Cyber Security Fundamentals Training

Certifying 4-Day Training

November 4-12, 2021- Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cyber Security Fundamentals training and certification

In this 4-day Cyber Security training you learn the fundamentals of Cyber Security and you will be prepared for the international ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) Certificate

Cybersecurity (CSX) certification path

To help address the global cyber security skills crisis head on, ISACA has created Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX), a certification path for the cyber security professional. The Cybersecurity (CSX) certification path starts with the knowledge-based Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) Certificate for those who are new to the profession or are considering to change careers, and centres the performance-based certification as the CSX Practitioner, CSX Specialist and CSX Expert level.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) - your first Certificate in cyber security

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) offers a knowledge-based Certificate in the concepts that frame and define the standards, guidelines and practices of the industry. This 4-day training provides in-depth instruction on the principles of cyber security and the integral role of cyber security professionals protecting enterprise data and infrastructure.

Cyber Security Fundamentals training and certification - why?

Why become a cyber security professional? Why take the Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) exam? Because the protection of information is critical to all enterprises. Cyber security is a growing and rapidly changing field, and it is crucial that the central concepts that frame and define this increasingly pervasive field are understood by professionals who are involved and concerned with the security implications of IT.

The Cyber Security Fundamentals training is designed for this purpose, as well as to provide insight into the importance of cyber security and the integral role of cyber security professionals. The 4-day training on Cyber Security Fundamentals will provide you with a full overview of the key concepts of cyber security, the standards, guidelines and practices, along with the role of the cyber security professional in our world today. In addition, this practical cyber security knowledge training will prepare you for the ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) exam.

Cyber Security Fundamentals - what will you learn?

In this 4-day Cyber Security Fundamentals training you will learn to:
  • understand basic cyber security concepts and definitions
  • understand basic security architecture principles
  • understand security of networks, systems, applications and data
  • define types of incidents and identify elements of an incident response plan
  • explain the core Information Assurance (IA) principles
  • identify the key components of cyber security network architecture
  • apply cyber security architecture principles
  • describe risk management processes and practices
  • identify security tools and hardening techniques
  • distinguish system and application security threats and vulnerabilities
  • describe different classes of attacks
  • define types of incidents including categories, responses and timelines for response
  • describe new and emerging IT and Information Security (IS) technologies
  • analyze threats and risks within the context of the cyber security architecture
  • appraise cyber security incidents to apply appropriate response
  • evaluate decision making outcomes of cyber security solutions
  • access additional external responses to supplement knowledge of cyber security
In addition you will be prepared to take the ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) Certificate exam.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) - alignment with globally accepted standards

The Cybersecurity (CSX) program is assigned with globally accepted standards and frameworks, including the Cyber Security NIST framework for improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security, ISO 27001, and the COBIT framework.

Difference between CISM and Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX)

ISACA's Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) will continue to be the certification for those who want to oversee, direct, and manage information security programs from the managerial side of the operation. The Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) certification aims at technical security skills and knowledge.

Who should attend?

This Cyber Security Fundamentals training is ideal for staff that are new to cyber security, or are looking to move into a cyber security role from a related IT function. The following professionals should be interested: security officers, information security managers, IT managers, risk managers, IT auditors, and many other professionals.

There are no mandatory prerequisites to participate in this training and to pass the Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) exam, although working in an IT environment and being involved or concerned with IT security implications is recommended.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) - exam domains

This 4-day training reviews a total of 5 exam domains:

  • Domain 1 - Cyber security concepts
  • Domain 2 - Cyber security architecture principles
  • Domain 3 - Security of networks, systems, applications, and data
  • Domain 4 - Incident response
  • Domain 5 - Security implications and adoption of evolving technology

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) - exam

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) exam is an online, closed book, remotely proctored exam. The exam covers the 5 domains and includes a total of 75 multiple choice questions. The number of questions in each domain depends on the weight assigned. The exam takes 2 hours and the passing score is 65%.

Expiration date
The Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) Certificate does not have an expiration date.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (CSX) - courseware
You will receive a manual with slides and ISACA's official Cybersecurity Fundamentals Study Guide.


Your trainer is a very experienced and ISACA certified trainer.
Training Days
Cyber Security Fundamentals : 4 + 5 + 11 + 12 November 2021
The classes are from 09.30 hrs until 17.00 hrs.

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