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Coastal Surveillance Brazil

21 May, 2013 - 23 May, 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Showcasing Brazilian Industry And Local Expertise In Maritime Security Systems

Coastal Surveillance Brazil is the latest in a series of high-profile maritime conferences brought to you by the organisers of the hugely successful ‘Coastal Surveillance Singapore’, ‘Offshore Patrol Vessels Latin America’ and ‘Caribbean Basin Coastal Surveillance and Maritime Security’ conferences.

The decision to hold the conference in Brazil this year reflects the Brazilian Navy's SisGAAz programme (Sistema de Gerenciamento da Amazônia Azul), which aims to network together existing surveillance assets in order to bring together a common operating picture necessary for effective maritime security.

The project is worth an estimated $4 billion and will provide the Brazilian Navy with an enviable capability, while boosting the domestic defence industry.

Join Coastal Surveillance Brazil to exchange, share and generate knowledge on:

  • Spaced-based solutions to Maritime Domain Awareness with an exceptional presentation on the Canadian Polar Epsilon project
  • Enhancing AIS effectiveness demonstrated through the case study of National Automatic Identification System Network in India
  • C4I excellence to achieve mission success through assured and timely information to support decision making with a brief from the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Integrating systems across maritime agencies and regional organizations to build a common operating picture and legal framework for maritime security operations
  • Gain strategic notice and build a capability roadmap of the region for your organization in order to remain fully informed of important regional development

Interoperable Open Architecture Focus Day (IOA)

As the Brazilian Navy embarks on modernization and procurement, leading-edge thinkers on defence system specification and procurement will join the Interoperable Open Architecture focus day to:

  • Share best practice in defining and owning system data in order to improve procurement
  • Ensure future systems are inherently interoperable by design


“A well-organised event. Worth attending by relevant officials and business partners.”
Ministry of Defence Pakistan

“A good conference with abundant knowledge acquired from presentations as well as exhibitors. Good networking achieved from friends across and outside the region.”
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

Venue & Accommodation

Venue to be confirmed
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Travel and accommodation are not included in the registration fee.

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

The Coastal Surveillance Brazil International Speaker Faculty Includes:

  • F. Betangane, Senior Officer, Cameroonian Navy
  • Karna Bryan, Senior Officer, NATO Undersea Research Centre
  • Gianfranco Annunziata, Senior Scientist, Italian Navy
  • Jose Sepulveda, Senior Scientist, Chilean Navy
  • Jean-Marie Van Huffel, Naval Plans Director, French Ministry Of Defence
  • William Johnson, Naval Plans Director, Founder of the US Navy's ARCI program
  • José Mejía, Head of COLCO and MSA / NCAGS Centre, IANTN
  • Andre Dupuis, Head of COLCO and MSA / NCAGS Centre, Canadian Forces
  • A M Surej, Special Advisor to the Secretary General for the Sea, Indian Ministry of Shipping
  • Boris Brito, Special Advisor to the Secretary General for the Sea, Ecuadorian Navy
  • Peter Crain, Consultant to the U.S. Navy, CJOS COE
  • Jose Vanni Filho, Consultant to the U.S. Navy, EMGEPRON
  • Daniel Klein, Senior Armaments Cooperation Officer, European Defence Agency
  • Bill Johnson, Consultant to the U.S. Navy, Founder of the US Navy's ARCI program
  • Judy Cerenzia, Director, Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium, The Open Group
  • Admiral (r) Alvaro Monteiro, PhD, Candidate - Political Science Former The Commandant, Brazilian Marine Corps - (2006/2010)
  • Joanisval Brito Goncalves, PhD, Senior Legislative Counselor for International Relations and Defense Issues, Senate of Brazil
  • Vice-Admiral (R). Carlos Afonso Pierantoni Gamboa, Vice-Presidente Executivo, Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Materiais de Defesa e Segurança (ABIMDE)
  • Captain Jose Vanni Filho, Commercial Department Head, EMGEPRON
  • Hubert Seher, Regional Sales Director, RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH
  • Rear Admiral Umio Otsuka, Director General of C4I Department, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Commander Boris Brito Moreno, Academia De Guerra Naval, Armada Del Ecuador
  • Commodore Steve Chick, Deputy Director, NATO CJOS COE


Event details

Defence IQ
21 May, 2013
23 May, 2013
Rio de Janeiro
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