1 Office Hours With An Instructor - Get answers and advice 1:1 from an experienced instructor. It's like having a consultant on-demand to support you.

This Certification Will Help You:

  • Getter better results faster from your digital marketing
  • Build an expert skill set across digital marketing channels
  • Learn the most in-demand skills for career advancement
  • Build a digital marketing strategy and measure the results
  • Gain foundational + advanced knowledge of strategy and implementation
  • Showcase your skills and expertise in digital marketing

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