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Agrivoltaics refers to the combination of agricultural infrastructure with photovoltaic installations and offers a lot of potential advantages to improve agricultural yields while simultaneously generating clean electricity, but also poses a lot of challenges since both energy yield and agricultural yield need to be co-optimized. There is therefore a large need for research collaboration between both the agricultural industry and the PV industry.

Why agrivoltaics?

Agrivoltaics combines the use of land for farming with the production of electricity by photovoltaics. It provides the opportunity to establish solutions for production of food crops and electricity at the same time, taking into account soil protection and water savings. It offers powerful solutions to several issues arising from climate change.

Energy or food from agricultural land ? Why should we have to choose ? Couldn’t we associate both types of production on the same land to get the most of the solar energy and achieve the energy evolution and conversion to sustainable energy production, while nourishing the ever increasing world population ? Is it attainable ? If so, how ? This conference will tackle the importance of agrivoltaics, several challenges that agrivoltaic systems address, and what is farm’s role in agrivoltaics.

Indeed, photovoltaics is growing in Europe, with around 18.7 gigawatts of new capacity installed last year. Agrivoltaics include the use of agricultural land to produce food and create solar energy at the same time. Moreover, there is a growing interest in agrivoltaics worldwide as a way to merge solar power generation with sustainable, water-conserving agriculture and advance climate mitigation and adaptation. According to SolarPower Europe, local agriculture and solar energy could become the engines of a sustainable European economy. Coexistence of solar panels and crops includes light sharing so that panels situated above the crop generate shade and create a kind of microclimate over the growing area. This results in more freshness, less water need for the plants, and lower losses originating from evaporation.

Agrivoltaics is the clean energy solution that helps farms and agriculture to protect themselves from great weather conditions and other damaging factors. Innovative companies in this field design new solar louvres planned to satisfy plants’ ideal conditions ; however, they also help to manage available sunlight or shade to improve the crop quality and quantity. For instance, South of France has more than 300 sunny days each year and has a long record of solar energy innovations, starting in 1970 with the world-famous solar furnace at Odeillo. Several photovoltaic systems have been set up in the area, involving agrivoltaic systems in greenhouses and open fields. The largest dynamic agrivoltaic plant in the world is right there, with vineyards underneath.

Key Learning Benefits

  • Gain an overview of agrivoltaics status : an approach, a solution, or a rural business model.
  • Gain insight into ray tracing simulation for agrivoltaics in large scale photovoltaics power plants.
  • Learn sophisticated innovations and structure solutions to accelerate the use of agrivoltaics.
  • Explore the ability and importance of controlling the shade location in the orchard.
  • Understand the effect of agrivoltaic systems on crop productivity.
  • Explore the use of agrivoltaic with floating solar.
  • Gain insight into agrivoltaics with grape farms.
  • Understand how to create better bio-batteries : solving social concerns and finding political feasibility.
  • Understand the integration of PV modules in agrivoltaic systems and normative situation.
  • Explore the agrisolar clearing house : Information-sharing, networking, and education.

Key Topics & Discussions

  • Agrivoltaics : an approach, a solution, or a rural business model.
  • Introducing innovations to accelerate the use of agrivoltaics.
  • Benefits of agrivoltaics.
  • Opportunities for agriculture and the energy transition.
  • Limitations of agrivoltaics.
  • Impact of Covid-19 on the global agrivoltaic market.

Reasons to attend

  • Expand your network of top-level business contacts
  • Hear from enthusiastic speakers with powerful presentation
  • Use this exceptional platform for discussions and debates about then industry challenges
  • Benefit from our matchmaking and 1:1 meeting
  • Join our panel discussions, world cafe, interactive workshops, networking, strategic meetings and round tables discussion


  • Eva Vandest, Amarenco Group, Group Head of Public Affairs
  • Gianluca Boccanera, NextEnergy Capital, Managing Director Italy
  • Lexie Hain, Lightsource bp, Director, Agrivoltaics and Land Management
  • Mor Yigaeli, Shikun Binui Energy, Head of Agrivoltaics
  • Maria Genovese, Enel Green Power, Innovation manager
  • Roman Karbowy, Scatec, Business Developer South Asia & Europe
  • Moja Lees, Galp Energia, Lead Design Thinking at Upcoming Energies
  • Ludivine Pasquier, Agrinergie, Development Manager
  • Isabelle Decombeix, Enoé Energie, Directrice stratégie agriPV
  • Bernardo Mota Veiga, Amarenco Group, Chief Strategy Execution Officer
  • Fabio Amico, GreenGo S.r.l, Head of Origination & Development
  • Cristiano Spillati, Limes Renewable Energy, Managing Director
  • Byron Kominek, Jack's Solar Garden, Owner
  • Nabih Cherradi, Desert Technologies, Chief Technology Officer
  • Stacie Peterson, National Center for Appropriate Technology, Energy Program Director
  • Benhur Azambuja Possatto, Elera Renováveis, Senior Solar Performance Engineer
  • Wilma Eerenstein, Renergize Consultancy, Consultant Renewable Energy
  • Joao Felgueiras, SolarisFloat, General Manager
  • Tuval Eldar, Agri-Light Energy Systems Ltd, Co-Founder & CBO
  • David Schuppisser, Insolight, CCO
  • Jonathan Rotenberg, Econergy Renewable Energy Ltd, Director of Business Development
  • Prannay Malu, Fluence, (MS Electrical Engineering), Product Design Engineer
  • Pedro Alves, MTX Solar, Head of Solar Technologies & Procurement
  • Michal Hekrle, Innogy, Innovation Scout
  • Dr. Theodoros Makris, TÜV Rheinland Group, Senior Expert
  • Sascha Krause-Tünker, Next2Sun AG, Chief Sales Officer

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