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2014 Global Industrial Cooperation Conference

30 March, 2014 - 2 April, 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Join us at the Hotel Arts Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain on March 30 - April 2, 2014 to listen, explore and network with experts from government and industry on the latest in global industrial cooperation and offset strategies worldwide.

Over three dozen speakers, including:

  • Senior leadership from government ministries overseeing Industrial Partnership and Offset programs
  • Leaders from multinational aerospace and defense companies
  • Global financial groups, economists, political advisors and experts
  • Presentations on Industrial Partnership and Offset programs from Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and others

ADS and GOCA have received confirmation of attendance from many Industrial Partnership (IP) Government and Industry authorities. Between the IP Government authorities and Industry perspective recaps, the countries covered at the Barcelona gathering should include: Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, India, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, UK, and others.
In particular, there will be Brazilian and Turkish Panel Discussions: Representatives from several Government agencies, Companies, and Industrial Associations within each country will discuss the impact of current offset regulations on their countries.

In addition, invited speakers include, but are far from limited to:

  • Brazil: Brig Gen Euclides, SEPROD (Invited) and Mrs. Heloisa Guimaraes, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade - Confirmed
  • Colombia: Juanita Rodríguez Kattah, Directora de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, Ministerio de Defensa Nacional – Confirmed
  • Greece: Director General of GDDIA – Invited and Tassos Rozolis, Hellenic Manufacturers of Defence Material Association (SEKPY) – Confirmed 
  • Israel: Gaby Golomb, Director, Industrial Cooperation Authority – Confirmed
  • Kuwait: Reem Al Khader, Acting General Manager, NOC – Confirmed
  • Malaysia: Major Zailani Safari, MIGHT – Confirmed
  • Norway: Roar Smedsrød, Director, RNMOD/NDLO – Invited
  • Poland: Alon Redlich, President, International Technology Sourcing – Confirmed
  • Saudi Arabia: Dr. Ghassan Al Shibl, President and CEO, Advanced Electronics Company – Confirmed
  • South Korea: Jong Ju Lee, Director of Offset Division, DAPA – Confirmed
  • Spain:  Pedro Fuster, MoD representative – Confirmed
  • Taiwan: Liu Wei-Chung, Director Office of Executive Committee For ICP, MEA (Invited) or Ira Berkowitz, Lockheed Martin – Confirmed
  • Turkey: Panel session will feature a number of speakers, including: Bilal Aktaş, Department Head-Industrialization, SSM; Betul Kalay, Havelsan; and Yalcin Yilmazkaya, Kale Group – Confirmed
  • UAE: Matar Al-Romaithi, Tawazun Economic Council – Confirmed as well as various senior leaders in UAE industry showcasing their respective commercial opportunities.
  • UK:  Adrian Dalton, Ministry of Defence – Invited

The Barcelona conference will also feature:

