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ArmorCon 2013
Military Armor Conference

25 February, 2013 - 27 February, 2013, Arlington, VA, United States

The only annual event to focus exclusively on military armor solutions for both vehicle and individual body armor!

Our ArmorCon is the premier forum for the military armor community to exchange ideas on new armor technologies, challenges and developments in protective equipment for vehicles and personnel. The conference aims to deliver a national, large-scale military armor event where armor protection professionals (both military and non-military) can come to learn the current requirements, latest advancements and future development of military armor.

ArmorCon 2013 is geared to provide the military armor community with a focused, dedicated event to address the design, development, manufacturing and procurement of armor protection. This includes requirements, testing, material performance, innovations and challenges – this is your chance to come together with the greater military armor community and their supporting product and service providers!

This year’s mission-critical topics include:

  • Military Armor Needs & Requirements
  • Materials for Military Vehicles
  • Advances and Challenges of Reducing Weight and Increasing Mobility
  • Soldier Protective Equipment
  • Innovations in Armor Alternatives

New for Februari 2013!

  • This event will highlight, inform, and connect market and industry leaders on up to date technology and production of vehicle and body armor
  • This is the only armor conference that deals solely on IBA and vehicle armor
  • Focused track sessions during the main conference on both body armor and vehicle armor
  • The Army and Marine Corps plans to revamp their armored vehicles just back from Afghanistan and Iraq
  • In depth analysis of the newest technology in helmet sensors for TBI data
  • Insight into the future AOs (local/national security) for body and vehicle armor
  • This event will highlight national security agencies and local law enforcement armor concerns


"The summit offers an opportunity not only to network with industry experts, but it also educates you on the current industry standards."
Arnold Allen, Cisco

New In the Armor Industry

Body Armor

  • The global body armor and personal protection market is estimated to value US$1.5 bn in 2012 and to increase at a CAGR of 4.89% during the forecast period (2012-2022), to reach its peak of US$2.4 bn by 2022.
  • Female body armor, after years of testing and development, has finally been released this year and the 101st Airborne Division female soldiers have deployed to Afghanistan with them.
  • Because of a 90% increase in groin injuries from 2009-2010, the Army has poured over $20M into ballistic underwear development in 2012.
  • With the Operational Tempo slowing down in overseas conflicts and the subsequent slowdown of rapid fire rush orders, PEO-Soldier is now able to take a holistic view of soldier protective equipment rather than a “Christmas Tree approach” with new requirements hastily attached to an already haphazardly assembled system. This means PEO-Soldier is looking at the concept of body protection from a clean slate.

Vehicle Armor

  • The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) just entered into a more mature stage in the acquisition cycle with only 3 vendors winning ~$65M contracts each. They are tasked to develop a working model for the final version before the military will make its decision on the final vendor.
  • There are active contracts out for Anti-Armor Analysis Programs (AAAP) that seek to understand what sorts of attacks vehicles are experiencing in order to better counter them.
  • Law Enforcement agencies across the nation are becoming more supportive of armored vehicles with many purchases taking place just this year.

Who Will Attend

The Military Armor Protection conference audience range will include senior level professionals from the military, government agencies, research and development, manufacturing, testing, procurement and technology service providers. Attendees will include professionals with the following titles and responsibilities:

  • Program/Project/ Product Managers and PEOs
  • Technical Professionals from Vehicle Platforms and Personnel Protective Systems from all Service Branches
  • Commanders, Chiefs of Staff, and Directors
  • Ceramic Body Armor
  • Metal/Composite Vehicle Armor
  • Fabric/Soft Body Armor
  • Communications Directors
  • Contract Specialists
  • R&D Professionals
  • Acquisition and Procurement Executives from DoD and OEMs
  • Operations, Logistics and Strategic Planning Professionals
  • OEMs, Systems and Component Providers
  • Transparent Vehicle Armor

Venue & Accommodation

Waterview Conference Center
1919 North Lynn Street, 24th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209

The Waterview Conference Center, metropolitan Washington’s premier event space, offers a new avenue for hosting corporate and social meetings, conferences, receptions, and retreats in the nation’s capital, all high above the waters of the Potomac River. With unrivaled views of and access to downtown, the Center is designed to showcase the best of the city while providing cutting-edge event space. It is where the best of the nation’s capital converges and where an unforgettable experience continually awaits.

Just four miles from Ronald Reagan National Airport and 25 miles from Washington Dulles International Airport, the Waterview Conference Center is located in the heart of the National Capital Area at the Key Bridge. It sits in the center of Rosslyn, Virginia’s new commercial and residential district, while being only a 10-minute walk away from the historic neighborhood of Georgetown – one of Washington’s most storied neighborhoods.

Sleeping Room Accommodations:
Please note that IQPC has not established a room block although there are several nearby hotels (many within walking distance). Please visit the below link for a listing.

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

Confirmed 2013 speakers include:

  • Colonel Robert Kmiecik, Director, Mounted Requirements Division, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • Peter Matic, Ph.D., Branch Head, Multifunctional Materials Branch, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Tom Pedigo, Division Team Lead, WaRCAT, Ground Domain Planning and Integration Division, TARDEC
  • Ted Maciuba, Deputy Director, Mounted Requirements, Army Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • David Maurer, Director, Public policy, GAO
  • Dr. Brett Chapman, Social Science Analyst, National Institute of Justice
  • Dr. Mark Greene, Program Manager, Department of Justice
  • Dr. Robert Speyer, Director, Materials and Science Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology


Event details

25 February, 2013
27 February, 2013
Waterview Conference Center
United States


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