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Fundamentals of Today's Texas ERCOT Electric Power Market Seminar
A New Two-Day Classroom Seminar (CPE Approved)

8 June, 2017 - 9 June, 2017, Houston, TX, United States

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Seminar Agenda

  • Understand the different types of players, stakeholders and their different roles and multiple functions.
  • The key wholesale and retail stakeholders and market participants are, and how their activities shape ERCOT's operations.
  • The importance of the QSEs' role and who can participate based on qualifications and objectives.
  • The day-ahead auction markets work, the timing issues and the types of products.
  • The critical functions and relationships of the day-ahead and real-time markets and how they interact in the wholesale and retail markets.
  • Locational marginal pricing (LMP) and why and how it's used for choosing offers and product pricing.
  • How LMP is calculated and used for transaction pricing at nodes, zones and hubs.
  • The different functions of ERCOT energy, balancing or “spot market” and ancillary market services.
  • What DRUC, HRUC and related capacity markets mean and why these distinctions are important.
  • The difference between auction and bilateral bulk power markets and the pros & cons of each.
  • How the “Two-Market Settlement” process works and the key wholesale market settlement activities.
  • Load Zone versus hub settlements and LMP calculation differences.
  • The concerns and relationships between reserve margins real-time energy price market caps and reserve markets.
  • New and potential future ancillary services in the works that will change the number of products offered.
  • ERCOT’s and the power industry’s perspectives on “forward capacity” markets and price caps.
  • The concerns and relationships between reserve margins real-time energy price market caps.
  • Generation, Transmission and other infrastructure issues ERCOT faces now and over the next ten years.
  • The "smart grid" is in ERCOT and a discussion of the key issues and how the smart grid is likely to develop and impact wholesale and retail price signals.
  • A summary of the key issues of today and where the ERCOT is headed, including a discussion of the smart grid, renewable energy and the building of new transmission lines.
  • The major issues facing wind energy, solar and other renewables and how these generation sources relate to the proposed buildout of the backbone power grid.
  • The ERCOT targeted demand response deployments as cost-effective alternatives to transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades for local reliability.
  • The roles that different distributed energy resources play in a targeted demand management program.
  • The drivers for the growing interest in these non-wires distributed generation (“DER”), demand response (“DR”) and related demand side management (“DSM”) initiatives.
  • The current and future issues facing ERCOT on DER, DR and DSM alternatives.
  • How end-users buy and manage their electric choices and procurement options and what are they today and expected to be in the future.

Event details

PGS Energy Training
8 June, 2017
9 June, 2017
Homewood Suites by Hilton Houston Near the Galleria
United States
Training Course


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