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Cyber Defense and Network Security Summit

24 June, 2013 - 26 June, 2013, Arlington, VA, United States

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Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made headlines around the world recently when he warned America was at risk of a “Cyber Pearl Harbor”. A stark comparison at first – Panetta’s words soon turned heads when devastating cyber attacks on American banks and newspapers exposed the vulnerabilities of U.S. computer networks. It came as no surprise when he announced the Department of Defense would pump $3billion annually into cyber security.

The threat against American computer systems is more prevalent than ever. The number of cyber attacks on American infrastructure has increased almost twentyfold in the last two years, while our preparedness for a large-scale attack on a scale from 1 to 10, “is around a 3”, according to CYBERCOM Commander General Keith Alexander.

Our Cyber Defense and Network Security Summit takes place just as the White House puts the finishing touches on the 2013 cybersecurity executive order and lays out the strategies and initiatives for the upcoming decade. Speakers from CYBERCOM, the Air Force, and Marine Corps will all share the latest cyber challenges and opportunities, while speakers from the Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency and NATO will present on strategies for cyber intelligence sharing and real-time response to threats.

U.S. national cyber capabilities are in a state of transition and Cyber Defense and Network Security 2013 will set the stage for decision-makers to express requirements and listen to industry solution providers. Come join us and establish yourself as a key player in this burgeoning field!

Venue & Accommodation

Waterview Conference Center
1919 North Lynn Street ,   Arlington,  Virginia
22209,  United States
Phone: 571-303-3032 

Please note that IDGA has not established a room block although there are several nearby hotels (many within walking distance). Please visit the below link for a listing.

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.


  • Dr. Mark Maybury, Chief Scientist and Author of Air Force Cyber Vision 2025, U.S. Air Force
  • Mr. Ray Letteer, Director, Cyber Division, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Mr. Curtis Levinson, U.S. Liaison for Cyber Security, NATO
  • LTC Christopher Quick, Director, Strategic Communications, ARCYBER, U.S. Army
  • Mr. Howard Whyte, Security Operations Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer, NASA
  • Ms. Sandra Stanar-Johnson, Cyber Representative to the Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency
  • Ms. Rosemary Shumba, Program Director, Cyber Security and Information Assurance, University of Maryland
  • Mr. Greg Wilshusen, Director of Information Technology, Government Accountability Office
  • Mr. Matthew Scholl, Deputy Division Chief, Computer Security, NIST
  • Col (ret.) Cedric Leighton, Founder, Cedric Leighton Associates
  • Dr. Douglas Maughan, Director, Cyber Security Division, HSARPA, Department of Homeland Security
  • Ms. Karen Evans, Director, U.S. Cyber Challenge
  • Dr. Arun Sood, Director, International Cyber Center, George Mason University
  • LtCol (ret.) William Hagestad, Author, "21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare"
  • Mr. Joseph Trien, Group Leader, Cyberspace Science, OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY
  • Mr. Jeff Goldthorp, Chief, Cyber and Information Reliability, Federal Communications Commission
  • Mr. David Simpson, Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Security Forum Initiative
  • Capt Joshua Dixon, Project Officer for Technology Transition, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Mr. Mark Loepker, Director, National Information Assurance Partnership, National Security Agency


Event details

24 June, 2013
26 June, 2013
Waterview Conference Center
United States


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