  • A panel discussion on “The Future of Offsets”; moderated by Neil Rutter, ‎General Manager at Textron Systems Canada Inc (Confirmed); panel members will include, amongst others: Cary Viktor, Chairman of GOCA and Director Industrial Participation, Lockheed Martin (Confirmed); Hervé De Murat, Director of Industrial Partnership, SAFRAN (Confirmed); Stefan Moser, Vice President Industrial Participation, Cassidian (Invited); Dov Hyman, President, Dolin International (Confirmed); and Mike Rothermel, Senior Group Lead, Global Offset and Countertrade, Cisco Systems, Inc. (Confirmed); and Juanita Rodríguez Kattah, Directora de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, Ministerio de Defensa Nacional (Confirmed). We expect to have several other government speakers participating on this panel, as well.
  • Presentation by Burkard Schmitt from the European Commission, on the current state of the EU Defence & Security Procurement Directive, and its impact on Offsets – Confirmed
  • Panel discussion on the current state of the EU Directive, Burkard Schmitt (Confirmed), Guy Anderson (Confirmed), Luc Ballet (Confirmed), Roar Smedsrød (Invited), and Sonja Siegismund (Confirmed).
  • Eva Söderström, Vice President, Industrial Cooperation, SAAB AB, will review SAAB’s offset strategy – Confirmed
  • Dr. Andrew Tyler, Chief Executive, UK and Europe, Northrop Grumman – Confirmed
  • An India panel discussion featuring, amongst other speakers, Samir Advani from Mahindra Defense Systems (Confirmed) and Hector Colon from Telephonics Corp (Confirmed)
  • Guy Anderson, IHS Global Ltd, will provide a geopolitical overview of how recent developments have impacted the aerospace and defense landscape – Confirmed
  • Nafiz Karabudak, Corporate Global Technology Manager from Lockheed Martin International Engineering and Technology will discuss “Leveraging Offset and Industrial Partnership Programs to Create Powerful Technology Partnerships” – Confirmed 
  • Edrei Schoeman, Global Offset and Countertrade Manager, Cisco Systems will speak on South Africa/Sub-Saharan Africa offset programs – Confirmed
  • Professors Keith Hayward and Trevor Taylor, Royal United Services Institute, Strategic Global Matters – Confirmed
  • Guy Bailey from Maplecroft will provide an overview on Global Risk Analytics and Management – Confirmed
  • Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer from Cisco Systems will speak on IT Security Technology – Confirmed
  • Ilan Pacholder, EVP from Elbit Systems will talk about “Turning Offset into Opportunities” – Confirmed
  • Civil offset presentations that will explain the significant growth of global civil offset obligations and what we can expect in the years to come.
  • Experts from Government, Academia, and the private sector who will provide insights on the challenges and solutions for the industrial partnership industry sectors.

Civil offset presentations that will explain the significant growth of global civil offset obligations and what we can expect in the years to GICC 2014 OFFSET TRAINING WORKSHOPS (Available for Industry Participants Only)

To mark recent developments in professional offsets training, this year’s program will be provided by the Offsets Advanced Training Programme (OATP), designed and presented by Offsets 2000 and the University of Warwick. The OATP is the recognized industry benchmark in offsets training and is a must for everyone working in the sphere of offsets and international business. The OATP is based on actual case studies, developed into a body of “best industry practice”.

What will you learn?

The training modules presented will provide you with a “fast track” to acquiring the practical skills essential to your organization in constructing and delivering profitable, low-risk, offset business. The OATP training materials will provide insight on how offset can be used as a positive discriminator in international competitions and how companies can effectively manage offset risk. You will also learn the correct terminology, concepts and practices used throughout the international offset community.

Who should attend?

The OATP is highly beneficial to people directly involved in the management of offset programs. It is also very effective in raising awareness for people working in adjacent functions, such as Business Development, Contracts, Purchasing and General Management.

Training Workshop - Session 1
Wednesday 2nd April 2014, 08:30 - 10:30
Instructors: Roger Bulgin, Offsets 2000, and Dr. Kogila Balakrishnan, University of Warwick
Introduction to Offsets – From Theory to Practice
Training Outline:

  • Definition of Countertrade and Offsets in the context of global defense business environment
  • History and evolution of Offsets
  • Global trend and growth of Offsets
  • Offsets technical terminologies

Offset & Corporate Strategy
Training Outline:

  • Appreciate the implications of ‘tactical’ and ‘strategic’ approaches to Offset.  
  • Understand how this can enhance management decision-making.
  • Evaluate different approaches for using Offset to improve competitiveness.
  • Determine how Offset programs can be organized and delivered to achieve desired outcomes. 

Training Workshop - Session 2
Wednesday 2nd April 2014, 11:00 - 13:00
Instructors: Roger Bulgin, Offsets 2000, and Dr. Kogila Balakrishnan, University of Warwick
Offset & Organizational Structure
Training Outline:

  • Appreciate how Offset can have implications across the whole organization.
  • Analyze the benefits of taking a ‘holistic’ approach to Offset management.
  • Assess how this can benefit competitiveness and reduce risk.
  • Appreciate the operational benefit of having a ‘top-down’ Offset mandate.

Managing Offset Risk
Training Outline:

  • Understand the meaning of risk and its application in the context of Offsets.
  • Analyze the factors that contribute to the level of risks in Offsets business.
  • Evaluate how to mitigate Offset risk.

Event details

30 March, 2014
2 April, 2014
Hotel Arts


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