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Land Forces Africa 2013

15 July, 2013 - 18 July, 2013, Pretoria, South Africa

Land Forces Africa 2013 will facilitate decisions that will drive African ground forces into the next generation. With long and short-term defence and security goals stating the need to be prepared for conventional warfare situations as well as humanitarian efforts on the continent, Land Forces Africa will merge military across Africa, police and governmental bodies to explore roles and rules of engagement for bettering African security.

Land Forces Africa will focus on military funding alternatives and trade export policy regulation as a matter of importance in the role of the defence force in African economic growth, the tactical aspect of long-range force projection, post-conflict reconstruction and development as well as protecting borders, people and natural resources through land, air and joint surveillance operations.

8 Fast facts: What you can get out of the Land Forces Africa conference that you can’t get anywhere else

  • Merges landward defence and internal security operations for a consolidated ground force approach
  • Brings SADC, AU and BRICS nations together to strengthen relationships and further develop strategies
  • Allows for a strategic AND tactical view of the African landward defence landscape
  • Aims to construct a real, consolidated future armed force readiness plan with African armed forces
  • Has received government and SANDF support as well as high-level military representation
  • Addresses and supports agreed codes of conduct for high risk zones
  • Understands new force design with relation to budget allocation
  • Updates on progress of military skills development and what more can be done in peacetime for local communities

What to expect in 2013

  • 600+ attendees
  • 37+ countries
  • 40+ speakers
  • 10 vehicle & technology demos
  • 70+ exhibition stands
  • 200+ military representatives

Conference attendees and who you will meet

  • Professionals who fulfil defence or security functions around Africa including:
  • Senior army and military authorities
  • International government agencies and NGOs
  • Chiefs of borderline operations
  • Heads of landward systems capital acquisitions
  • Chiefs of defence policy, strategy and planning
  • Procurement managers and programme/project managers
  • Heads of operations/technical
  • Heads of monitoring and surveillance
  • Head of logistics
  • Directors of force preparation
  • Force Commanders


CSIR International Convention Centre
Meiring Naude Rd
South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)12 841 3884

A brief look at the 2013 agenda

Day one, Tuesday 16 July 2013

Session 1.1.0
Opening and welcome

Defining Africa’s future armed forces readiness plan – Macro-economic factors affecting the design of African armed forces over the next 20-30 years

Alternative funding options for military capacity building in preparation for future landward threats

Following fundamental phases in creating a collaborative African landward force

Session 1.1.1
Southern and East African country spotlight

Restoring peace and supporting the internal population through rehabilitating national infrastructure and cooperating with the civil protection system

Refurbishment and maintenance of equipment for combat readiness personnel to address Africa’s changing warfare landscape

Training and discipline in developing a young professional force in meeting national, bilateral, regional and international obligations

Effectively readying and maintain landward forces for the participation in regional peacekeeping deployments

Reinforcing multi-lateral agreements by enhancing and expanding military-to-military cooperation for better training and increased regional security

Improving intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in protecting lucrative natural resources

Session 1.1.2
Gearing landward forces for the future of the African conflict landscape

Developing operational approaches which clearly establish rules of engagement for military-humanitarian missions in African conflict regions

The land-based approach to sea or other asymmetrical threats – why sea piracy is essentially a landward concern

The role of private security companies and civil-military co-operation in supporting counterinsurgency operations

Day two, Wednesday 17 July 2013

Session 2.1.1
Future requirements for successful military deployments

Co-ordinating and synchronising operational activities for joint force deployment to meet regional and continental security responsibilities.

Conventional vs unconventional warfare scenarios: forecasting and preparing for the future of the African combat environment

Future vehicular requirements for UN operational deployments in Africa – continuing to project forces successfully over varied terrains

Session 2.1.2
Air support for landward tasks: Land and airspace surveillance and logistical support

Heavy- and medium- lift aircraft  which meet the requirements for  long-range force projection in challenging environments

Case study: A consolidated approach to overall land space surveillance by incorporating UAV and air surveillance for effective land-based response

A multi-pronged approach to border safeguarding – using unmanned air vehicles as a supplementary surveillance mechanism to current border patrol methods

Session 2.1.3
Controlling borders to protect resources and economies

Increasing awareness and building capacity against a pronounced escalation in poaching and ivory trafficking in Southern Africa

The role robust border management systems have on reducing the economic impact of smuggling and the trade of counterfeit goods

Illegal immigration, cross border crimes and the socio-economic impact of ineffective border control


  • Helmoed-Romer Heitman, Independent Defence Analyst, South Africa
  • Lt Gen Vusi Masondo *, Chief, South African Army, South Africa
  • Andre Pottas, Partner, Corporate Finance Advisory Leader, Infrastructure and Capital Programmes Integrated Market Offering, South Africa
  • Lt Gen Andrew Gutti, Force Commander, AMISOM (Somalia)
  • Rashid Abdi, Analyst, Horn of Africa, International Crisis Group, Kenya
  • Major Gen Fred Mugisha, Joint Chief of Staff, Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force
  • Dr Petrus de Kock, ,Research Manager Brand South Africa
  • Brig Gen Frederick Siluzungila, Commandant, Military School, Namibia
  • Maj Gen Salum Mustafa Kijuu, Commander of Land Forces, Tanzanian Peoples’ Defence Force
  • Brig Gen Joseph Kakoto, Chief of Staff Logistics, Namibian Defence Force
  • Gen Lúcio Gonçalves Amaral, Commander of Land Forces, Angolan Armed Forces

* invited


Event details

Spintelligent (Pty) Ltd
15 July, 2013
18 July, 2013
CSIR International Convention Centre
South Africa


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