Cyber Security in Energy & Utilities Virtual Conference

September 28, 2021- Online

The paralyzing Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack has once again exposed the systemic vulnerability of the energy industry to cyber attacks.

In addition to the recent attack, accelerated digitization and IoT across the industry means the stakes for cybersecurity have never been higher. Energy and Utilities business and security leaders are being challenged more than ever to change the way they approach cybersecurity and risk.

To protect critical information and infrastructure, Energy and Utility companies must not only ensure the security of their IT and OT environments - they must also deal with the added complexities (and cybersecurity risks) of IoT, RPA, blockchain and AI bring. Join over 500 oil and gas leaders online for Cyber Security in Energy & Utilities and learn how to integrate your security efforts into every facet of your organization's operations.

Key themes include how to:

  • Understand the new cybersecurity risks of IT/OT convergence
  • Manage COVID-19-related cybersecurity risks
  • Measure the ROI of your cybersecurity program
  • Discover, track and report on assets across your ICS footprint
  • Collect and report on key security data, and contain OT-related cybersecurity risks
  • Choose the right point industrial cybersecurity solutions including antivirus software, intruder detection and protection systems (IDS and IPS), consistent patch management and encryption technologies and more
  • Build cybersecurity consciousness and discipline among your employees and contractors
  • Increase your cybersecurity agility to defend against emerging attacks, including increasing cyber-physical threats

Who should attend?

  • CISOs
  • CIOs
  • Head, VP, Director of CyberSecurity
  • Head, VP, Director of Information Security
  • Head, VP, Director of IT
  • Head, VP, Director of OT
  • Director of Operations
  • Plant Managers
  • Head of Asset Management


  • Deana Werkowitch, Senior Vice President – Audit, Technology and Implementation Services, Crestwood Midstream Partners

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