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US Export Controls Awareness Tool Kit
34 PowerPoint slides Training

1 January, 2017 - 31 December, 2017, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Adobe PDF, Your Computer

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Your company's export compliance program is only as strong as its weakest link...

The implications are complex...the solution is simple. Avoid devastating fines and penalties for violations that could have been easily prevented with general awareness training for all of your company's employees.

Our US Export Controls Awareness Tool Kit provides employees with enough understanding of US export controls so that they can recognize potential issues (e.g., meetings with foreign nationals in your facility viewing technical data, product development with foreign national employees, sales and marketing providing technical data in a presentation) and avoid inadvertent violations of US export controls. Based on our experience, we suggest the training be available to a large group of your employees. Export compliance directly impacts employees in human resources, purchasing, accounting, engineering, sales, marketing, shipping, customer service and other areas. Employees in any of those areas could inadvertently cause your company to violate US export controls.

The US Export Controls Tool Kit is designed to assist export compliance professionals in the training of new and existing employees on the basics of export controls. We have created an electronic "do it yourself" training tool kit that provides you with ready to use PowerPoint slides, transcript to follow for each slide, attendance sheet and certificate template for recordkeeping. 

Our Tool Kit provides companies with an easy to use resource to train all of their employees internally, and onsite, saving thousands of dollars on outside consultant training fees. We provide you with the PowerPoint slides and tools that we use at our clients' awareness training sessions. You just need a conference room, computer and projector and you will be ready to deliver high-quality US export controls awareness training to all of your employees. Not sure how to communicate the seriousness of non-compliance or an easy way to distinguish the EAR and ITAR to employees? Use the transcript we provide to give you the details you need to make sure you donít miss any of the important details and clearly describe how the regulations work.

All the tools you need to build a solid foundation for your export compliance program...

  • Train large numbers of employees in a short period of time.
  • All company employees can become an asset to your compliance program...helping to identify potential compliance problems before a violation occurs.
  • In case of a violation, awareness training is documentation of the proactive compliance efforts of your company.

The Tool Kit includes:

  • 34 PowerPoint slides
  • Instructor script for each slide (training time usually is 1 hour)
  • Training attendance sheet for recordkeeping
  • Useful Information and Acronyms handout
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Program Format
  • Preview the slides and transcript!

The US Export Controls Awareness Toolkit is emailed directly to you as a zip file. We provide the training materials in the following file formats:  Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Adobe PDF for easy customization and printing.

Note: The purpose of this awareness training is to give employees an understanding of US export controls so they can recognize potential export compliance issues and avoid inadvertent violations. This training is not designed to train people to be experts in the rules.

US Awareness Tool Kit Program

Introduction to Export Controls
  • The International Traffic & Arms Regulations  
  • The Export Administration Regulations
  • What is an Export License
  • When Do You Need A License
  • Penalties for Noncompliance

US Export Control Related Activities
  • Exports
  • Reexports
  • Transfers
  • Defense Services
  • Deemed Exports
  • Deemed Reexports
  • Non-US Origin Items Outside the US
  • Certain Conduct

Needing an Export License
  • Restricting Controls
  • Prohibited Parties
  • Embargoed/Restricted Countries
  • Prohibited Activities or End-Use
  • Red Flags

Other Regulated Activities
  • ITAR Brokering
  • Antiboycott Regulations

Affected Company Activities
  • Visitors to Facility
  • Product Developement
  • Hiring
  • Shipping
  • Record Keeping

Managing Compliance & Your Responsibilities
  • Analyzing Issues Early
  • Who To Contact


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Export Compliance Training Institute - e-Seminars
1 January, 2017
31 December, 2017
Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Adobe PDF
in house
Your Computer
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