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Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance

19 May, 2014 - 21 May, 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Arctic is undergoing major environmental change and subsequently, the security and economic landscape is changing with it. The melting of the ice-caps is opening up new waterways and opportunities for natural resource extraction, bringing with it increased human, commercial and state involvement in the region. However, these new opportunities also bring risks with militaries and coastguards now faced with the huge responsibility of performing patrol, surveillance and emergency response tasks.

We are delighted to announce the 2nd Annual Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance event at the Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen on the 19th-20th May.

This year’s Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance event will bring the Arctic and Observer nations together to discuss the latest operational challenges and developments in the region. Cooperation will be a major theme of the conference, both across operations and joint exercises and also on a technical level with the need to explore data share opportunities. With the Arctic Council’s introduction of the Search and Rescue and Oil Spill Response Agreements, this will form a new area of debate, deliberating the strategies and technology needed to meet these new duties.

At Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance 2014, you will:

  • Discuss the current capabilities and necessary areas for development among the Arctic nations to effectively carry out patrol and reconnaissance operations
  • Learn about the development of new satellite surveillance systems helping to create a more complete real air picture
  • Explore technological and cooperative data exchange solutions to close the information capability gap when operating in the Arctic
  • Hear about lessons learned from the multilateral joint exercises that have taken place over the past year
  • Consult with the Arctic and Observer nations on their onward strategy in the region


"Reassessing how cooperation should be in the future is very important... It's everything!"
Rear Admiral Nils Christian Wang, Commandant, Royal Danish Defence Academy

"This is an exciting program, examing key security issues within the High North."
Professor Rolf Tames, Director, Geo-Politics in the High North

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Venue & Accommodation

Royal Danish Defence College
Svanemøllens Kaserne, Ryvangs Allé 1
Postboks 2521, Denmark
Phone: +45 3915 1515
Fax: +45 3929 6172

Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation for hotels in the area near to 2nd Annual Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance . The map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel:

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The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.

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  • Nicolai Wammen, Minister of Defence, Denmark
  • General Peter Bartram, Chief of Defence, Denmark
  • Lieutenant General Michael Dubie, Deputy Commander USNORTHCOM, Vice Commander US NORAD, US Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde, Commander, Norwegian Joint Headquarters  
  • Major General Henrik Røboe Dam, Chief, Tactical Air Command
  • Rear Admiral Frank Trojahn, Chief, Admiral Danish Fleet
  • Rear Admiral Georg Lárusson, Director General, Icelandic Coastguard
  • Major General Flemming Lentfer, Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans & Policy, Danish Defence Command
  • Colonel Andre Dupuis, Director Space Requirements, Canadian Department of National Defence
  • Captain Henrik Kudsk, Special Arctic Advisor to Admiral, Danish Fleet, Royal Danish Navy
  • Captain Edward Westfall, Chief, Arctic Strategy Branch, EUCOM
  • Senior Commander Ottar Haugen, Senior Staff Officer, Norwegian Coast Guard
  • Commander Johannes Riber Nordby, Researcher, Royal Danish Defence College
  • Professor Jeff Secker, Space and ISR Applications, Defence Research & Development Canada
  • Dr Michael Linden-Vornle, Astrophysicist and Chief Adviser, DTU Space, National Space Institute
  • Dr Atle Ommundsen, Principal Scientist, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
  • Dr Walter Berbrick, Assistant Professor, War Gaming Department, US Naval War College
  • Mr Ole Kristian Bjerkemo, Chair, Emergency Prevention Preparedness and Response Working Group, Arctic Council
  • Henning Thiesen, Director, Danish Emergency Management Agency

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Event details

Defence IQ
19 May, 2014
21 May, 2014
Royal Danish Defence College


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