Automotive Steering Systems EU 2022 Conference

August 30-September 1, 2022- Frankfurt, Germany

  • 3 Full Days of 24+ Technical Presentations
  • Invitation-Only Fire Side Chats Revealing Honest Dialogues with Special Guests
  • 1-2-1 Networking Opportunities Between OEMs/Tier-1s and Suppliers
  • Actual Technology, Hardware & Software Simulations from Companies Turning Visions into Reality
  • And a Lot More!
The automotive steering market is facing a period of rapid transformation. OEMs are driving to reduce steering system cost and emission levels, increase performance, while remaining safety and security conscious. Achieving this balance is the multi billion dollar challenge, with the automotive steering market estimated to be worth an estimated US$ 33 billion by 2030.

Join representatives from across the automotive steering industry at our 14th Automotive Steering Systems Conference 2022 as they break down the largest steering design, cyber security, safety and automated driving challenges. Providing actual solutions via real world case studies, technical demonstrations, thought led presentations, panel discussion and round tables. With a focus day dedicated to the reliability, viability and availability of steer-by-wire as the latest innovation in steering system design.  

Focusing on the core challenges underpinning steering system design and their end goals:
  • Increasing Efficiencies in Terms of Weight, Volume & Performance
  • Reducing Cost & Optimizing Productivity, Safety and User Comfort
  • Tightening the Screws on Power Consumption and Emissions Levels
Returning to Berlin, Germany on the 30th & 31st August and 1st September and co-located with  Automotive Braking Systems Conference 2022, our steering systems conference is your one stop shop for all things steering and braking subsystems!

Core Themes

  • STEERING DESIGN: Understand key challenges in physical unit design. Industry leaders will address the need for steering unit cost, weight, volume and power consumption reduction. Providing key insight on lowering emission levels and more efficient steering functionality.
  • STEER-BY-WIRE: Explore the viability, reliability and availability of Steer-by-Wire. OEMs are looking to implement Steer-by-Wire into vehicles this year! But how can the industry best prepare and adapt to a system design overhaul?
  • AD/ADAS: Robotaxis have been deployed in California, and Europe is mobilising to the same goal, autonomous driving is now with in the OEMs grasps. But what will this look like? Hear comprehensive assessments of steering viability, product design and functional safety in AD/ADAS.
  • CYBER SECURITY: Join industry leaders from cyber security and steering systems in breaking down the end-to-end processes that can and are being employed to preventing vulnerabilities, addressing the latest standards and regulations being rolled out to ensure vehicle lifecycle security
  • AI: Building algorithms is one thing, securely and safely applying them to the steering system is another. Join us as AI experts delve into the application of algorithms to steering functionality, from verification and validation to establishing secure connections.

The Industry's Top Challenges & Requirements Addresses

  • How automakers and Tier 1s are designing and implementing steer-by-wire systems, focusing on performance
  • Real world case studies showcasing the end-to-end strategy for improving steering system efficiencies - reducing vehicle weight and improving aerodynamics to increase system effectiveness
  • Thought led presentations on adapting steering design to accommodate L2 autonomous vehicles and beyond
  • Analysis of the AV bubble and the role steering plays in autonomous ecosystems safety & security
  • Establishing stable models of cyber security in vehicles and their infrastructure in attaining a secure cost effective view of the system of systems
  • Reducing unit cost, weight and trimming system inefficiencies utilising AI for commercially viable steering
  • Breakdown the latest technologies and tools being employed in coping with chassis motion control

2022 Industry Speakers Sneak Peak

  • Dr. Xavier Mouton, System Architect & Expert on Chassis Control & MultiSense, Renault
  • Arghavan Nazemi, Senior Control Systems Engineer, Arrival
  • Imre Szepessy, Manager and Technical Lead, Steer-by-Wire Development, thyssenkrupp Presta AG
  • Richard Hirschmann, Senior Vice President R&D, thyssenkrupp presta AG
  • Reinhard Großheim, Safety Expert, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering
  • Kathrin Kind-Trueller, Senior Research Scientist in AI for Vehicle Control, Volkswagen
  • Mahesh Shinde, GM, ERC (Indoor Testing), Tata Motors
  • Hrishikesh Kishor Kulkarni, Team Lead, KBE & DPDS, TATA Motors
  • Meriem Hadri, R&D Engineering Project Leader, Stellantis
  • Lavanya Gabele, Head of Product Cyber Security, Bentley Motors
  • Ajay Ahuja, Head Design & Application Engineer, ZF Steering Group
  • Rohit Devare, Steering System Design & Development, ZF Steering Group
  • Dr. Håkan Sivencrona, Chief Safety Officer, Zenseact
  • Keyur Patel, Engineering Software Supervisor Steer-by-Wire, Nexteer Automotive
  • Patricio Barbale, Senior Research Analyst, S&P Global
  • Josh Vowles, Conference Producer, Automotive IQ

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