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Today's U.S. Electric Power Industry, Renewable Energy, ISO Markets, & Electric Power Transactions Seminar
A Two-Day Classroom Seminar (CPE Approved)

5 December, 2017 - 6 December, 2017, Houston, TX, United States

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Seminar Agenda

  • The properties and terminology of electricity - current, power, var, voltage, etc
  • An overview of the electric service system, and how it works.
  • The pros and cons of different sources of electric generation ( coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables ), and how they work.
  • How cost-of-service ratemaking and retail open access markets work
  • The structure and function of the North American power grid.
  • Who the various industry participants are and their roles.
  • Why restructuring today's power markets is such a complicated task.
  • How control areas function, what spinning reserves are, and how the lights are kept on.
  • A summary of FERC Orders 888, 889, & 2000
  • The difference between ISOs, ITCs, Transcos and RTOs.
  • What TLRs, ATC, OASIS, pancaking rates, shrinkage, economic dispatch and other terms mean.
  • A summary of the key issues of today and where the U. S. electric power industry is headed, including a discussion of the smart grid, renewable energy and the building of new transmission lines.
  • What locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) is and why it's used
  • What the "smart grid" is, a summary of the different business models being tested, a discussion of the key issues and and how the smart grid is likely to develop.
  • The major issues facing wind energy, solar and other renwables and how these generation sources relate to the proposed buildout of the backbone power grid.
  • The difference between auction and bilateral bulk power markets and the pros & cons of each
  • The fundamentals of the PJM, MISO, ERCOT or California wholesale market (Depending on seminar location) and the role of LMP
  • How the PJM/MISO/ERCOT/California two-settlement energy and Day-Ahead markets operate.
  • What capacity markets and resource adequecy are, and how these important issues affect the integration of wind, solar and other renewables and how all these issues relate to demand response and the Smart Grid. You will also learn what California's new "Energy Imbalance Market" and "Duck Curve" are and why these topics are important.
  • What PJM FTRs are; their equivalent names in other ISOs, and how and why these financial instruments are used.
  • An overview of the similarities and differences between the PJM, New York, New England, MISO, ERCOT and/or California markets. (Depending on seminar location)
  • The fundamentals of bilateral bulk power trading units and terminology.
  • The three different types of wholesale forward power markets.
  • Common contract language used for bilateral power transactions.
  • What OASIS & NERC tags are.
  • How power marketers and traders use "sellers choice" to buy and sell forward power at "virtual hubs" across North America.
  • How power marketing wholesale and retail transactions are done within the ISOs, why wholesale bilateral transactions in theses markets are primarily financial, AND how each piece of end-user transactions is assembled and hedged step-by-step, including price, basis, delivery, NITs charges, UCAP charges, ancillary charges, etc.
  • An introduction to electricity swaps and Cfds and how these relate to ISO financial transmission rights (FTRs, CRRs and TCCs).
  • The definition of heat rates, spark spreads, dark spreads and the powerful techniques of heat-rate-linked power transactions and tolling deals.
  • Spread trading, trading around assets and other power trading strategies.

Event details

PGS Energy Training
5 December, 2017
6 December, 2017
Hotel Indigo Houston at the Galleria
United States
Training Course


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