Military Space Systems Forum

Delivering Lethal and Resilient Space Capabilities for the Future Fight

November 28-29, 2023- Los Angeles, CA, United States

The Military Space Systems Summit is dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge advancements in space operations, with a specific focus on the procurement requirements and acquisition programs of the U.S. Space Force and international partners. This Summit will foster collaboration and share insights on capability modernization for critical areas such as space situational awareness, positioning, navigation and timing, command and control, communications, launching, and the use of AI/ML for enhanced operational effectiveness. Attendees will have a remarkable opportunity to advance cooperation on capability modernization in the space domain, with a key focus on rapid acquisition priorities.

This conference will serve as a vital platform for discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in space operations. Through informative sessions, engaging panel discussions, and interactive workshops, we will delve into the procurement strategies, acquisition programs, and innovative solutions that are shaping the future of space capabilities.

Why attend

  • Learn about Global Perspectives on Military Space Systems: Challenges and international collaboration opportunities
  • Hear discussions on delivering known and novel commercial services from and for space, to support global mission practices and joint Warfighters
  • Address cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for monitoring, tracking, and predicting space objects to ensure safe and sustainable operations
  • Discuss strengthening space sensing, communications, and positioning, navigation, and timing to achieve mission-critical results

Conference Chairman

  • Preston C. Dunlap, Former Chief Architect US Air Force


  • Jeremy Leader, Director, Commercial Space Office (COMSO) US Space Force
  • Cordell DeLaPena, Program Executive Officer for Military Communications and Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Space Systems Command
  • Confirmed Representative, UK Space Command
  • Colonel David Hanson, Commander, Space Delta 2 US Space Force
  • Phil Hahn, Chief Strategic Officer SPACEWERX
  • Andre Doumitt, Director of Innovation Development, iLab The Aerospace Corporation
  • Major General Claudio Gabellini, Commander Air and Space Operations Command Italian Defense Staff
  • Colonel Albert Ashby, Division Chief, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Space Acquisition and Integration), Space Sensing & NC3 US Air Force
  • Major General Philippe Adam, Space Commander French Air & Space Force

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Embassy Suites LAX-North
9801 Airport Blvd, 90045
Los Angeles, CA, USA