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2nd Annual Cyber Resilience for National Security Conference

17 September, 2013 - 19 September, 2013, Washington, DC, United States

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Why You Should Attend

Many advancements have occurred in the landscape of cyber resilience. However, cyberspace remains a mysterious terrain. A realistic perspective on unknowns must be established to combat and ward off the myriad of risks that threaten our national and economic interests. This event will bring together defense, government and industry leaders to devote a concentrated focus on breaking down the latest in policy, information sharing, security technology and identifiable threats for a cohesive mission strategy that can be directly applied to cross-agency goals. 

What makes the 2nd Annual Cyber Resilience for National Security Conference different?

  • Key peer insight keynote presentations, case studies and interactive sessions by world-class industry experts and pioneers
  • Interactive environment restricted number of delegates in order to facilitate successful networking opportunities
  • Formal and informal networking network, discuss and debate strategies with your peers and knowledgeable experts in your field, and build a network of new professional relationships
  • Q&A time after each presentation providing an opportunity to address specific questions and concerns affecting YOU
  • Leading providers meet and make contact with leading industry leaders to solve your most pressing challenges
  • Event documentation all event documentation and copies of the presentations of your choice

Key Topics

  • Comprehend modern interpretations of cyber warfare through the perspectives of the Air Force Research Institute
  • Improve cybersecurity performance and capabilities through adaptation of the Administration's Cross Agency Priority Goals as elaborated on by the US Department of Commerce
  • Strengthen the platform for which to base comprehension of cyberspace for progressive scalability as understood by the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Develop operational capabilities necessary to support the US Army's Tactical Advantage for Cyberspace Operations and Electronic Warfare
  • Utilize a risk-based approach to improve cybersecurity acquisition as outlined by the GSA


Embassy Suites
Washington DC

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

Conference Speakers

  • Ira "Gus" Hunt, Chief Technology Officer, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Malcolm "Mack" Martin, Technology & Transformation Integrator, US Army Cyber Command/2nd Army
  • Dr. Alenka Brown, Program Developer for Human Systems Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Emile Monette, Senior Advisor, FAS/GSA
  • Mike Maraya, Enterprise Cyber Security Program Manager, US Department of Commerce
  • Michael Theis, Senior Counterintelligence Expert, CERT Program, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Eric Fischer, Senior Specialist in Science and Technology, Congressional Research Service
  • Jan Kallberg, PhD, Cyber Operations Research Lab, Cyber Security Research and Education Institute (CSI), Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Lawrence C. Hall, Office of Strategic Programs, Integrated Technology Centers, Federal Acquisition Service/General Services Administration
  • Dr. Anupam Joshi, Professor and Director, Cybersecurity Center, University of Maryland Baltimore
  • Christopher Folk, Director, National Protection Division
  • Amy Katru, Chief Communications Officer/India Cyber SME, Cyber Security Forum Initiative
  • Jason Mical, Vice President of Cyber Security, AccessData Group
  • Adam Lowther, Professor, Air Force Research Institute
  • Dr. Pano Yannakogeorgos, Research Professor of Cyber Policy & Global Affairs, Air Force Research Institute
  • Dr. Ronald Ross, Chief Computer Scientist and Information Security Researcher, National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Dr. Eric D. Evans, Director, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • John M. Farrell, Chief Information Security Officer, Open Source Software Institute
  • Robert S. Johnston, Director, USMC Red Team, United States Marine Corps
  • Clint LaFever, Chief Developer, USMC Red Team, United States Marines Corps
  • Maria Roat, FedRAMP Director, Federal Cloud Computing Program


Event details

Marcus Evans Defense
17 September, 2013
19 September, 2013
Embassy Suites
District Of Columbia
United States


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