Thermal Management for EV/HEV USA Conference

Focusing in Optimizing Cost, Efficiency, Fast Charging & Range

September 19-21, 2023- Detroit, MI, United States

After the record-breaking success of our Thermal Management conference in Munich in February, the flagship Thermal Management for EV/HEV USA comes to Michigan this September.

According to a Lead Project Manager at one of the big-3 vehicle manufacturing companies in Michigan, thermal management for EVs and HEVs is not only going to be around for a very long time but is also much more of a priority now than it has ever been. Right here, right now, the OEM has several priorities;
  1. Lower costs while leveraging advances in production and energy efficiencies,
  2. Optimize fast charging,
  3. Manage thermal runaway and
  4. Add more range to a vehicle by having a more efficient thermal system.  
We invite you to be part of this full three-day technical conference, with parallel streams, over 45 presentations, 35+ speakers and innumerable opportunities for learning, networking and knowledge sharing with your colleagues from thermal management, e-motor technology, and propulsion segments.

Co-located with the Advanced E-Motor Technology USA 2023 Conference

Our research team has spoken to dozens of thermal management experts at electric vehicle manufacturing companies in Michigan and Silicon Valley to uncover their greatest pain points, challenges and solutions that are the need of the hour right now. The highly technical agenda for the Thermal Management for EV/HEV USA 2023 conference is a direct reflection of where the industry is right now, and it delivers actionable solutions to the OEM's biggest challenges, including:
  • Battery Thermal Management
  • Thermal Runaway Mitigation & Propagation
  • Fast and Ultra-Fast Charging
  • 800V Energy Supply Systems
  • Latest Innovations in Battery Technologies
  • Powertrain Thermal Management
  • Cabin Cooling & Comfort
We invite you to be part of this three-day technical conference, taking place in Detroit, Michigan, in an environment that is built for essential face-to-face conversations and business, and in a format that encourages lesson sharing, learning and dialogue. Hear from leading TMS subject matter experts from US' most prolific OEM and Tier-1s, supported by best-in-class Tier-2 companies, as they deliver vetted presentations on top thermal management themes.

Agenda Breakdown

  • Learn How To Detect, Mitigate And Prevent Thermal Runaway
  • Technical Presentations on Fast & Ultra-Fast Charging & Thermal Issues
  • Hear About The Latest Trends & Innovations In Electric Vehicle Battery Technology
  • OEM Keynote Case study on Battery Thermal Management Control Strategies
  • Interactive Discussion On Vehicle Cabin Cooling, Comfort and Climate Control
  • Learn Approaches to Optimize The EV Thermal Management End-To-End
  • Presentations on Effective Thermal Management To Extend/Improve Drive Range
  • Technical Use Cases on Thermal Management For Commerical & Off-Road Vehicles
  • Presentations on Effective Cooling Of The Electric Powertrain System

"Great mix of people - as an OEM I had some interesting two-way conversations with suppliers where we both discuss what we are working on and see how it aligns - a win-win for both."


"Great mix of nationalities at the event - not just German companies - great to hear what other regions are working on and what they are experiencing - whether they have the same challenges, ideas etc."


"Really liked having panelists from different backgrounds proivide theirt thoughts on the topics - seeing the views of a startup OEM, OEM and Tier 1 Supplier - to hear the range of views was interesting"


2023 Speakers

  • Lawrence Ziehr, Ultium Energy Recovery Project Manager, General Motors
  • Prashant Modi, Electrified Powertrain(ePT) Thermal SME Manager, Stellantis
  • Dabeet Sathyanarayan, Thermal Systems & Aerodynamics Engineer, Toyota North America
  • Gregory Tyler GruppChang, Senior Mechanical Engineer- Thermal Systems, XoS Trucks
  • Suhas Sathyanarayan, Senior CAE Engineering Supervisor and Thermal Engineer, Nexteer Automotive
  • Dr. Christian M. Moser, Vice President Business Thermal Management, Schaeffler
  • Chirag Hiremath, Principal Thermal Engineer - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), ZF Group
  • Karl Plattenberger, Chief Engineer- Powertrain Integration, Quantron AG
  • Sowmya Jayaraman, Technical Specialist - Vehicle Thermal Management & Front end Airflow, General Motors
  • Rolf Karlsson, Technical Fellow for Propulsion Systems Cooling, General Motors
  • Dr. Volker Null, Technology Manager Thermal Fluids, Shell
  • Bashar AbdulNour, Professor of Engineering Practice, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University
  • Swapnil Suryakant Salvi, Research Engineer, R&D - Electrified Powertrain, Southwest Research Institute
  • Jayson Pankin, President & CEO, AutoHarvest Foundation
  • Blessing Aroboto, Conference Producer, Automotive IQ

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Focus Day
  • Learn How To Effectively Integrate E-Motor, Thermal & Powertrain Systems As Seamlessly As Possible
  • Learn How One Leading OEM Has Integrated Thermal Management & E-Motors To Optimize Performance Efficiencies
  • Thermal Management Of Powertrain, E-Motor, And Power Electronics
  • Progress In Power Electronics & Inverter Development
Main Day One
  • Methods & Technical Capabilities to Reduce Cost, Add
  • Range & Optimize Thermal Efficiency
  • How To Design Cheaper Safety Critical Thermal Systems
  • Thermal Runaway Suppression, Isolation, And Mitigation Strategies
  • Fast Charging, High Voltage Power Supply and Thermal Management
  • Effective Thermal Management to Extend/Improve Vehicle Range
Main Day Two
  • Integrating Thermal Systems With E-Motor Technology
  • Immersion Cooling
  • Advanced Flame-Retardant Materials With Better Thermal Conductivity
  • Effectiveness Of Heat Pumps to Increase Battery Range & Reduce Depletion
  • Thermal Acoustics & Magnetic Cooling
  • Improving Thermal Efficiency Through New Technologies
  • EPA-Led Presentation on The Five-Cycle Test and Current State Of Compliance
  • Battery Thermal Management in Extreme Temperatures & Climate Conditions


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