Infantry Firepower & Soldier Lethality 2021 Conference

October 25-27, 2021- London, United Kingdom

Infantry Firepower & Soldier Lethality 2021

Infantry Lethality & Firepower is the new name for Future Mortar Systems reflecting the need for change in the Infantry force structure at the brigade level and below to effectively address the "peer threat" in a contested environment. For 2021, in addition to coverage of vehicle-mounted and man portable mortars, we will cover other organic capabilities that the infantry combat unit will need in order to be lethal and survivable in a contested environment.

These firepower options include loitering munitions, anti-armour and anti-air weapons to enable offensive operations as well as point defence and prevail against any threat.

The 2021 Agenda in Brief:

  • Lethality in Denied Environments: Improving targeting and engagement capabilities for the tactical force
  • Range and Precision: Building the lethality and tactical dominance of the dismounted soldier
  • Affordability and Programme Delivery: Lifecycle management of mortar systems and munitions
  • Mortars in the Megacity: Indirect Fires in Future Terrains
  • Irregular Ops: Amphibious Fires & Lightweight Mortars in Special Operations
  • Gaps and Investment: Perspectives from R&D and industry on precision munitions, digitized fire control and advanced lethality systems

"This event was very good to see the current state of mortars"
Engineer, US Army, Delegate 2015

"Extremely valuable event"
Delegate 2017

"This event was very good to see the current state of mortars"
Engineer, US Army, Delegate 2015

"The event open up new topics and employment options for the system"
Military Attache, US Embassy in the UK Delegate 2017


2021 Co-Chairman

  • Christopher Foss, Freelance, Janes Artillery
  • Colonel John Musgrave, DACOS, Empowerment, British Army

2021 Confirmed Speakers

  • Brigadier Brigadier Matthew Cansdale, Future Force Development Head, British Army
  • Brigadier (Rtd) Ben Barry, OBE, Senior Fellow Land Warfare, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)
  • Brigadier Oliver Kingsbury, Warfare Development Head, British Army
  • Colonel Colonel Vahur Karus, Commander, Estonian Military Academy, Estonian Defence Forces
  • Mr Mark Pickering, Senior Weapons Scientist, Dstl
  • Captain Alexander Gorman, OIC Mortars, Canadian Army
  • WO Alexander Othen, Sniper Cell Instructor, Canadian Army
  • WO Ian Aitken, Direct Fire Support Co-Ordinator, Canadian Army
  • Sergeant Lindsay Eckert, Mortar Cell Group Commander, Canadian Army
  • Professor Anthony King, Professor in War Studies, Warwick University
  • Lt Col Lt Col Arnel David, Cofounder, UK Fight Club
  • Major L Smycek, Czech Special Forces, Czech Army
  • Lt Col Mike Baxter, SO1 Light Forces, British Army
  • Andrew Elliott, Co-Founder, UK Fight Club

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