Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conference

September 26-27, 2023- Bristol, United Kingdom

From Rhetoric To Reality: Digitally Enabled Disruptive Technologies

'To meet ourchallenges, Defence must prioritise research, development and experimentation, maintaining strategic advantage by exploiting innovative concepts and cutting-edge technological advances'
- Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defence

Join us at the world's leading Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation conference to explore the profound impact of digital technologies on defence and security in the 21st century. This must-attend event empowers military leaders, government officials, defence contractors, cybersecurity experts, and CIOs to stay ahead of their adversaries by gaining exclusive insights and strategies for operationalising and exploiting disruptive technologies.

Attendees will hear from key military decision-makers, industry leaders, and academia to empower their C2 transformation and decision-making excellence. They can also meet with leading solution providers to unlock the full potential of data through AI and Machine Learning to maximise effects on the battlefield, and optimise their fighting force through autonomy and MUM-T.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the discussion on how Digital Age technology is fundamentally reshaping Defence and Security capability and operations. Register now to secure your place at this game-changing event.

Benefits for the Military Community

  • Achieve operationalisation and exploitation of disruptive technologies by hearing case studies and learning how to advance experimentation, prototyping, and R&D efforts
  • Empower C2 transformation and decision-making excellence with exclusive briefings from key military decision-makers, industry leaders, and academia
  • Meet with leading solution providers to unlock the full potential of data through AI and Machine Learning to maximise effects on the battlefield
  • Optimise your fighting force and  leverage the benefits of autonomy and MUM-T by elevating your understanding of what is in the art of the possible
  • Streamline your procurement processes by gaining insights and pooling strategies into how other NATO allied nations are tackling the issue

Benefits for the Technology Industry

  • Propose innovative solutions to key stakeholders who are streamlining procurement cycles and expediting integration of disruptive technologies from traditional commercial players and emerging SME's
  • Gain actionable insights on NATO military development plans to align your systems with capability requirements and secure strategic partnerships
  • Leverage defence innovation initiatives, with a specific focus on the military exploitation of cutting-edge technologies from SMEs and start-ups in the disrupted defence sector
  • Showcase your C4ISR and RAS solutions to esteemed Armed Forces' leaders, as they finalise future Joint Force requirements in the dynamic landscape of disrupted technology
  • Elevate your comprehension of ongoing experimentation, trialling, and R&D efforts to inform strategic budgetary decisions and craft compelling business proposals

2023 Conference Chairman

  • Air Marshal (Retd.) Edward Stringer, Former Director-General of Joint Force Development, UK Strategic Command

2023 Speakers

  • Air Vice-Marshal David Arthurton, Director of Strategy and Military Digitisation, UK Strategic Command
  • Brigadier Paolo Sandri, Pinerolo Mechanised Brigade Commander, Italian Army
  • Brigadier Mike Cornwell, Commander 12th Armoured Brigade Combat Team, British Army
  • Brigadier General Armin Fleischmann, Chief of Division Cyber/IT Governance, German Federal Ministry of Defence
  • Mr. Maynard Holliday, Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Critical Technologies, US Department of Defense
  • Brigadier James Cook PhD, Director Programme CASTLE, British Army
  • Captain Rachel Singleton, Head Digital & C5ISR Development, Royal Navy
  • Mr. James Appathurai, Deputy Assistant Secretary General - Emerging Security Challenges, NATO
  • Colonel Michael J├Ąger, Head of Policy, Planning and Procurement, Cyber and Information Systems, German Federal Ministry of Defence
  • Dr. Paul Keeley, Division Head, Cyber and Information Systems, DSTL
  • Mr. James Gavin, Head, Future Capabilities Group, DE&S, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Mr. Will Green, Head Innovation Directorate, UK MoD
  • Cecil Buchanan, RAF CTO & RAF RCO Hd Science, Royal Air Force
  • Mr. Moritz Zimmermann, Deputy Chief of Staff, Defence Innovation Accelrator for the North Atlantic (DIANA), NATO
  • Dr. Kenneth Payne, Professor of Strategy, Kings College London
  • Dr. Simona Soare, Research Fellow for Defence and Military Analysis, The International Institute for Security Studies

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Ashton Gate Stadium
Ashton Road, BS3 2EJ
Bristol, UK