Cold Chain Distribution 2018

Exploring the use of technologies to provide a highly connected temperature-controlled logistics process, whilst remaining GDP compliant

London, United Kingdom

We are proud to present the 13th annual industry leading conference and exhibition for Cold Chain Distribution, taking place on 10th & 11th December 2018.

The number of temperature sensitive products entering the supply chain is continuing to rise at an exponential rate and the need for a streamlined temperature-controlled supply chain is more important than ever.

This year's event will specifically focus on recent advances in temperature controlled logistic solutions and the impact of regulatory changes on this multi-billion-dollar industry. The event will also address the impact of the overwhelming digitalisation of the industry and how your companies, from biotechs to pharma, need to adapt. Finally we will explore the crucial challenges of supply chain visibility and data integrity in the Cold Chain industry.

Cold chain distribution 2018 will look at various developments within the industry, guiding companies on how best to ensure costs are kept low, and quality remains high, both whilst staying compliant to global regulations.

With a range of representatives from small biotechs to major pharmaceutical companies attending, this event will provide an invaluable opportunity to network with others within the industry and offer a key platform to discuss major challenges being faced, alongside any possible solutions which can be reached.

Benefits of Attending

  • Evaluate the current GDP guidelines and discover the implications for everyday practise
  • Explore the overwhelming digitalisation of the supply chain and identify the subsequent security issues involved
  • Discover the recent advances in temperature controlled logistic solutions and cost-saving procedures for major pharma to implement
  • Discuss the technical agreements within the supply chain and find out what questions you should be asking
  • Identify the challenges for the supply chain within emerging markets and discover the best solutions for optimization of your process


  • Alan Kennedy, Founder and Executive Director, Pharma TEAM-UP
  • Bob Hayes, Director , SeerPharma
  • Christopher Bell, Director, Seer Pharma - TeDaC Ltd
  • Didier Basseras, Vice President Clinical Supplies Scientific Core Platform, R&D, Sanofi-Aventis
  • Francisco Rizzuto, Cargo Manager, Europe, IATA
  • Gianpiero Lorusso, Director, Supply Operations and GS, Merck SpA
  • Henk Mulder, Head, IATA
  • Marco Gaudesi, Pharmacist - GDP and Cold Chain Technical Referent, MSF
  • Mark Blanchard, Director, Orca Partnership Limited
  • Muhammad Azmat Khan, Sr. Manager Logistics & Export, Getz Pharma Pvt Ltd.
  • Nigel Cryer, Head of Compliance & Inspection Readiness, Sanofi
  • Stefan Braun, Managing Director, SmartCAE
  • Stephen Mitchell, Quality Lead Logistics Partnerships, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Sue Lee, Director, Hexagon Supply Chain
  • Tom Cochrane, Associate, ASC Associates Ltd
  • Yoram Eshel, CEO, LOGINOR Ltd.


Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Place, Kensington
London, United Kingdom
Cold Chain Distribution
Event details
Organizer : SMi Life Sciences
Venue : Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, United Kingdom
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-18958