ASDEvents Registration Process

Register for an event on ASDEvents is easy, fast and safe.
We use highest data security from Verisign to protect your personal information.

Note: If you do not want to order online but would like to send us your order by email or fax please use the print button on the detailed report information page you would like to purchase (on the right of the report title). This print function will print all report information data and as a last page the fax/email order form.

When you have selected the event you would like to register for you can select your ticket (under the TAB Registration & Tickets), fill in your delegate details and add them to your shopping cart with the 'Register' button.
More information on the registration policy, like cancellation possibilities can be found in the grey field on the right side of the screen.

During the checkout process you will follow the checkout process, explained below. The process is visualised by the 'checkout bar' visible on top of each page. Your current step in the process is highlighted in dark blue.

Step 1. Registrations

Registration proces step 1

In this step you will see an overview of the event registrations in your shopping cart. You can register more delegates to the same event or continue to step 2 (billing information).

Step 2. Billing Information

Registration proces step 2

During this step you:

  • Enter the details of the person and organisation that purchases the event registrations.

Step 3. Summary

Registration proces step 3

During this step you can check your order before you go to the payment options. (Payment through our website is not required for all events, in some cases you will be contacted by the event organiser for final confirmation of your attendance and payment options, if payment is not required the payment page will be skipped)

Step 4. Payment & Confirmation

Registration proces step 4

For registrations that require payment through our website you can choose from the following options:

On the payment page you can select your payment method, we accept multiple payment options:

  • Payment by credit card. (preferred)
    Our website is Verisign secured but if you prefer to handle credit card details over the phone you can select 'payment by credit card by Phone/Fax'
  • Payment by PayPal.
When you select your payment method and click on the 'process' or 'confirm' button your purchase is finalized.