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Operation Energy Summit

29 January, 2018 - 31 January, 2018, Alexandria, VA, United States

Meet the Speakers

  • Roberto Guerrero, Deputy Assistant Secretary Operational Energy, U.S. Air Force
  • Mr. Jack Surash, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Energy &Sustainability), Assistant Secretary of the Army, IE&E
  • Colonel Adrian Marsh, Program Manager, PEO CS &CSS, US Army
  • Colonel Brian Magnuson, Executive Director, Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office, United States Marine Corps
  • Colonel Bill Meyer, Director, Operational Energy and Contingency Basing ASA, Installation, Energy and Environment, U.S. Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Harold Henderosn, Project Manager, Expeditionary Energy & Sustainment Systems,  PEO CS &CSS, US Army
  • Mr. Ross Roley, Senior Military Analyst, Energy Office U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM), U.S. Navy
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Baker, Product Manager for Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit, U.S. Army
  • Captain Mark Vandroff, Commanding Officer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, U.S. Navy
  • Mr. Murali Baggu, Manager, Power Systems Operations and Control Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), US Department of Energy
  • Beth Ferry, Power Division Chief, CERDEC, US Army
  • Mark Corzine, Product Manager, Small Expeditionary Power Systems, PEO CS&CSS US Army
  • Chris Hurley, Power Team Lead, CERDEC, US Army
  • Clinton McAdams, S&T Lead, EMSD, NSRDEC, US Army
  • Janet Langley, System Engineering Integration Lead, SLB-STO-D, NSRDEC US Army
  • Joseph Quigley, Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis Lead, SLB-STO-D, NSRDEC US Army
  • Mike Gonzalez, CERDEC Power Team Lead, CERDEC, US Army
  • Brian Ernst, Project Manager, Joint Operational Energy Initiative (JOEI), TARDEC, US Army
  • William Fisher, Lead, Power and Energy Team, AMSAA, US Army
  • Captain Bruce Litaker, Assistant Program Manager, Batteries and Hybrid Power, SMALL EXPEDITIONARY POWER SYSTEMS, PEO CS&CSS, US Army
  • Morris Hayes, Division Chief, Modeling Analysis Division, TRADOC Analysis Center, US Army


Event details

29 January, 2018
31 January, 2018
The Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
United States

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