Past event: Space Operations Summit

Leveraging as an Enabler of Joint All-Domain Operations

Since we launched the inaugural Space Operations Summit in 2019, NATO has approved its first space policy and recognised space as an operational domain. These developments emphasise that the outcome of future multi-domain operations will depend on NATO's ability both to generate capability in space and to leverage space-based capabilities across the joint environment.

Space Operations Summit 2022 offers a platform for military space professionals, joint-space users, aerospace leaders and space SMEs to translate space concepts into robust capabilities. The conference is also committed to enhancing dialogue on the space industrial base and to enabling the agile acquisition processes that can rapidly and effectively build capability in NATO's newest warfighting domain.

Our ability to operate in and from space depends on improved access to space. For the military user, that means leveraging partnerships with commercial launch service providers to generate a reliable, affordable and repeatable launch capability. Only through improved access to launch can defence effectively build capability in space, enhancing SSA, improving resiliency for space-based systems and fielding small-sat development.

The programme will also look at the delivery of effect from space. As multi-domain thinking continues to mature, it is vital that we consider how to integrate space capabilities and effects with forces operating in the air, on land, at sea and in cyberspace.

The need to integrate space within a multi-domain concept of operations is pressing, and Space Operations Summit 2022 is the only event that provides an ideal platform for doing just that.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand the UK government's vision for Defence as a global actor in the space domain with insights from both UK Space Command and the UK MOD Space Directorate
  • Share ideas across NATO allies and Partner nations to help coordinate policy and action in space as a new operational domain and as an enabler for future joint operations
  • Improve access to space by developing partnerships with commercial launch service providers to deliver a repeatable, cost-effective launch capability
  • Enhance capability in space by identifying information, network, and cyber technologies capable of improving command and control, situational awareness, and resilience for space-based assets
  • Explore the possibilities and the limitations of space and understand how to counter adversaries using space and space-based assets

"It was a valuable experience in terms of new knowledge related to space operations, technology advances, the challenges and risks present in the operational environment, the recognition of resilience as a factor to Space Operations, as well as (providing the) networking necessary to build a space community to handle education and space situational awareness."
Brigadier General Eliot Benavidez Gonzalez, Chief of Aeronautical Education, Colombian Air Force

"The Space Operations Summit, London 2019, made thinking on space a shared experience across nations and institutions. This experience underpins sound decision-making back home."
Dr Christian F. Anrig, Chief of Doctrine, Swiss Air Force

2022 Chair

  • Air Marshal (Retd.) Stuart Evans, Deputy Commander, NATO Allied Air Command (2016-2019)

2022 Speakers

  • General Philippe Lavigne, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation HQ, North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Air Vice Marshal Paul Godfrey, Commander, UK Space Command
  • Major General Michel Friedling, Commander, French Space Command
  • Major General Micheal Traut, Commander, Space Command, German Air Force
  • Major General DeAnna M. Burt, Commander, Combined Force Space Component Command and Space Operations Command West, US Space Force
  • Major General Hiroaki Sakanashi, Director General of the Project Promotion Group for Emerging Domains and Programs, Japan Air Self-Defense Force
  • Karla Smith Jackson, Senior Procurement Executive, Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer and Assistant Administrator for Procurement, NASA
  • Brigadier General Friedrich Teichmann, Director, Geospatial Institute, Austrian Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Michael Adamson, Director General Space and Joint Force Space Component Commander, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Air Commodore Jules Ball OBE, Head of Defence Space Capability, Space Directorate, UK MoD
  • Air Commodore Mark Flewin, Head of Operations, Plans and Training, UK MOD
  • Brigadier Christopher Gardiner, Director General Space Operations Coordination, Australian Department of Defence
  • Brigadier General Luca Capasso, Chief of Space General Office - Italian Defence General Staff, Chief of Space Operations Command
  • Colonel Rob Long, Commander, Space Launch Delta 30, US Space Force
  • Jacob Geer, Chief of Staff, UK Space Agency
  • General (retd) Philippe Steininger, Military Advisor to the President, National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)
  • Graham Turnock, Special Advisor, European Space Agency
  • Steven Fisher, Senior Responsible Owner, Future Beyond Line of Sight Programme, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Rich Laing, JISR Section, NATO Communications and Information Agency
  • Dr Jana Robinson, Space Security Program Director, Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI)
  • Krystal Azelton, Director of Space Applications Programs, Secure World Foundation
  • James Black, European Lead for RAND Space Enterprise, RAND Corporation
  • Juliana Suess, Research Analyst and Policy Lead, Space Security, RUSI

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