European CCS Industry Summit

Carbon Capture and Storage

September 14-15, 2022- London, United Kingdom

Our European CCS Industry Summit will be taking place in London, UK on 14th and 15th of September 2022.

While CO2 emissions from fuel combustion have been declining in Europe, industries like cement, iron and steel, aluminium, pulp and paper, and refineries have inherent CO2 emissions resulting from energy-intensive industry processes. CCS can provide a key contribution to tackling these sectors' emissions. Furthermore, it can help removing carbon from the atmosphere through carbon removals such as bio-energy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) and be a platform for low-carbon hydrogen production. The Commission's 2050 long term strategy depends in part on CO2 removal techniques based on CCS: either in combination with direct air capture or biomass to achieve climate neutrality. The target of climate neutrality has been written into the European Climate Law which requires a balanced Union-wide greenhouse gas emissions and removals within the Union at the latest by 2050 and that the Union shall aim to achieve negative emissions thereafter.

The event will focus on the legislation, regulatory framework, infrastructure overview, potential issues and technology opportunities within the CCS industry. The conference will highlight the challenges to improve the cost-efficiency of CCS projects in Europe, along with the need to develop new CCS technologies in line with complying with regulations. The summit will also cover the need for shared business models as well as the insight of the future of CCS.

This two day event will bring together will bring together senior executives from power plants owners, oil and gas companies, ongoing carbon capture and storage projects, consultants, researchers, as well as other influential stakeholders involved in the CCS value chain.

Join us this September in London to exchange your opinions and technical knowledge with your peers, and engage in excellent networking opportunities.

Key Topics

  • New regulations and their effects on the CCS industry
  • CCS Infrastructure in Europe
  • Improving the cost-efficiency of CCS projects in Europe
  • Overcoming potential issues with CCS
  • Moving towards a shared business model
  • Assessing current and future CO2 transportation capabilities
  • Opportunities in new CCS technology
  • Scaling up the CCS industry
  • Onshore & offshore CO2 Storage
  • Looking into the future of CCS

Who Will Attend?

  • Power plants owners
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Utility companies
  • Cement producing companies
  • Carbon transportation companies
  • Carbon storage companies
  • Ongoing carbon capture and storage projects holders
  • Consultants
  • Researchers
  • Carbon capture solution providers
  • Carbon capture technology providers
  • Waste-to-energy operators

The Great Lockdowns

We are doing everything to ensure that all our events go ahead as advertised, returning to the much-missed and valuable face-to-face interaction as soon as possible. In order to ensure the events are delivered as safely as possible, venues are chosen and procedures are adjusted in line with the relevant local and regulations and guidelines.

These have been exceptionally challenging times with very fast-moving updates. As we get closer to an event we look at each one individually, paying careful heed to local regulations, but without ignoring the international situation. Whatever happens, we will safeguard the investments that attendees have made by either automatically moving it to the new dates of the event or a full credit will be provided for use when booking a future ACI event.

Early Confirmed Speakers

  • Chris Bolesta, CO2 capture, use and storage Policy Lead, European Commission
  • Ulirika Jardfelt, Senior Vice President Business Area Heat, Vattenfall AB
  • Anna-Karin Jannasch, Senior Project Manager, Business Innovation, Nordion Energi
  • Shekhar Sumit, Head of Energy Transition, Sizewell C
  • Markus Sebastian Hole, Public Affairs Manager Norway, Fortum
  • Søren Reinhold Poulsen, Head of DK Assets, INEOS Energy Denmark
  • Erik Rylander, Head of Carbon Dioxide Removal, Stockholm Exergi
  • Rasmus Holmer,, Project Manager CCS, Horisont Energi
  • Mattias Ivarsson, Head of Carbon Sequestration, St1 Nordic
  • Babette Petterson, VP Europe, Lanzatech
  • Mikkel Krogsgaard Niss, Manager, C4 – Carbon Capture Cluster Copenhagen
  • Jon Gibbins, Director, UK CCS Research Centre
  • Erik Lambert, Associate Director, KPMG
  • Amy Brunsvold, Research Manager – Decarbonisation, Sintef
  • Bill Senior, Co-founder, Lapis Energy
  • Silvian Baltac, Senior Principal Consultant, Element Energy
  • Rouha Hussaina, Head of Energy Transition, ERCE
  • Matthias Krey, Managing Director, Perspectives Climate Group

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