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We are proud to announce the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and Discovery Conference, 21st - 22nd September, 2022 in London, UK

Oligonucleotide therapeutics - the emerging medicine class - are harnessing the therapeutic benefit of targeting genetic material utilising oligonucleotide conjugates, antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs), mRNA and RNAi. Their market growth is driven by their potential to provide more efficacious and less toxic alternatives to small molecules as well as their ability to affect targets that have been considered "non-druggable". Despite recent technological advances, achieving efficient oligonucleotide delivery, particularly to extrahepatic tissues, remains a major translational limitation and thus investments in oligonucleotide therapeutic discovery have created an emerging market need for drug delivery technologies

The Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and Delivery conference reveals the latest in oligonucleotide discovery and delivery, with presentations on targeted delivery mechanisms, oligonucleotide chemistries and important clinical advances. Global experts from big pharma and leading biotechs will explore the emerging therapeutic applications of oligonucleotides with case studies surrounding the discovery and development of oligonucleotide therapeutics as well as CMC and regulatory standpoints. The two-day conference will bring you high-quality insights and industry connections on the latest clinical trial candidates and a platform for exchanging ideas for tackling the biggest challenge: DELIVERY.

Benefits of Attending

  • Listen to case studies presenting on pre-clinical and clinical research in areas such as oncology and what can be learned for future clinical trials
  • Deepen your understanding of oligonucleotide therapeutic delivery and explore the latest innovations in extrahepatic oligonucleotide delivery and target specificity
  • Understand the regulatory and CMC environment surrounding oligonucleotide therapeutic development
  • Explore developments in oligonucleotide chemistries and examine developments in novel applications of antisense oligonucleotides and siRNA
  • Engage in the latest innovations in oligonucleotide therapeutics such as utilising AI machine learning to drive the discovery of novel therapeutics

Who should attend

Executives, Directors, VPs, Heads, Principals, Managers of:
  • RNA Biology/Discovery
  • Novel Therapeutic Modalities
  • Innovation Technologies
  • Formulation and Drug Delivery
  • Clinical Research and Development
  • Cell Biology

Plus Two Interactive Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshop | Tuesday 20th September 2022

Workshop A: Oligonucleotide Therapies - Overcoming the Challenges of Delivery
Workshop Leaders:
  • Nick Lench, Executive Director, UKRI/MRC Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA) Martin Kerr, Head of Business Development & Partnerships, UKRI/MRC Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA)
  • Ritwick Sawakar, MRC Investigator, MRC Toxicology Unit

Workshop B: Managing CMC Activities for the Development of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Workshop Leader:
  • Mia Kiistala, Principal Consultant, Aurora CMC Consulting


  • Bart Anderson, Senior Director R&D, Exicure
  • Chris Chorley, Associate Director, Global Regulatory CMC, Biogen
  • David Evans, Chief Scientific Officer, Sirnaomics, Inc
  • Dmitry Samarsky, Chief Technology Officer, Sirnaomics
  • Donna Klein, Scientific Director, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Ekkehard Leberer, Senior Consultant, Elbicon
  • Eric Lim, Director, Platform, Discovery Research, Stoke Therapeutics, Inc
  • Heinrich Haas, Vice President Formulation & Drug Delivery, BioNTech
  • Jimmy Weterings, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca
  • Macarena Hernandez- Jimenez, Chief Scientific Officer, aptaTargets S.L.
  • Martin Akerman, CTO & Co-Founder, Envisagenics
  • Matthew Wood, Professor of Neuroscience, Deputy Head Medical Science Division (Innovation), Director of MDUK Oxford Neuromuscular Centre, Director of Oxford Harrington Rare Disease Centre, University of Oxford Department of Physiology
  • Mia Kiistala, CEO/Owner/Principal Consultant, Aurora CMC Consulting
  • Nagy Habib, Associate Director, Co-Founder, CMO and Head of R&D, MiNA Therapeutics Ltd
  • Nick Lench, Executive Director, Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA)
  • Oliver Ernst, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, Neuway Pharma GmbH
  • Peter Oliver, Head of Biology, Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator
  • Ritwick Sawakar, MRC Investigator, MRC Toxcology Unit, University Of Cambridge
  • Rouven Stulz, Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca
  • Sarah Tabrizi, Director of UCL Huntington’s disease centre, UCL Institute of Neurology
  • Sergio Leone, Research Associate, MRC Toxicology Unit, University Of Cambridge
  • Shalini Andersson, Vice President Oligonucleotide Discovery, AstraZeneca
  • Stefano Zanotti, Senior Director, Head of Neuromuscular Research, Dyne Therapeutics
  • Thorsten Stafforst, Professor of RNA Biochemistry, University Of Tubingen

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Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Pl, Kensington, W8 5SY
London, UK

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Organizer :SAE Media Group
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Attendance :Physical Event
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