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International Armoured Reservists Symposium

18 October, 2014 - 20 October, 2014, Bovington, Dorset, United Kingdom

The Royal Wessex Yeomanry (RWxY) and the organiser will be hosting the first International Armoured Reserves Symposium (IARS) on the weekend of 18-19 October 2014.

The ground-breaking event is intended to support the development of thinking behind Reservist use of the most complex ground manoeuvre platforms in the world, focusing on both theoretical and applied aspects of capability. It comes on the hundredth anniversary of the conception of the tank and will be held at the world-famous Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, UK home of the Royal Armoured Corps.

The event comes at a time when the increasing complexity of platforms is being matched by the escalating costs of the soldiers required to crew and manage them. In fact, the cost of human resources especially in terms of training and investment is now the major part of the financial burden, despite (and in part because of) increasing sophistication of equipment. In order to maintain capabilities, militaries need to think in new ways and embrace new models of employment, overcoming enshrined norms.

A percentage of your registration fee will be donated to the Regiment, so, please come and show your support for the reserves at the event in October.

The conference aims to:

  • Advance the conceptual understanding of Reservist use of armour, especially around utility, training, and the (re)generation of armoured capability
  • Increase cooperation in the international armoured Reservist community
  • Position RWxY as a thought leader in this area within the UK and international defence community

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The following should attend:

  • Reservist and regular armoured and armoured reconnaissance officers and soldiers from the UK, NATO nations, and key allies
  • Senior officers and managers responsible for directing policy with regards to Reserves or Armoured force issues, especially those facing the need to maintain capability in challenging financial situations
  • Policymakers (e.g. Parliamentary Defence Committee)
  • Industry representatives, especially those developing future armoured platforms and the training/maintenance systems to support them
  • Thought leaders, e.g. think-tanks and academia

Venue & Accommodation

Tank Museum
Bovington, Dorset, UK

More information to follow...

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2014 Speakers

  • Lieutenant General James Everard CBE, DCDS (Ops and Strategy) / Commander Land Forces (Designate), British Army
  • General (rtd) Sir Richard Shirreff KCB CBE, Former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, (TBC)
  • Major General Ranald Munro TD, Deputy Commander Land Forces, UK 2* member, NATO National Reserve Forces Committee, (TBC)
  • Major General John Crackett TD, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets), UK, (TBC)
  • Brigadier Hugh Robertson, Assistant Commander, ARTD, UK, (TBC)
  • Richard Smith, Director, The Tank Musuem
  • Invited Speaker, Dstl, (TBC)
  • B Coy, 4th Tank Battalion, USMC

Register at ASDEvents and receive 20% discount.


Event details

Defence IQ
18 October, 2014
20 October, 2014
Bovington, Dorset
Tank Museum
United Kingdom


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