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Human Capital Management Government (HCMG)

2 December, 2014 - 3 December, 2014, Arlington, VA, United States

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2014 Speakers

  • Ruth Ann Abrams, Assistant Secretary , Postal Regulatory Commission
  • Katherine Archuleta, Human Resources and Management Policy Director , Office of Personnel Management
  • Rebecca Ayers, Manager, Performance Management , US Office of Personnel Management - Kansas City
  • Clarence Baker, Chief Learning Officer , Department of Health and Human Services
  • Lynne Baldrighi, Director HRSPAS , Department of Defense
  • Jewel Baldwin, Senior Human Reasource Specialist , Library of Congress
  • Kim Bauhs, Human Capital Officer , Immigration & Customs Enforcement
  • Vonda Bell, Director, Human Capital Management , Department of Housing & Urban Development
  • Verron "Ron" Brade, Director, Human Capital Management Group, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center , NASA
  • Julie Brill, Group Training and Executive Development Manager , Office of Personnel Management
  • Dustin Brown, Deputy Assistant Director for Performance and Personnel Man , Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
  • Will Brown, Talent Manager and Deputy Director of Business Operations and Services , Office of Naval Research, US Navy
  • Marcus Brownrigg, Deputy Director, Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships , Department of Agriculture, Office of the Secretary
  • Jeri Buchholz, Assistant Administrator , National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Doug Butt, Director of Air Personnel Management , Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Paula Chandler, Human Resources , Department of Transportation
  • Ralph Charlip, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Operations and Management Veterans Employment and Training Service ,  Department of Labor
  • Georgia Coffey, Diversity and Inclusion Deputy Assistant Secretary , Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Miriam Cohen, Chief Human Capital Officer , Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Mika Cross, Worklife/Wellness Program Manager , Department of Agriculture
  • Quasette Crowner, Acting Chief Human Capital Officer , US Department of Education
  • Stephen Daniels, Civilian of Board Contract Appeals , General Services Administration - GSA
  • Patrick Devlin, Vice President of Public Sector , Cornerstone On Demand
  • Lacey Dingman, Director of Human Resources , US Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Catherine Emerson, Chief Human Capital Officer , US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Sue Engelhardt, Director of Human Resources , US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Greg Farrell, Bd Manager , Kenexa
  • William Ferree, Manager of Web-Enabled Programs , Naval War College
  • Gail Ferreira, Director , Apollo Education Group
  • Juan Garcia, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) , US Navy
  • Tim Geisert, Vice President of Global , IBM Smarter Workforce
  • Trina Greer, Director, Chief Learning Officer , U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Brandon Guzzone, CLO, Office of Learning and Workforce Development , Department of Energy
  • Jim Hagy, Human Capital Director , Deloitte
  • Joseph Harrison, Chief, Recruitment & Retention , MEDCOM/OTSG
  • Sydney Heimbrock, Deputy Associate Director for Strategic Workforce , US Office of Personnel Management
  • Kalaida Holmes, Lead Human Resource Specialist , US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Mary Jones, N1 Total Force Assistant Chief of Staff , US Naval Meteorology & Oceanography Command
  • Rhonda Jones, Assistant Director of Human Capital Planning & Executive Resources , Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia
  • Christopher Kapellas, Deputy Director , Human Resources Directorate
  • Alexis Kellett, Chief, HR Business Integration , Office of the Air Force Reserve
  • Karlease Kelly, Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer , US Department of Agriculture
  • Aaron Lee, Training and Development Director , Veterans Benefits Administration
  • Hannah Lee, Director, Operations and Human Resources , Defense Human Resources Activity
  • Heather Lermont-Pape, Manager, Learning & Development , Washington Headquarters Services, WHS
  • Katrina Logan, Chief Management Officer , Defense Human Resources Activity
  • Allison Lorraine, Director, Procurement Support Office , DHRA
  • Jessica Lynch, Organization and Workforce Planning and Analysis Division Head , Navy Naval Air Systems Command
  • A. Reese Madsen, DoD Intelligence Chief Learning Officer , US Department of Defense, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
  • Charlene McCollum, Director of Policy and Program Management Division , National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
  • Chaletta McCoy, Human Resources Specialist, GS-201-14 , Defense Logistics Agency
  • Jennifer McDowell, Chief of Strategic Human Capital Transformation Office , Department of Agriculture
  • Reginald Mebane, Director Office of Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Terry Miller, Federal Coo , VIP
  • Billy Milton, CHCO , Department of Agriculture
  • Ricci Mulligan, Deputy Director, Office of Resource Managment , Department of Homeland Security
  • Jamie Ann Neidig, Director of Product Management, Leadership and Management, Analytics, Human Resources and Human Capital Divisions , Management Concepts
  • Joanie Newhart, Associate Administrator for Acquisition Workforce Programs , Office of Management and Budget
  • Sue Nicholas, Program Director, Organizational and Human Capital Solutions Group , LMI
  • Jill Nissan, Workforce Planning Program Manager , US Geological Survey
  • John Palguta, Vice President for Policy , Partnership for Public Service
  • Erin Park, Human Resource Specialist , Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency
  • Kimberly Powell, Director for Workforce Performance Management and Development , United States Congress
  • Elaine Rigas, Director of Human Capital , National Maritime Intelligence Integration Office
  • David Rude, Director for Leadership, Learning & Development , U.S. Department of Defense
  • Mari Barr Santangelo, Deputy Assistant Attorney General of Human Resources , US Department of Justice
  • Karl Schneider, Assistant Secretary of the Army Manpower and Reserve Affiairs (Acting) , US Army-Manpower & Reserve Affairs
  • Russ Shiplet, Develop and Retain Integrated Business Operations Team Head , US Navy
  • Ronald Slaughter, Senior Human Resources Specialist , Army - Test & Evaluation Command
  • Julie Spyres, Deputy Director of Leadership, Learning and Development , Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
  • Linda Taglialatela, Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer , US Department of State
  • Clo Taylor, Acting Director, Human Capital Initiatives , Department of Defense
  • Tony TorresRamos, Director, Office of Civilian Human Resources , Department of the Navy
  • Keith Trippie, Board Member , Visionary Integration professionals
  • Richard Vinnacombe, Branch Chief of Human Resources Solutions , OPM
  • Larry Wark, Chief Strategic Initiatives Group Office , US Army-Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff- G1
  • Reginald Wells, Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources , Social Security Administration
  • Cornelius Wyatt, Management Program Analyst , US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Susan Yarwood, Director of the Human Resources Directorate , Office of the Secretary of Defense


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    WBR US
    2 December, 2014
    3 December, 2014
    Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
    United States


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