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Military Wireless Conference
Needs, Initiatives, Opportunities and Challenges

28 November, 2012 - 29 November, 2012, Las Vegas, NV, United States

The continuously evolving mission environment demands that solutions to operational problems be identified and deployed as rapidly as possible. No longer can commanders and troops afford to wait for communications and other equipment and capabilities to wind their way through the long acquisition process. This is especially true in the area of mobile, persistent C4ISR. Fortunately, a broad array of wireless technologies some of them crossing over from the commercial arena, others targeting both commercial and military markets are being developed and deployed to meet the net-centric communications, command and control, situational awareness, force tracking, intelligence dissemination, and targeting challenges facing the future warfighter.

This outstanding conference gathers many of the senior government and industry experts who are identifying the requirements and developing the wireless capabilities of the future.

  • What is the status and forecast for OSD and Service wireless plans and roadmaps?
  • What are the challenges in implementing the future Wireless Mobile Network?
  • What is the status of Tactical Cellular, CSDA and other key initiatives?
  • What role will tactical smartphones play?
  • What transformational apps are being developed? What are the best opportunities for participating in this new market?
  • How will emerging smart wireless technologies cognitive radio, ROIP, LTE, DSA, etc. impact future capabilities?
  • What are the potential game-shifters?

Over 20 Experts from Army MCCD, Army MCCoE, Army BC, ISI, USAF ACC, USMC, NSA, DISA, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop, Lockheed, BAE Systems, L-3 Communications, Harris, Motorola, BTS, Cobham, Rajant, Radisys, xG Technology, Ultra-3eTI, Xirrus, and Ardent examine:

  • OSD and Service Wireless Needs, Capabilities, Policies & Plans
  • Next-Generation Mobile Wireless Networks
  • Tactical Cellular & Smart Tactical Phones
  • Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications (CSDA)
  • Spectrum Challenges & Solutions
  • Cyber Security at the Device & Network Level
  • Emerging Technologies Cognitive Radios, ROIP, LTE, DSA, etc

Who You Will Meet

  • CEOs/COOs/CIOs
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Principles
  • Sr. Directors
  • Directors,  IT
  • Directors, Information Systems
  • Directors, Intel
  • Directors, Business Development Managers
  • Program Directors
  • Chief Sales Executives
  • Scientists
  • Chief Engineers
  • Sr. Engineers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sr. Managers, Federal Accounts
  • Sales Directors
  • Cyber Operations Analyst
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Commanding Officers
  • Technology Officers
  • Manager of Network Operations
  • Manager of Network Security
  • Systems Analysts
  • Information Assurance Officers
  • Information Protection Specialists
  • Intel Evaluators
  • Engineering Leads
  • Operations Managers
  • C4ISR Requirements


Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino
3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: (702) 731-7110 or (800) 634-6001

Attendance is limited to US, NATO, and allied countries only.

We reserve the right to alter the published program if necessitated by circumstances beyond our control. The material presented in this program is based on unclassified technology and unclassified technology application areas.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Attendee accommodations must be arranged directly with the hotel.


  • Dr. Preston Marshall, Deputy Director, Computational Systems Technology, ISI
  • Ms. Deborah Plunkett, Director, Information Assurance, National Security Agency
  • Colonel Ronald Sanders, Strategy, Concepts & Doctrine Division, ACC, USAF
  • Mr. Jeffery Weiss, Product Director, Handheld Systems, PM Battle Command, US Army
  • Mr. Michael McCarthy, Program Manager, Director of Operations, MCCD, US Army
  • Lt. Colonel David Krahl, Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications (CSDA), MCCoE, US Army
  • Mr. Sanford McLaurin, Director of Communications, Marine Corps Systems Command, USMC
  • Mr. Tracy Allison, Chief, Transformational Communications Engineering, DISA
  • Dr. Jason Redi, Senior Director, Raytheon BBN Technologies
  • Mr. Fred Frantz, Director, NLECTC Communications Center of Excellence, L-3 Comm
  • Mr. Joseph Heaps, Policy Advisor for Communications & Radio Frequency Spectrum Issues, National Institute of Justice
  • Mr. Reggie Cole, Senior Fellow, Lockheed Martin
  • Dr. Jae Kim, Senior Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company
  • Mr. David Cooper, CCS Technical Director, BAE Systems
  • Mr. Keith Smith, Chief Engineer, BACN JUON Program, Northrop Grumman
  • Mr. Gary Schluckbier, Senior Manager, Secure Products Group, Motorola Solutions Inc
  • Mr. Jerry Sonnenberg, Chief Engineer, Networks, Harris GCSD
  • Mr. Peter Houser, Chief Engineer, Advanced Systems, Northrop Grumman
  • Mr. J. P. Lanteri, Director, Advanced Programs & Technologies, Cobham Systems
  • Mr. Alex Watson, Chief Technology Officer, Battlefield Telecommunications Systems
  • Mr. Gary Anderson, Senior Vice President, Rajant Corporation
  • Mr. Rick Rotondo, Vice President of Marketing, xG Technology, Inc
  • Mr. David Klain, Vice President, Program Management, Ultra-3eTI
  • Mr. Perry Correll, Senior Technologist, Xirrus
  • Mr. LaRue Boyce, Business Development, Rajant Corporation
  • Mr. Todd Mersch, Director, Product Line Management, Radisys
  • Mr. Jon Green, Director, Government Solutions, Aruba Networks
  • Mr. Jeffrey Rummel, Esq., Partner, Ardent Fox LLP


Event details

28 November, 2012
29 November, 2012
Las Vegas
Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino
United States


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